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World War II Dartboards and Darts Propaganda

World War II Dartboards & Propaganda. MI9, Gilboard and the Blitzkrieg Dartboard


During the Second World War Darts was huge in UK pubs. Various regional boards were at this time familiar across the country and solders from the USA Canada, and Australia took to the game quickly. They helped spread the sports as we know now it far and wide. However, dartboards were used by MI9 (Military Intelligence) and propaganda from both sides featured in everything from board games to target games.

Read more about this period of history and how dart boosted morale and helped PoWs escape their capturers. The Blitzkrieg Dartboard which we know little about and this mysterious ‘Gilboard’ manufacture that may have never been! .

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Live Stream Darts

Live Stream Darts - PDC Home Tour


Darts sees a massive surge during the lockdown.

The BBC recently reported that darts had seen one of the biggest growths in years. Sales of dartboard and darts equipment top a twenty-year high and more sales than the usual Christmas period rush.

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Three Value Betting Selections for the PDC World Championship


It might seem like a long time away as you look out your window to (hopefully) see sunny blue skies, but it’s just 200 days until we see the cold winter nights made brighter by the PDC World Championship. Darts fans will make theannual pilgrimage to the “Ally Pally”, and, as is tradition, there will be no end of Santa Claus costumes, adult Teletubbies and whatever else is in vogue for the panto-like fancy dress season of darts.

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It All Started with Feathers and Cane: The Evolution of Darts Since the 1920s

The Evolution of Darts Since the 1920s


Since the 1920s, when it all began, the evolution of darts has come a long way and shaped the playing field as we know it today. From feathers and all the way to titanium and tungsten their modern iterations are comprised of, we are constantly brushing up on the technology that's used to produce them. But how far have we come, exactly? Let's take a look!

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Mighty Mike Needs to Stay Sharp for Long Term Targets

Michael van Gerwen - Needs to Stay Sharp for Long Term Targets


While the PDC Home Tour continues to occupy the darting schedules, one key man is missing from the new tournament. Three-time World Champion Michael Van Gerwen has elected to stay away from the new competition with a clear aim to target more conventional events later in the year.

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How did darts become a truly global sport?

How Did Darts Become a Global Sport


The evolution of professional darts has been nothing short of remarkable. After the infamous split in the mid 1990s and the emergence of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the sport has captivated millions around the world, generated huge television interest, turned players into genuine superstars, and entered new global markets.

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How to Throw Like a Pro

How to Throw Like a Pro


For many darts is just a game you might play down your local pub or club but for others, it is a serious sport.

It is true to say darts has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings and from the very start players and onlookers have placed wagers on the outcome of a game. In 1908 the game was nearly banned in English pubs because games of ‘luck/games of chance’ were illegal. However, a pub landlord, Jim Garside proved in a court of law that darts was a skilled game.

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Alan Carr’s Bullseye TV Gameshow

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow - Bullseye


Bullseye TV Game returns to the UK TV screens this spring as part of Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow series. Bullseye is a gameshow like no other and has run continuously on TV scenes it was first screened back in 1981. The format is simple, and the prizes were something else! It would bring a laugh from the audience if the winning contestants gambled the prizes and money they won along the way for the mystery star prize. Hoping for a small family car, it was often was a speedboat!

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Innovate Darts tournament takes place with tour card players

PDC Home Tour Darts Event


Professional Darts Corporation Home Tour Event - Overview:

PDC home tour is an innovative new darts tournament taking place right now. Played from player’s homes, all tour cardholders were invited to play in this ‘unique’ tournament from their homes, providing their wifi was good enough.

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Which Darts Players are the Best Bet on Current Form?

Which Darts Players are the Best Bet on Current Form?


Anyone who is reading this article already understands the magic of watching a professional darts match. You have to admire the skill and precision needed to play at the top of the game. The game's big names perform to a high standard on a consistent basis, and they attract backing from darts enthusiasts the world over.

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Could home darts tournaments be a big part of the sport's future?

