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  Dartitis- Your views, comments, cures and suggestions

November 21, 2018 - 06:41 PM

  Hi guys!! I have been playing darts for about 2 year now and i have pregressing everytime since the first time I have played!! i actually became very good at it...in fact I have won multiple tournament and win the best average of my team in the league 2 year in a row as 52 the first year and 56 the second year in my little town! i just love the game!! But now for the past 6 mont i have that dartitis and its been the most frustrating , umiliating , embarassing time of my life.!!! i past from being one of the very good player around here to the one that a lot of people laughing at!!! i kind of fall forward when trowing darts, alot of time the darts wont release from my hand for couple second it was kind of stuck there...I was so forcing myself to combat that movement that it was hurting my shoulder!! I have tried alot of thing...ALOT I mean hours and hours of practicing to fix that damn movement...it even hurt in the shoulder to tried to corect it days after days!! and the only thing that work for me...knock on wood lol was practising alot without aiming!!! Just trowing darts at the dartboard without aiming anything!! it was not a quick fix, i notice that witout aiming i was doing very less that dartitis movement so i pass like a week just trowing darts anywhere at the dartboard...as the week goes i gradually start aiming more the tripple 20,bulleye or any target!!! and now i can not say that im perfectly recover from it...but im pretty much 85-90% at where i was before i started dartitis!!! I beleive that during the week just trowing anywhere at the dartboard witout aiming...the brain recorded the good trowing motion and forgot about the wrong one! i dont know im not doctor or anyting lol but the thing that I know is that it worked for me...at lease for now!! and i start back enjoying the game the we all loved...and slowly bulding back confidence!!
November 08, 2018 - 06:32 PM

  Git dartitis 2 years ago tried hypnotherapy no joy is there any advice on how it can be resolved
October 25, 2018 - 10:48 PM
David Ebdale

  I have had this for 2 1/2 years now. I used to play in a Wednesday night league and able to hold my own and win most of my singles games. Won 7/8 at the end of my last season, only losing to Chris Dobey in that time. It first started in a game when I was 2-0 up in a competition. I ended up losing 3-2. It got to the point where my shoulder was hurting after putting so much effort into throwing it. Felt my 25g darts were 25kg. I did switch to 23g darts but nothing changed. Had the odd week where my normal action came back, but the dartitis would then rear it is ugly head again. I have tried stopping. Cloth over the board. Left handed. Nothing works. Has anyone tried hypnosis?
June 10, 2018 - 11:53 AM
Paula batchelor

  My son has beat dartitus once and a better player. However recently he has had a sponsorship offer and his game seems to have slipped. He was in Germany last month and felt the dartitus starting he's in Wigan this weekend and is struggling to let go of first dart. Does any body think a course of cognitive behaviour therapy would help. I feel he's putting pressure on himself due to the sponsorship deal he has signed. Thank you for you thoughts in advance
May 02, 2018 - 11:41 AM

  Hi everyone,

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David King

March 28, 2018 - 02:22 PM
Lee Littel

  I have been suffering with this for about 2 years now.Same as most people.A different grip,throwing motion.I will not release unless i move or step/fall sideways....but i believe it can be beat.i had it go away for a long time but now it appears it wants to come back...solution i used:Hide your biard with a news paper so you cant see any numbers.That way you arent fixed on shooting a certain number and do so until you start feeling more comfortable.if that helps maybe then draw a larger bullseye in the center of the paper maybe the size of a melon or a little smaller.focus inside of that for some time....if you start getting your comfort level back up then try removing the paper.it worked once for me and im going to try it again.I hope this helps.and good luck shooters!
March 22, 2018 - 10:05 AM

  I got dartitis around Christmas (not long after seeing Berry van Peer struggling with it) not sure whether the image was stuck in my head which has caused this? anyway after a month or so of struggling to let go of the darts, i switched to my right hand, which the throw was perfectly smooth, just not accurate, I have worked on the accuracy for a couple of months now, getting there, then BAM dartitis coming back even in my right arm! I play at pub level, won my first game right handed last week, although i have been down to my finish every week, just get jelly legs and anxious in a pub full of people watching you struggle to let go
July 28, 2017 - 08:06 AM
Maxwell Gregory

  i have been suffering from dartitis for a while now started when I was a late teenager and I was falling forward when throwing darts, few years later I am now struggling pulling my arm all the way back to throw the darts. this is causing me to snatch and my accuracy is all over the place. the only thing that is helping me when playing for my team is drinking . if I throw with my left hand my action is perfect but I am right handed so I have no accuracy throwing with my other hand. Is there a way I can cure this problem it is driving me insane I used to be a good super league standard and now I get so frustrated playing the game I love. Time and time again I have thought of packing it in altogether but then I think of how good I used to be able to play,
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