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Dart players nicknames and their origins


It seems if you are a dart player you are given a nickname even if this is just a shortened version of your name for example Raymond van Barneveld’s nickname is ‘Barney’ or extended to 'Barney Rubble' from the Flintstones. Raymond sometimes wears a gold Barney Rubble medallion around his neck for good luck!

Some nicknames are also based on a professional trade, such as ‘Sparky’, a name given to an electrician and also a nickname used by Wesley Harms and Ricco Vonck. While others can have more of a meaning based upon events such as ‘Jackpot’ used by the two time World Darts Champions, Adrian Lewis. So how did he get his nickname?

While competing in the Las Vegas Desert Classic in 2005, Adrian had a go on the slot machines. Adrian dropped the ‘Jackpot’ $72,000 approximately £50,000 at the time. However, Adrian was only 20 years old at the time and meant he could not claim the prize because he was under 21. Hence, he lost the money but gained a nickname!

Probably one of the best names currently used on the darts circuit is that of Mark Frost, his nickname ‘Frosty the Throw Man’

Listed below are a number of dart players that have reached TV stages of the many dart tournaments around the world. Each player will have their own story to tell on how they got their nicknames, some are better than others!




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Dart Player Nicknames - Men

First Name Surname Nickname
Aaron Turner Azza
Adam Hunt The Hunter
Adam Gawlas Flawlas
Adam Rowe Rowie
Aden Kirk Captain Kirk
Adrian Grey The Conqueror
Adrian Lewis Jackpot
Adam Smith-Neale Big Dog
Alan Bates Master
Alan Caves The Caveman
Alan Evans The Arrow
Alan Glazier The Ton Machine
Alan Green Danger Scouce
Alan Norris Chuck
Alan Soutar Soots
Alan Tabern The Saint
Alan Warriner-Little The Iceman
Albertino Essers Sensation
Aleksei Aleksei The Beard
Aleksandr Oreshkin The Nut
Alex Roy Ace of Hearts
Amit Gilitwala The Shakti
André Brantjes The Quiet Man
Andreas Harrysson Dirty Harry
Andrew Davis Danger
Andrew Gilding Gold Finger
Andrew Hamilton The Hammer
Andy Baetens The Beast
Andy Boulton X Factor
Andy Callaby Super Cally
Andy Cope Copey
Andy Fordham The Viking
Andy Jenkins Rocky
Andy Pearce The Vision
Andy Smith The Pie Man
Antonio (Toni) Alcinas Toni
Anto McCracken The Cream
Antonio Alcinas Eduardo
Arjan Moen The Dutch Destroyer
Arron Monk Monkey (OLD)
Arron Monk Mad Monk
Barrie Bates Batesey (OLD)
Barrie Bates Champagne
Ben Robb Big Rig
Ben Hazel Mr Ben
Benito van de Pas Big Ben
Bernd Roith Bernie
Berry van Peer Bionic
Bill (William) Lennard Mr. Consistency
Bob Anderson The Limestone Cowboy
Bob Taylor The Bear
Bobby George Bobby Dazzler, Mr Glitter
Boris Koltsov The Viking
Boris Krčmar The Biggest
Bradley Brookes Bam Bam
Brendan Dolan History Maker (8/10/11)
Brian Derbyshire Derby
Brian Dawson Doggy
Brian Løkken Bright Light
Brian Raman Glass Back
Brian Sorensen Brice
Brian Woods Pecker
Callan Rydz Lightning Box (OLD)
Callan Rydz The Riot
Callum Matthews The Money Man
Cameron Menzies Cammy
Carlos Rodriguez The Spanish Assassin
Charles Losper The Sensation
Chris Dobey Hollywood
Chris Landman The Countryman
Chris Loudon Fingers
Chris Mason Mace The Ace
Chris Quantock Quanny
Christian Kist The Lipstick
Christian Perez Ian
Chuck Puleo Pipes
Cliff Lazarenko Big Cliff
Clive Barden Hotdog
Cody Harris Code Star
Co Stompé The Matchstick
Colin Lloyd Jaws
Colin McGarry The Chief
