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November 21, 2018 - 06:41 PM

Hi guys!! I have been playing darts for about 2 year now and i have pregressing everytime since the first time I have played!! i actually became very good at fact I have won multiple tournament and win the best average of my team in the league 2 year in a row as 52 the first year and 56 the second year in my little town! i just love the game!! But now for the past 6 mont i have that dartitis and its been the most frustrating , umiliating , embarassing time of my life.!!! i past from being one of the very good player around here to the one that a lot of people laughing at!!! i kind of fall forward when trowing darts, alot of time the darts wont release from my hand for couple second it was kind of stuck there...I was so forcing myself to combat that movement that it was hurting my shoulder!! I have tried alot of thing...ALOT I mean hours and hours of practicing to fix that damn even hurt in the shoulder to tried to corect it days after days!! and the only thing that work for me...knock on wood lol was practising alot without aiming!!! Just trowing darts at the dartboard without aiming anything!! it was not a quick fix, i notice that witout aiming i was doing very less that dartitis movement so i pass like a week just trowing darts anywhere at the the week goes i gradually start aiming more the tripple 20,bulleye or any target!!! and now i can not say that im perfectly recover from it...but im pretty much 85-90% at where i was before i started dartitis!!! I beleive that during the week just trowing anywhere at the dartboard witout aiming...the brain recorded the good trowing motion and forgot about the wrong one! i dont know im not doctor or anyting lol but the thing that I know is that it worked for lease for now!! and i start back enjoying the game the we all loved...and slowly bulding back confidence!!

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