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Online Sports Betting in Kenya: Top Best Bookmakers’ Bonuses

Online Sports Betting in Kenya: Top Best Bookmakers' Bonuses


Online betting has become a routine for a lot of people because it is one of the best ways to start making extra money. Top best bookies often offer great bonuses that help to increase bettors’ chance of making a profit when they stake.


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Darts Video Games: A Flighty History

Darts Video Games


Compared to other sports, very few darts video games have been released over the years. But some notable darts games do exist. Here is a flighty history of the most prominent ones.


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Your Guide To Sports Betting In The United States

Your Guide To Sports  Betting In The United States


Sports betting has been around for the longest time possible and has been around ever since people have been playing sports. The reason as to why people bet has been the same since its inception: it is a fun, harmless way of predicting who will win or lose, and also earns you some extra cash in case your bet was right. While betting used to be a difficult feat back in the day, with people having to organize betting competitions and seeking opportunities or individuals to bet with, sports betting in current times is easier than ever, and can also be done online.


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PDC World Championship:  4 Second Round Ties To Follow

PDC World Championships - 4 Second Round Ties to Follow


The Ally Pally might not be alive and kicking to the sound of Festive-fuelled supporters, but upon the oche, the action has already unwrapped some Christmas crackers at the PDC World Championship.


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4 Amazing advantages of ‘Casino Extra’ offers you should know

Casino Extra


Most casinos you may visit offer you numerous rewards to urge you to continue playing.

Furthermore, return and play again from a vast collection casino of casino games. Casino sites offer a vast list of games for you to pick from, and the majority of them have mouth-watering additional extra offers that you may not want to miss out on.


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Australia vs. USA - Who's Better at Darts?

Australia Vs USA who is better at darts?


Walk into any bar in the US, UK, or Australia, and you're bound to see two opponents fighting it out head-to-head or just enjoying a casual, relaxed game of darts in the pub. The sport has been taking the world by storm and is bound to grow in popularity as more and more viewers tune-in for professional darts tournaments.


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Premier League Darts 2021: Who Is Likely to Make the Cut?

Premier League Darts 2021


The 2020 Premier League Darts may have only concluded in mid-October, butmany fans are already looking ahead to next year's event. With the line-up typically announced at the beginning of January, there has predictably been plenty of speculation about which players are likely to get the nod in 2021. The tournament is held between February and May and has become extremely popular since its inception in 2005. Next year's schedule will include the Brighton Centre and Berlin's Mercedes-Benz Arena on along with a number of familiar venues.


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Darts World Championships 2021

Darts World Championships 2021


What a difference a day makes! The William World Darts Championships 2020/21 will now be played behind closed doors after today’s opening night. The UK Government have place London in tier 3 following a recent spike in COVID-19 cases. As from 00.01 Wednesday 16, the Alexandra Palace venue cannot accept fans. This is a big blow to anyone that has purchased tickets. However, all fans will receive an automatic ticket refund. A further review will take place on December 23, but this situation is unlikely to change.


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How To Find The Right Website To Bet On The Darts



Enjoy the Biggest Darts Tournaments Anywhere

Darts are a very popular game in local pubs and coffee shops all over the globe. Many professional players played their first games with friends over a glass of beer and continued practising their skills until they reached the world’s most elite tournaments.


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How To Find The Right Website To Bet On The Darts

How to find the right website to bet on darts


Where can you find the right website to bet on darts? A great question — and one that depends on a number of factors.


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5 Things you should never do in a casino

King Casino - 5 Things you should never do in a casino


Going to a casino is exciting, there’s no doubt about it. It makes no difference if this is the first time you’ve ever been or if you’ve been dozens, even hundreds, of times before. The thrill of playing gambling games is still going to be there due to the atmosphere and the excitement. If that feeling ever goes and you’re only going to the casino out of habit or to try to win back money you’ve lost, you should stop going, at least for a while. Casinos should only ever be places for fun.


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Mobile Slots to Play Online

Mobile Slots to play online


With the ability to be played anywhere, deposit by phone slots have proven to be an incredibly popular addition to online slot gaming. Below are some mobile slots that we recommend that you play online.