Colin Monk Mad Monk
Colin Osborne The Wizard (OLD)
Colin Osborne Deadshot
Colin Roelofs Rampage
Conan Whitehead The Barbarian
Corey Cadby The King
Craig Caldwell CC / Sandstorm
Craig Ross The Rock
Cristo Reyes The Spartan
Damon Heta The Heat
Danny Baggish The Gambler
Danny Jansen The Mullett
Danny Lauby The Cujo
Danny Noppert Noppie (OLD)
Danny Noppert The Freeze
Darin Young Big Daddy
Darius Labanauskas Lucky D
Darren Herewini Apocalypse
Darren Johnson Dynamite
Darren Webster The Demolition Man
Darryl Fitton The Dazzler
Daryl Gurney The Dude (OLD)
Daryl Gurney SuperChin
Dave Askew Diamond Dave
Dave Chisnall Chizzy
Dave Parletti The Architect
Dave Prins The Badger
Dave Richardson Davey Boy
David Cameron Excalibur
David Concannon The Cannon
David Copley The Dart Knight
David Evans Stretch
David Jones Rocky, Roxy
David Platt Babyface
Davy Richardson The Face, Rocky
Dawson Murschell Awesome Dawson
Dean Reynolds Deano
Dean Winstanley Dean'O' (OLD) / Over The Top
Denis Ovens The Heat
Dennis Harbour The Harbour Master
Dennis Priestley The Menace
Dennis Nilsson Iron Man
Dennis Smith Smiffy
Devon Petersen The Spartan (OLD)
Devon Petersen African Warrior
Dick van Dijk The Undertaker
Dietmar Burgar Didi
Dimitri Van Den Bergh The Dream Maker
Diogo Portela Braziliant
Dirk van Duijvenbode Titan
Doug Boehm No Name
Dylon Duo The Rock
Dyson Parody Dynamite
Eric Bristow MBE Crafty Cockney
Erik Clarys The Sheriff
Erwin Extercatte Seabert
Francesco Raschini Rosko
Gabriel Clemens German Giant
Gary Anderson The Flying Scotsman / Dreamboy (OLD)
Gary Mawson The Maular
Gary Robson Robbo, Big Robbo
Gary Stone Stoney
Gary Thompson The Recliner / The Cougar
Geert de Vos Foxy
Geert Nentjes De Zoet
Geoff Kime Prime Time
Gerwyn Price The Iceman
Gian Van Veen GVV
Gino Vos The Fox
Glen Durrant Duzza
Graeme Stoddart Toon Shark
Hans Blijs The Dominator
Harley Kemp The Wonder Boy
Harry Ward Big H
Haruki Muramatsa Rising Sun
Haupai Puha Hopes
Ian Jones The Whippet
Ian White Diamond
James Bailey The Bull
James Hubbard Hot Shot
James Hurrell Hillbilly
James Richardson Ruthless
James Wade The Machine, 009 (OLD)
James Wilson Jammie Dodger
James Wilson The Lethal Biscuit (OLD used for a short time)
Jamie Bain The Fro
Jamie Cavern Jabba
Jamie Harvey Bravedart
Jamie Hughes Yozza
Jamie Lewis Rasta (OLD)
Jamie Lewis Fireball
James Wilson The Lethal Biscuit
Jason Lovett Love it
Jermaine Wattimena The Machine Gun
Jan Dekker Mister Coat (OLD)
Jan Dekker Double Dekker
Jan van der Rassel The Project
Jarkko Komula Smiley
Jarred Cole King of the Castle
Jason Clark The Cockney Jock
Jason Heaver Tsunami
Jelle Klaasen The Matador (OLD) / The Cobra
Jerry Hendriks Electric
Jeff Smith The Silencer
Jeffrey De Zwaan Black Cobra
Jermaine Wattimena The Machine Gun
Jim McEwan Chuky
Jim Widmayer Captain America
Jim Williams The Quiff
Jimmy Hendriks The Captain
Jocky Wilson Jocky
Joe Chaney Chainsaw
John Bowles The Bulldog
John Henderson Highlander, Hendo
John McCafferty Fat Cat
John Michael Deadly Rose
John O'Shea The Joker
Joe Cullen Rockstar
Joe Hitchcock (1) The Marathon Marvel
Joe Hitchcock (2) The Demon of the Dartboard
Joe Hitchcock (3) Treble Twenty Wizard
Joe Murnan Shaggy
Joey ten Berge The Entertainer
Johnny Haines The Punk
John Kramer JK
John Kuczynski Johnny K
John Lowe MBE Old Stoneface, The Legend
John MaGowan Mr Magoo
John Michael The Deadly Rose
John Norman (Jr) Junior
John Part Darth Maple
John Snijers The Black Beauty
Jonathan Worsley The Womble
John Walton John 'Boy'