PDC Home Tour Darts


Darts fans have been treated to a tungsten feast throughout the spring, with various competitions being set up to provide entertainment for viewers while there is little other sport on.

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Best Dart Practice Games to Play at Home

Best dart games to play at home


With the worldwide lockdown due to covid-19 and stay at home policy for most, darts has become a new past time for thousands of people. Whether it is for homes schooling to learn basic mathematics, taking time to improve your game or indeed learning how to play, darts has had an increase in player participation.

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Why thinking creatively has given darts the advantage over other sports

JDC Steve Brown


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the sporting world is on hold. But one sport that continues to expand regardless of the current situation is darts. At every level, darts has been put on hold by the virus with tournaments being postponed and academies temporarily closed, yet that hasn’t stopped the sport breaking down the barriers.

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The Fastest Growing Sport in the World

The Fastest Growing Sport in the World - Darts


Darts to many may not seem like a sport as many still refer it to a game played in a bar, pub or club. The reality, however, is a lot different. The popular pub game was transformed into one of the most watch TV sports this century.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Darts and Games

Virtual Reality Darts and Games


When it comes to darts, nothing like a good competitive match can help you improve your game. Until recently the only way to gain such experience was to visits the many pubs and clubs that have good teams and compete against them. If you are any good, then you may be lucky enough to be picked for a town or even a county team. However, such rewards require a lot of hard practice and the ability to perform under extreme pressure.

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How Bookmakers deal with Coronavirus?

How Bookmakers Deal with Coronavirus


Got a persistent itch to bet but all major sports have been cancelled? No need to worry, at least if you are willing to wager on outcomes other than sports: politics, the weather, awards, and TV shows to name a few.

Sure, betting the maximum temperature in New York City seems like something too random to get it right. But predicting unconventional events is the new normal on betting websites.

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How can you Practice Darts from Home

Home Darts Practice


Many amature players are finding darts practice at home is improving the game rather than just playing in their local pub or club. Having a dartboard to yourself will allow you to hone your skill. Many players take the opportunity to focus on some of the weaker elements of their game during practise time.

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How will people be entertained in this year 2020?

Sports and online casion betting


Enjoying leisure time is one of the most important pleasures for people all over the world. Over time, the activities that people do for entertainment change, and they rely heavily on what is fashionable and what technology services they can count on. Here are some things you can do to entertain yourself in 2020.

What are the leisure activities that are going to be done the most this year?

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How Do You Become a Professional Darter?

Pro Darts


Darts is a major sport and the top professionals play in million-pound tournaments broadcast on television channels around the world. These are major events and Williamcode gives fans the chance to learn about the players and follow the action. Unlike sports like football, rugby, or basketball, many amateur players may not know how to become a professional darter. Moreover, youngsters interested in playing darts as a profession may be unaware of development programs to teach them the finer points of the game.

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How to Get Ahead with Premier League Betting

PDC Premier League Betting


The race is on to make the Premier League playoffs, with veterans of the world’s elite top 8, like Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen being joined by debutantes Nathan Aspinall and Glen Durrant. Then there are the 9 challengers, including Fallon Sherrock and Stephen Bunting, who will be out to upset the big boys.

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The Basics you need to know about Darts



Darts has been a popular game played in the public houses in the UK for over a hundred years. The early wooden boards had to be soaked to allow the dart punctures to heal before the next day’s play. Some still find it hard to imagine how anyone can have a steady hand after long binges of alcohol, however, the competitive nature of the sport has lived on to this day.

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UK Open 2020: write off Fallon Sherrock at your peril

UK Open 2020 - Fallon Sherrock


Fallon Sherrock - the first female player to beat a man at the PDC World Championship in December 2019 - has qualified for the upcoming UK Open in March. Sherrock beat Stuart White 5-1 in the final of the qualifiers in Wolverhampton to book her place at the Open.


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In What Countries Are Darts Most Popular?

