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Please note we receive lots of requests for player and dart event sponsorship. Unfortunately we are not in a position to do either. Darts501 is a general information website and is not a manufacturer or supplier of darts goods . Before emailing please read FAQ.

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If your enquiry is regarding advertising or article posts, please read the advertising page before you contact us as this page may answer most of your questions.

Generally, I do accept article posts on this website and I can write suitable articles for you. For the cost and duration of articles please see the advertising page. I also write other dart websites that also accept article post. Graphic links, text links are also accepted on some pages.

Thank you.

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This website is written, maintained and owned by David King. djking.org

David is a website developer has written commercial and information websites. However, he is also a well-respected darts enthusiast. He has supplied information about the sport of dart to the OED, dart magazines and to authors of many books that you may have read. His darts websites have been considered to be some of the independent darts websites in the World.

Some of the other dart websites written by David King are listed at the bottom of this webpage




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If your enquiry is regarding business advertising or article posts, please read the advertising page before you contact us as this page may answer most of your questions.

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All content is copyright to Darts501.com / David King. Other Images and logos are copyright to their respective owners. I would like to thank the following Manufacturers, suppliers, organisations and individuals for their help with the construction of this site by means of supplied graphics, logo's and technical information. Harrow's dart technology, Winmau Dartboard manufacturers, Nodor, Unicorn Darts, Puma Darts, Datadart, Nuvolux Circumluminator, PDC, PDPA, BDO, WDF, EDU, IDF, EDO, WDDA, BDDA, Dr Patrick Chaplin (Dr Darts), Andrew Wood (Bullseye TV Game Show), Trina Gulliver MBE.

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Something missing?

All pages from the previous version of Darts501.com have been reviewed and updated. However, the navigation has changed and more pages have been added. This website is just bigger and better than the previous version. It is designed around the viewer so it looks great on a PC, tablet and large smartphones.

In 99% of cases, I have kept the page names the same. If you have bookmarked or linked your website a page on the previous version the likelihood your link will still work.

I have however found it necessary to expand some sections a few have deliberately been removed.

Darts Calendar – This is now in four new pages PDC,WDF, UKDA. Sorry to say I no longer offer local tournament listings

Information – This is part of the Privacy page

Technical Page – This related to changes made on the previous version therefore not applicable on here.

Links - I have had a constant battle with external links. I found many broken links over the years and the list has reduced over time. So in this version, I have decided not to have a links page. However, the acknowledges page does contain a list of companies and individuals that have helped me during the construction of this website.



Additional pages are being added all the time. The news section contains links to new articles and a number of new pages have been added to the history section.


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About Us

As the name may suggest Darts501 is about the main darts game 501. 501, is the standard game played today, however, this hasn’t always been the case. 301 double start double finish was the game of choice played in UK pubs for many years. Today, however, in most major darts matches with exception of one, a player is only required to finish on a double not start on one.

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Dartboard Set-up
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Dart Players Nicknames
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Popular Page: Professional Players Music

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Dart Manufacturers

Darts501 is a darts information, news and resource website. Darts501 fully supports and recognises the Professional and World Darts Corporations, Federations, Organisations, Associations, Disability Darts and Darts Manufacturers. Some of these organisations are listed above. Please enjoy the website.