Jonny Clayton The Ferret
Jordan Boyce Bulletproof
Jose De Sousa The Special One
Jose Justicia The Joker
Josh Payne The Maximum
Josh Rock Rocky
Joshua Richardson Stealth
Josephus Schenk The Orange Machine
Jules van Dongen Dutch Dragon
Julie Gore Ice Cube
Justin Hood Happy Feet
Justin Pipe The Force
Justin Thompson Thommo
Jyhan Artut R2-D2 (OLD)
Jyhan Artut The Eagle
Karel Sedláček Evil Charlie
Keane Barry Dynamite
Keegan Brown The Needle
Kees Slokkers Beer uit Heijningen
Keith Deller The Fella, Milky Bar Kid
Ken McNeil Silver Darts
Kenny Neyens The Believer / Devastator
Kevin Burness Iron Man
Kevin Dowling The Bounty Hunter
Kevin Edwards Major
Kevin McDine SupaMc
Kevin Munch The Dragon
Kevin Painter The Artist
Kim Huybrechts The Hurricane
Kim Viljanen Babyface
Kirk Shepard Martial Dartist, Karate Kid
Koha Kokiri The Kiwi
Kurt Van De Rijck Strike
Krzysztof Kciuk The Thumb
Krzysztof Ratajski The Polish Eagle
Kyle Anderson The Original
Kyle McKinstry The Village Man
Larry Butler The Bald Eagle
Lee Whitworth The Mint Manc
Leighton Bennett Boom Boom
Leighton Rees Marathon Man
Andy Boulton X Factor
Leonard Gates The Souljer
Les Wallace McDanger
Lewy Borland Prince of Wales
Lewy (Lewis) Williams The Prince of Wales
Lionel Sams The Lion
Lawrence Ryder The Warrior / Loz
Lourence Ilagan The Gunner
Luke Humphries Cool Hand Luke
Luke Littler The Nuke
Luke Woodhouse Woody
Madars Razma Razmatazz
Magnus Caris Poker Face
Mal Cuming The Bull
Marcel van Pinxteren The Lightning
Mareno Michels The Miracle
Mario Vandenbogaerde Super M
Mark Cleaver Maestro
Mark Dudbridge The Flash
Mark Frost Frosty The Throw Man
Mark Graham The Butcher
Mark Holden Top Banana
Mark Hylton Mile High
Mark Lawrence Nitro
Mark Layton The Grinder
Mark McGeeney Gladiator
Mark McGrath The Cowboy
Mark Oosterhuis Mark Potter
Mark Robinson Seaham Red Star
Mark Thompson The Fire Starter
Mark Walsh Special Brew, Walshie
Mark Webster Webby, The Spider
Martijn Kleermaker The Dutch Giant
Martin Adams Wolfie
Martin Atkins The Assassin
Martin Burchell Scarface
Martin Lukeman Smash
Martin McCloskey The Fox
Martin Phillips The Welsh Legend
Martin Schindler The Wall
Matt Clark Superman
Matt Campbell Ginga Ninja
Matt Chapman The Babyfaced Assassin
Matt Padgett Pretty Boy
Matthew Edgar Prime Time
Max Hopp Maximiser
Mensur Suljović The Gentle
Mervyn King The King
Michael Barnard The Dinosaur
Michael Mansell Mickey
Michael Meaney The Power House
Michael Plooy Nitro
Michael Rasztovits Rasto
Michael Smith Bully Boy
Michael van Gerwen Mighty Mike (official)
Michael van Gerwen The Gherkin (unofficial)
Michael Unterbuchner T-Rex
Michel van der Horst The Invisible Man
Mick McGowan The Magnet
Mick Todd The Business
Mickey Mansell Clonoe Cyclone
Mike Day Wino
Mike De Decker The Real Deal
Mike Veitch The Cat
Mitchell Clegg The Moosta
Morihiro Hashimoto The Ogre
Neil Duff The Duff Man
Nick Fullwell Hero
Niels de Ruiter Excellent Dude
Niels Zonneveld ZigZag
Nigel Heydon The Undertaker
Nitin Kumar The Royal Bengal
Nathan Aspinall The Asp
Nathan Derry The Firework
Nathan Rafferty The Natural
Noel Malicdem Gentle Giant
Norbet Attard The Knight
Norm Tremblay The Storm
Oliver Ferenc Oli
Osmann Kijamet Mane
Peter Sajwani Chatterbox
Paolo Nebrida The Pal
Paul Coughin Chocolate
Paul Harvey Sledge
Paul Hogan Crocodile Dundee
Paul Jennings Jenno
Paul Lim The Singapore Slinger
Paul Nicholson The Asset
Paul Rowley The Growler
Paul Witworth The Salford Devil
Paula Jacklin Kickass
Peter Evison The Fen Tiger
Peter Jacques The Terrier