World Darts - In what counties is darts mnost popular


Darts, a game that started out as a common pub game, has now become a professional sport recognised worldwide. The game of darts engages two players. Both players take turns throwing three arrow-shaped metal darts at a sisal segmented dartboard.


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Betting Tips for Major Darts Tournaments

Betting Tips for Major Darts Tournaments


Darts championships have become major events to follow — and bet on. Knowing whom to bet on, where to place bets, and how to make the most effective bets possible is the topic of discussion for many enthusiasts, especially with the Professional Darts Corporation’s (PDC) events right around the corner. 


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PDC Ladbrokes Masters

Ladbrokes PDC Masters


The first major PDC Tv event since the World Darts Championship graces our screens at the end of January.  The PDC Masters features the top sixteen ranched players by order of merit in a straight knock-out competition. The newly crown PDC World Champion Peter Wright will be a hot favourite after defeating the two-time reigning World Champions Michael van Gerwen.


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World Darts Prize Fund 2020 Comparison

I am a darts fan through and through. I am incredibly sorry to see the BDO World Professional Darts Championships prize fund cut from previous years when there has been calling for an increase.

The dart players give us entertainment and travel to venues all over the world to gain ranking points for selection to play in pinnacle event the BDO World Professional Dart Championships. The reward for some is debt as it can cost more for travel and accommodation than they may earn taking part in such an event.

The players were warned the total prize fund would be less than previous years although it seems little has changed for a first-round loser and no change in the case of the women. Although the women were promised an increase from previous years.

As many like to compare the different side of darts PDC, BDO Men / BDO Women the table below based on the Sun Newspaper reports 15th January 2020 and from previous years, although I can not say this is 100% accurate.

Although I usually sitting on the fence, like many other writers of the sport of darts. I feel I have to say when the sport is managed professionally, everyone is a winner; sponsors, TV, Players and fans. However, the sport is now too big to run it as a social club and only people with the business acumen, marketing experience, influence and credibility should be involved at the highest level of the sport. The PDC recognised this early and invited Barry Heran now chairman of the PDC to become involved and what a great job he has done for all. Goodwill, meaningful volunteers should be credited for their hard work as many are unpaid and they give their time for the love of the sport. As for the BDO, the future is unclear and we all wait to see what may or may not happen next.


PDC 2020

BDO Men 2020

BDO Men 2019

BDO Women 2020

BDO Women 2019

Winner £500,000 £23,000 £100,000 £10,000 £12,000
Runner-up £200,000 £10,000 £35,000 £4,500 £5,000
Semi Final £100,000 £5,000 £15,000 £2,000 £2,000
Quarty Final £50,000 £4,000 £6,500 £1,000 £1,000
Fouth Round Loser £35,000 - £4,500 - -
Third Round Loser £25,000 - - -
Second Round Loser £15,000 £2,000 £3,500 - -
Fisrt Round Loser £7,500 £1,500 £2,000 £500 £500

Please note BDO First round / second round was previously known as the preliminary round and first round!


Betting and Darts go Hand in Glove

Betting and Darts Go Hand in Glove


From the lively atmosphere of top darts matches today back to the classic drinking sketch from Not The Nine O’Clock News, darts has always had a fun and friendly feeling that some other sports can lack. Mix that with the thrill of betting, and things can get even better. Indeed, the popularity of darts with gamblers has seen betting firms pour sponsorship cash into the sport, helping to fuel its rapid rise in popularity over recent years.


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Darts and Sports

Darts and Sport


The world of sport and news media seem to have got into a frenzy over Fallon Sherrock PDC World Championship darts victory over Ted Evetts. The Twenty-five-year-old from Milton Keynes became the first lady to will on the PDC World Stage. Although ladies have played in the PDC World Championships for the past couple of years non, have got through the first round.


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Winningest darts players according to prize money

Adrian Lews - Jackpot


Adrian Lewis has won over £2.8m in prize money during his near 15-year career. Now 33-years old, Lewis is a two-time World Championship winner. He also won the U.K. Open and European Championship.


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