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William Hill PDC World Darts Champions 2020/21

William Hill PDC World Darts Championship 2020/21


The William Hill PDC World Darts Championship will again be staged live at the Alexandra Place, London over sixteen days.  Ninety-six competitors will compete for the first prize of £500,000 and the Sid Waddell Trophy.

Competing again this year is will be the oldest tungsten slinger ever to compete in a World Championship, Paul Lim the Singapore Slinger at the tender age of 66!


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PDC World Darts Championships

PDC World Darts Championships 2020/21


The 2020/21 World Dart Championships will again feature 96 top international players. Each will be competing for the first prize of £500,000 and the Sid Wadell World Darts Trophy.


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Grand Slam of Darts 2020 Sees Whitlock and Chisnall In The Tournament Selections

Grand Slam of Darts 2020


We all are eagerly anticipating the Grand Slam of Darts this commencing Monday 16th November, there is no doubt about that. The players who will be participating within this year's dates 16-24th November series, have been very much announced, so that fans and the dart community are fully aware of who is up against each other in the next series to come. Many will recognise many of the participants through last year's line-up and their successful performances across other season championships.


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Top 3 Online Darts Slot Games

Top £ Online Darts Slot Games


Darts is one game that combines professionalism and fun in equal degrees. Many people may see the game as a very simple one, but the truth is that dart as a game involves a lot of talent, and that brings out the thrill for both the participants and those who watch them.


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Is playing Darts online really a thing or just another fad?

Unibet - Is playing Darts online  really a thing or just another fad?


When we talk about darts, what often comes to the mind of many is the idea of playing the game with friends or colleagues at a pub while enjoying some beer. However, in today's world, dart games are no longer restricted to physical locations. You can play darts anywhere and anytime online.


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Is Raymond van Barneveld Right to Target a Comeback?

Raymond van Barnelevld to make a comeback?


Regarded as one of darts’ greatest enigmas, Raymond van Barneveld walked away from the sport in 2019 after the 2019-20 World Championship. After suffering a first-round defeat to Darin Young, the Dutchman stated that he would “never forgive” himself following his below-par final year on the tour. However, in typical Van Barneveld fashion, the 53-year-old is targeting a return to the circuit through Q School in 2021. So, let’s consider whether Barney is right to launch a comeback.


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New Markets for the Darts Scene

New Markets for the Darts Scene


Darts and gambling companies are joining forces for mutual benefit. Through gambling companies, darts may be able to increase its spectatorship and engage more people in the sport.

The most obvious example of these partnerships being developed can be seen in the World Cup of Darts, where BetVictor has renewed its sponsorship role of the event with PDC. Although they will feature as the main event sponsor, they aren't the only bookmaker to be sponsoring the tournament with five other bookmakers making an appearance to some degree at the 2020 competition.


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Darts’ Best Player Nicknames Compared to Those of Other Sports

Darts' best player nicknames compared to those of other sports


In darts, you are nothing unless you have a nickname and a flamboyant shirt for the crowd to cheer, as you storm down the aisle towards the oche.


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A Quartet of Delightful Darts Slots

A Quartet of Delightful Darts Slots


Darts is one of the top sports in the UK and the Netherlands, and there are some great slots games at online casinos to enjoy based on that very theme.


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BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts

BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts


The Grand Slam of Darts is always a prominent feature in the PDC darts Calendar and this year will be no exception. The event features the cream of the PDC and qualifiers from the Women's Series of events plus the top players from the BDO.

Past events haven't been plain sailing for the PDC players, with Scott Waites taking the title back in 2007 for the BDO having previously been the runner-up in 2006. Scott is now part of the PDC so he will have to qualify like many others to compete in this year's event.


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BoyleSports Darts World Grand Prix 2020

BoyleSports World Grand Prix Darts 2020


With a change of venue and no spectators, the BoyleSports World Grand Prix is to entertain fans across the world. The unique event form is set to bring more surprises and upsets as the players have to hit a double to start and a double to finish! Not starting the leg within your first three darts can mean the leg is lost but surprisingly this event has also been filled with nine-dart legs and more than one in a single match.