Peter Machin Machie
Peter Manley One Dart
Peter Wright Snakebite
Per Laursen Peachy
Per Skau PerFect
Petri Korte Popeye
Phil Nixon Nixy / The Ferry Hill Flyer
Phil Taylor The Craft Potter (OLD)
Phil Taylor The Power
Pip Blackwell Pip / Pip The Tip
Prakash Jiwa The Apache
Ray Campbell Rainman
Ray Carver Razor
Raymond Smith Guru
Raymond van Barneveld The Man, Barney
René Broertjes El Diablo (OLD)
René Broertjes The Dutch Bulldog
René Eidams The Cube
René Schonewille Shotgun
Ricardo Pietreczko Pikachu
Richard North The Mouth of the South (OLD)
Richard North The Lion Heart
Richard Veenstra Flyers
Ritie Corner The Gent
Richie George Rich
Richie George Rich
Richie Burnett Prince of Wales
Ricky Evans Rapid
Rico Vonck Sparky
Ritchie Edhouse Madhouse
Rhys Hayden Grease Lightening
Rob Cross Voltage
Rob Modra Moderate
Rob Szabo The Hurricane
Robbie Green Kong
Robbie King The Rocket
Robbie Widdows Black Widdow
Robert Marijanovic Robstar
Robert Owen Stack Attack
Robert Wagner The Magician
Robert Thornton The Thorn
Rod Harrington The Prince Of Style
Roger Janssen Gizmo
Roland Scholten The Tripod / The Flying Dutchman
Ron Meulenkamp The Bomb / Booom!
Ronnie Baxter The Rocket, Rocket Ronnie
Ronny Huybrechts The Rebel
Ross Smith Smudger
Ross Montgomery The Boss
Ross Snook The Rock
Royden Lam The Wolf
Rowby-John Rodriguez Little John
Roxy-James Rodriguez The Chainsaw
Russell Strewart Rusty
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez RJR#3
Ryan Joyce Relentless
Ryan Meikle The Barber
Ryan Murray Top Gun (OLD)
Ryan Marray Muzz Lightyear
Ryan Palmer The Lion
Rhys Mathewson Muffo
Ryan de Vreede Pacman
Ryan Hogarth Headhunter
Ryan Searle Heavy Metal
Sascha Stein Stoiner
Sam Hewson Yamma
Sebastian Steyer The Dream
Scott Baker The Mod
Scott Burnett Scotty B
Scott Kirschner Kung Fu Panda
Scott Coleman Mustard
Scott Marsh Mashy
Scott Mitchell Scotty Dog
Scott Rand Cool Hand
Scott Waites The Scotty '2' Hotty
Scott Williams Shaggy
Sebastian Asada The Ninja
Seigo Bialecki Bolt
Simon Stainton Leftie
Shane Tichowitsch T'n'T
Shaun Greatbatch Nine Dart
Shaun Reed The Silver Surfer
Shawn Brenneman Suave
Shayne Burgess Bulldog
Simon Stevenson Mirror Man
Simon Whitlock The Wizard of Oz
Stephen Bunting The Bullet
Stephen Burton Bertie
Stephen Davidson Thunderbolt
Steve Alker Snakey
Steve Beaton Bronzed Adonis
Steve Brown (Eng) Bomber
Steve Coote Magic
Steve Douglas The Game
Steve Duke Dukey of the Duke
Steve Hine The Muffin Man
Steve Lennon The Shamrock
Steve Maish Mr Magic
Steve Framer The Train, The Tractor Boy
Stephen Rushton Rusho
Steve West Simply The West
Stuart Kellett Kooster
Stuart Kellet KO
Ted Evetts Super Ted
Ted Hankey The Count
Terry Jenkins The Bull / 'Tucker'
Terry Temple The Terminator
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong Young Thanawat
Thibault Tricole The French Touch
Tom Grevink The Bono
Tomas Seyler Shorty
Tony David The Deadly Boomerang
Tony Eccles The Viper
Tony Martin Spud
Tony Newell The Bear
Tony O'Shea Silverback
Tony West The Tornado, Triple T
Vincent van der Voort Dutch Destroyer
Warren Parry Waza
Wayne Atwood Celtic Warrior
Wayne Cranston MrDarts
Wayne Jones The Wonderer, Woody
Wayne Mardle Hawaii 501
Wayne Warren Yank
Wes Newton The Warrior, Av it
Wesley Harms Sparky
Willem Mandigers Wimpie
William Borland Big Willie
William O'Connor The Magpie
Willy van de Wiel Free Willy
Wouter Vaes Bypass
Xiao-Chen Zong Jochen
Yordi Meeuwisse Tsunami
Xiaochen Zong The Pandaman
Yuki Yamada Yammer
Zoran Lerchbacher The Hypercane




