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Dartex Playering Cards
Added to the Wartime dartboard page, Dartex was dart card game first introduced in 1938, 31 Jan 2023

Manchester Dartboard
I have added the full dimension of the board for anyone that is incline to make one! Updated 24 Jan 2023

Dart Players Nicknames
Updated 30th Novemeber 2022

Dart Players Walk-ons
Updated 30th Novemeber 2022

PDC Darts Calendar 2022-23
Updated 1st Novemeber 2022

WDF Darts Calendar 2022-23
Updated 1st Novemeber 2022

WSDT NEW Darts Calendar 2022-23
Updated 1st Novemeber 2022

UK County Calendars 2022/23
Updated September 2022, Added (SDA) Scottish County Championships Game Darts

News Articles
New articles are added every week

Darts World Records
Darts World Records Fallon Sherrock Highest Female Televised Average

Wartime Dartboards
Wartime Dartboards - MI9 'Gilboard',and Blitzkrieg Dartboards - Blitzkrieg Dartboard update new information WWI Darts as Weapons

Darts Program Scorers Update
Revised page, added NEW Windows 10, Microsoft Dart Scorer link

Factoids Page Update
Added a couple of additional facts on the Factoids page. Just putting the record straight!

New DartsDart Apps
Review of PC, Tablet and Smartphone Scoring Apps, and Games

Practice Your Accuracy
Added Light the Match. A Pratice routine that helps all that can achieve this feat

Checkout Charts
The Darts501 PDF Checkout chart is now available in 48 languages and a total of 62 variations. The increase is based on the website traffic and popularity of the Checkout downloads. If you can not find your language, send me an email or use the translator to translate the basic print version. - Updated April 2021

Darts Quiz - Extended
Test your Darts Knowledge with this New Quiz. Now extended to 48 Questions!


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