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How Much Does a Professional Darts Player Earn?

How much do professional darts players earn?


Due to the nature of the sport, darts is one of the most accessible for those with aspirations of playing professionally. All you need to do is purchase a dartboard and set of darts, and you can be up and running for less than £70 all-in.


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US Watches on for BWIN World Series of Darts

PDC Darts - US Masters 2021, World Series Event


Following the announcement of the cancellation of the US Darts Masters back in April which had initially been scheduled for June 5-6 at Madison Square Garden, US darting fans will now have to wait until June 4-5, 2021 to see eight of the US top stars face off against eight of Europe’s finest – although fans will have to wait to watch there’s still plenty of competition going on it Europe as the BWIN World Series of Darts is well underway.


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Who Has the Best Chance of Winning The 2020 Premier League?

PDC Premier League Finals, 2020


We now know the four players who will compete on Premier League finals night in 2020 at the O2 Arena after they earnt one of the qualifying spots.

In what has been a very different season in the PDC, here is a look at how the four players qualified and their chances of lifting the trophy next month.


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What Do You Need to Know about Multi-Line Slots?



What Are Multi-Line Slots?

Multi-line slots are slot games that feature more than one payout line. Some of these pokies may have up to 50 lines. They give you a massive potential to hit a winning combination.

Slots can come in a progressive jackpot format. They will pay out millions of dollars, depending on their popularity. Most pokies have wild symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds. They are super-fun to play in an online environment.


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Assessing the 2021 chances of former finalists at the PDC World Championship

PDC World Darts Championships 2021 - Assessing the 2021 chances of former finalists at the PDC World  Championship


The 28th PDC World Championship is set to take place at London's Alexandra Palace between 18 December 2020 and 4 January 2021, and it promises to be a fascinating affair, as always. The World Championship never looks quite right without Phil Taylor among the favourites, given that The Power has a staggering 14 titles and 5 runner-up finishes to his name. While nobody else has been able to dominate quite like Taylor, this is a tournament where you expect to see the sport's big names contending at its business end.

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Review of Irish Luck Slot

Irish Luck Slots - Review


The luck of the Irish is something we want. The idea that your fortune can change for the better in a matter of minutes is certainly something no one in their right minds will turn down. One way you can get involved in all things and take advantage of their lucky winning streaks is by playing the exciting Irish Luck slot online.

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PDC Premier League 2020 Results

PDC Premier League 2020, League Table and Match Results


Premier League Table amd Match Results

The 2020 PDC Premier League Round Robin Phase has reached a conclusion with, Glen Durrant topping the League Table. Along with Glen three other players, Peter Wright, Nathan Aspinall and Gary Anderson progress to the Play-Off Finals. The Premier League Finals are scheduled to be played at the London, O2 Arena on the 22nd October, subject to COVID restrictions being lifted.

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A Return to Form for Darts

Premier League Darts - Players return to top form


After a long layoff it seems, things have got back to form without much disruption as Premier League Darts is well underway again. There had been a lot of questions around the return that have also plagued many other sporting events too – how would the players look, would the layoffs over the past few months hurt performances, and would the change in circumstance for performance cause any big upsets?

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Could Remote Events Be The Future For The Sport?

Remote Events - Live Stream


When the pandemic first started and really took hold in March, many of us were left asking what would happen to many of our favourite sporting events – how long until they’d return and what would they be like when they do? Well, we had started to get some answers – some of the bigger sports had restrictions in place but more or less went ahead as normal with a change for having no fans in attendance and others had been a little more dramatic as we had seen in darts as players moved to a remote league – but could this spell a new future for the sport?

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Nathan Aspinall: England’s Next World Darts Champion?

Nathan Aspinall - The Asp


In 2012, Nathan Aspinall began his career on the PDC tour. Since then, the 29-year-old has become of the sport’s best players, securing his position in the prestigious Premier League. Over the last two years, the Stockport-born competitor has taken his game to new heights, with many now believing that he is the next big thing in English darts. So, let’s consider whether The Asp could become the next English world champion.

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