Following the tradition for men having nickname, the ladies also followed suite. Again, their origins are based upon their names, likes or names given to them for various reasons.

Trina Gulliver MBE has a nickname ‘Golden Girl’ many believe this is due to her golden blonde hair but this far from the truth.

Trina was given her nickname ‘Golden Girl’ in 1998 after winning three gold medals at the World Cup in Durban.  They are more stories behind each but not enough room here to cover all so if you want to know best ask the players directly.


Dart Players Nicknames - Women

First Name Surname Nickname
Anastasia Dobromyslova From Russia with Love
Anca Zijlstra The Phoenix
Ann-Louise Peters The Danish Diamond
Anne Kirk Captain Kirk
Beau Greaves Beau 'n' Arrow
Corrine Hammond Rinnie
Crissy Manley Two Dart
Deta Hedman The Dark Destroyer
Fallon Sherrock The Queen of the Palace (Unofficial)
Francis Hoenselaar The Dutch Crown
Irena Armstrong Ice Baby
Julie Gore Ice Cube
Karen Krappen The Dolphin
Lisa Ashton Lancashire Rose
Kirsty Hutchinson Narna
Lynsey McDonald The Wee Yin, The Party Starter
Maria O’Brien OB
Mieke de Boer Bambie
Mikuru Suzuki Miracle
Patricia Farrell Legend
Paula Jacklin Kickass
Rilana Erades Pebbles
Roelie Bakker Baker Trouble Maker
Sandy Hudson The Storm
Sharon Prins Racing Angel
Sue Edwards Super Sue
Stacy Bromberg The Wish Granter
Talisa Zwart Smiley
Tori Kewish Torza
Tricia Wright The Wright Stuff
Trina Gulliver MBE Golden Girl
Zoe Jones The Pink Panther




Disability Dart Palyers Nicknames


Disability Darts is becoming one of the biggest growth sports in the disability sector. Board height measurements have been approved by the WDF and BDO and now Disability Darts holds many darts events across the UK and the rest of the World.

Like their abled-bodied counterparts many of the top disabled players are now sponsored by dart Manufacturers / suppliers and in true darts fashion most have a darts sporting nickname and walk-on music.


Dart Players Nicknames - Disability Sector

First Name Surname Nickname
Anton van Hemert Budha
Arie van der Rassel Enforcer
Darren Agar Agar The Great
Derek Meakins DE180Y
Frederick Maertens Storm Dart
Graham Mitchell Shedender
Kevin Stringer Beep Beep
Jurgen Vercammen The Rocket
Lora Josey Slice-N-Dice
Mark Couchman Ironside
Paul Gelder Pedro
Paul Hampton  The Hamster
Phil Lees The Buzz
Richard Green Peg Leg 
Ricky Chilton The Trickster
Robert Williams The Bandit
Serge Van Belle N/A 
Snowy Dyson The Apache
Tony Pass The Tiger
Vincent D'Hondt Vinnie




Master Callers / Referee Nicknames

First Name Surname Nickname
George Noble The Puppy
Jacques Nieuwlaat The Man In Black
John Peakman Peako
Martin * Fitzmaurice The Legend
Paul Wilson Mr Wils
Phil * Jones Champagne
Rab Butler Uncle Albert
Richard Ashdown Little Richard
Russ Bray The Voice

* Sadly, no longer with us

Due to the ever increasing number of requests to add player’s nicknames and the increasing size of this list, restrictions for inclusion on this page are restricted.

  • A player must have competed at a professional level / professional darts tournament
  • Details of the events / events competed in must be easily verified.
  • Social player’s nicknames including, local league, Town team or County Players are not included unless the player has competed at the televised stages of a professional tournament.  These restrictions also apply to player’s walk-on music.

If you are a player or know someone that isn’t listed please email us with your or their details giving evidence that fits the criteria above, a web link will be ok.

We are sorry if we don’t include all that email us but we want to keep the integrity of this list as best as possible.


Players Walk-on Music


MVG Walking Man                                                                                                                        Wheelchair Man





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