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If you wish to enquire about this website's advertising, please read this page first.

Get Noticed. Place your advert on Darts501 and gain a vast new audience for your business.

Darts501 is one of the most popular independent darts information websites in the World. It is supported by major dart manufactures, darts organisations and professional dart players. It is a recommended website for new players who want to gain an insight into the sport and players just looking for more information about the sport. The author, David King, has supplied information and graphics to many of the dart books that have been published in recent years.

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Darts501 - advertising display

This site is written, owned and maintained by David King - djking.org


I have tried to make advertising easier, and I hope that there is something here that will fit all budgets. I can offer page graphic links in the form of a pre-set header and footer banners: text links, and unique full-page article pages to all potential advertisers. There should be something here that will fit your requirements.


Header and Footer Banners

Page banners are becoming more popular with some marketers, and indeed they are popular on Darts501.com. As of July 2021, the page banner offer is changing. The homepage header/ navigation and footer banner links become one offering. As every marketer knows, the homepage is always the premium placement, and like internet searches, we cannot all be No.1. Therefore, I will now be offering individual pages header and footer pages. So, if you are unfortunate not to secure the home page, you might be lucky enough to pick up one of the other popular pages, and there are many of them across this website.

Clients that purchase a placement will automatically have the first refusal to renew, and this can be done at any time while your advert is live.


Mobile Navigation

When the website is viewable on some tablets, and smartphones the top page navigation ribbon is reduced to a mobile icon activation menu. This makes navigation easier for small devices. The displayed header advert also disappears. However, it reappears at the base of the open mobile navigation list. So you could say it is relocated when viewed on tablets and smartphones. This gives the best impact on your logo banner.

Your link from the header and footer advert can first link to an internal webpage which automatically passes the link to your website. I offer this two-stage action is to prevent adblockers not displaying your graphics link. When graphics are used as external links, adblockers can identify them as adverts when in some cases they are not. Hence to say this is an easy and effective workaround. Please indicate your preference when ordering.


Article pages

The most common request is a complete article page with links to your website or client's website.

I can create a complete new article page for you using your text. Articles should be a minimum of 600 words, and there is no stipulation on the external links you may have.

Article posts have their unique page optimised to your spec, containing DO FOLLOW & DO INDEX meta code. Unless you specify differently, links are not marked sponsored unless you request this to be the case. The pages also have a unique meta description to explain your page and meta keywords to help direct page landing for search requests.

The article is linked via the website's news section, and once published, a NEW sitemap.xml is created and submitted to my server and Google for page indexing. In addition, a Google page inspection and request to the index are also made. A screenshot of this process is taken showing this process has been followed and supplied to you.

Article page remains on the website for 12-months from the date of publication. You can renew this for a further 12-months at any time during its publication period. After the advertising term has finished, the article and link are removed from the website and server.


You can supply support graphics, or I will create graphics FOC to support your article.


Text Links

I accept text anchor links on most pages. However, you may not be the only external link on these pages. The exception is the homepage and paid article pages that an outreach marketer may have supplied. I do not add additional links to the marketer's supplied pages or the homepage.


Darts501.mobi is a stand-alone mobile website. The new Darts501.com supersedes this site. However, the dedicated mobile version still has a loyal following of users and is now well established. It is designed for smartphone use; however, it works across tablets and PCs. Darts501.mobi contains a dart leg scorer and checkouts sheets, a shortened version of nicknames and walk-on's, a dart checkout chart and a World Champions list. The Mini Darts501 in your pocket!


Terms and Conditions

Outreach Marketing Media

I receiving frequent emails asking about advertisement and article placement on this website and others. So, to help speed things along, I have listed a few FAQ and the things I will not accept that hopefully should answer any questions you may have.



Do I accept links to online gaming, betting casino games? Yes, not an issue

Do I accept PPC or affiliated links? Sorry NO!

Do I accept pop-up adverts, push up / pushdown adverts or overlay adverts? Again, sorry No!

Do I accept permanent article posts? Sorry No, a post remains for 12-months. However, you can renew this for a further 12-months at any time during its publication period.

Do I accept PayPal for payments? Yes, that is the only way I now accept payments for this type of work.

Do I accept Bank Transfer (BACS) payments? Sorry no, I no longer accept BACS payments for this type of work.

Can I write an article for you? Yes, if you struggle to find a writer on the subject of this website 'Darts' I can write the article for you. I just require your anchor link/anchor link text you wish to be used within the article.

When do I have to pay? New clients, I request payment for their first placement in advance of publication. For existing clients, payment is due within 48 hours of publication.

Do I write any other websites? Yes, many, primarily for clients. However, if you are asking if I own any other darts websites that I allow articles or text links upon, the answer is yes. See below for more details.



Articles and links that I do not accept

An article that you supply can contain your links and graphics. The article should be a minimum of 600 words. The links on the page should not link to sexual, racist, abusive, CBD, Cryptocurrency, or religious nature. Links to online bookmakers, gaming, betting, slots, casino are okay.

The anchor link landing page should not be an automatic forwarding page. i.e., forward the person to another page that had not intended to visit. If the landing website is based in the UK or the European Union, the website should contain privacy statements and cookie information.

Please note that I no longer accept requests from new marketers using personal generic emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, SKY, BTetc. Unfortunately, I had too many issues with marketers using this type of email account.

Please note that marketers who use personal emails and state they work for a business website will also be refused.

Professional marketers are welcome. Your email address must be held at a business domain and website. I.E. YOUR-NAME@YOUR-BUSINNESS-SITE.COM. Your business must be established for at least two years and open to allow for clear viewing of your business contact details.

I am sorry for the genuine marketers that use personal email accounts. Unfortunately, others have muddied the water for you.If you wish to read more about why I have made this decision, please read my marketing statement.


Advertising Enquiry Contact


General information pages, news articles and some external links

Responsible bookmakers sponsor most of the professional darts watched on TV and via the internet. The nature of the sport and football, cricket, horse racing, F1, rugby, and other competitive sports could not function without their sponsorship.

News articles on this website are written by the author of this website and by some third-party writers. Articles may contain external links to online casino's, betting, bookmakers, promotional betting affiliated codes or websites of a similar nature. These websites can be based in the UK or Worldwide and have no association with this website or the website owner.

I encourage anyone using the links for online gaming or betting that they bet responsively. However, if you have a problem with gambling or need some help and you live in the UK, please visit one of the gambling awareness websites listed below for help:


Gambling Anonymous  Gamcare Be Gamble Aware


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