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December 2014

William Hill PDC World Darts Championships, Live on Sky Sports Darts and PDC.TV

The William Hill World Darts Championship First Round draw can now be viewed below. During the two weeks of play Sky TV have dedicated  Sky Sports 3 totally to Darts. The channel during this period will be know as Sky Sports Darts.

2015 William Hill World Darts Championship - tickets are now on General Sale :-
Click here for General Ticket information & Click here for Hospitality

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PDC World Darts Championships 2015 - Players Draw  open / close

2015 William Hill - PDC World Darts Championship
Preliminary Round Draw
Christian Perez (Philippines) v Cristo Reyes (Spain)
Jani Haavisto (Finland) v John Michael (Greece)
Nolan Arendse (South Africa) v Alex Hon (Hong Kong)
Boris Koltsov (Russia) v Haruki Muramatsu (Japan)
Kim Viljanen (Finland) v Sascha Stein (Germany)
Mark McGrath (New Zealand) v Scott Kirchner (USA)
Jermaine Wattimena (Netherlands) v Robert Marijanovic (Croatia)
Scott Mackenzie (Hong Kong) v Daryl Gurney (Northern Ireland)

First Round Draw
Michael van Gerwen (1, Netherlands) v Joe Cullen (England)
Stuart Kellett (32, England) v Viljanen/Stein
Terry Jenkins (16, England) v John Weber (Australia)
Justin Pipe (17, England) v Lawrence Ryder (Australia)
Dave Chisnall (8, England) v Ryan De Vreede (Netherlands)
Paul Nicholson (25, Australia) v Benito van de Pas (Netherlands)
Robert Thornton (9, Scotland) v Andrew Gilding (England)
Ronnie Baxter (24, England) v Mackenzie/Gurney
Peter Wright (5, Scotland) v Gerwyn Price (Wales)
Andy Smith (28, England) v Ronny Huybrechts (Belgium)
Andy Hamilton (12, England) v Dave Richardson (Canada)
Steve Beaton (21, England) v Kyle Anderson (Australia)
Gary Anderson (4, Scotland) v McGrath/Kirchner
Jelle Klaasen (29, Netherlands) v Christian Kist (Netherlands)
Wes Newton (13, England) v Perez/Reyes
Kevin Painter (20, England) v Koltsov/Muramatsu
Phil Taylor (2, England) v Jyhan Artut (Germany)
Mark Webster (31, Wales) v Ron Meulenkamp (Netherlands)
Ian White (15, England) v Haavisto/Michael
Kim Huybrechts (18, Belgium) v Mickey Mansell (Northern Ireland
Simon Whitlock (7, Australia) v Darren Webster (England)
Dean Winstanley (26, England) v Wayne Jones (England)
Mervyn King (10, England) v Max Hopp (Germany)
Vincent van der Voort (23, Netherlands) v John Henderson (Scotland)
James Wade (6, England) v Jamie Lewis (Wales)
Stephen Bunting (27, England) v Wattimena/Marijanovic
Brendan Dolan (11, Northern Ireland) v Arendse/Hon
Michael Smith (22, England) v Mensur Suljovic (Austria)
Adrian Lewis (3, England) v David Pallett (England)
John Part (30, Canada) v Keegan Brown (England)
Raymond van Barneveld (14, Netherlands) v Rowby-John Rodriguez (Austria)
Jamie Caven (19, England) v Jason Hogg (Scotland)

PDC World Darts Championships 2015 - Order of Play  open / close

2015 William Hill - PDC World Darts Championship
Schedule of Play Preliminary & First Rounds

Thursday December 18th
7.10pm John Part (30) v Keegan Brown
8.15pm Christian Perez v Cristo Reyes (P)
9.00pm Jelle Klaasen (29) v Christian Kist
10.00pm Michael van Gerwen (1) v Joe Cullen
11.00pm Wes Newton (13) v Christian Perez/Cristo Reyes

Friday December 19th
7.10pm Andy Hamilton (12) v Dave Richardson
8.15pm Kim Viljanen v Sascha Stein (P)
9.00pm Peter Wright (5) v Gerwyn Price
10.00pm Phil Taylor (2) v Jyhan Artut
11.00pm Stuart Kellett (32) v Kim Viljanen/Sascha Stein

Saturday December 20th
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Andy Smith (28) v Ronny Huybrechts
2.15pm Scott Mackenzie v Daryl Gurney (P)
3.00pm Justin Pipe (17) v Lawrence Ryder
4.00pm Robert Thornton (9) v Andrew Gilding
5.00pm Ronnie Baxter (24) v Scott Mackenzie/Daryl Gurney

Evening Session
7.10pm Steve Beaton (21) v Kyle Anderson
8.15pm Mark McGrath v Scott Kirchner (P)
9.00pm Terry Jenkins (16) v John Weber
10.00pm Simon Whitlock (7) v Darren Webster
11.00pm Gary Anderson (4) v Mark McGrath/Scott Kirchner

Sunday December 21st
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Paul Nicholson (25) v Benito van de Pas
2.15pm Boris Koltsov v Haruki Muramatsu (P)
3.00pm Mark Webster (31) v Ron Meulenkamp
4.00pm Dean Winstanley (26) v Wayne Jones
5.00pm Kevin Painter (20) v Boris Koltsov/Haruki Muramatsu

Evening Session
7.10pm Kim Huybrechts (18) v Michael Mansell
8.15pm Jani Haavisto v John Michael (P)
9.00pm Dave Chisnall (8) v Ryan De Vreede
10.00pm James Wade (6) v Jamie Lewis
11.00pm Ian White (15) v Jani Haavisto/John Michael

Monday December 22nd
7.10pm Jamie Caven (19) v Jason Hogg
8.15pm Nolan Arendse v Alex Hon (P)
9.00pm Michael Smith (22) v Mensur Suljovic
10.00pm Raymond van Barneveld (14) v Rowby-John Rodriguez
11.00pm Brendan Dolan (11) v Nolan Arendse/Alex Hon

Tuesday December 23rd
7.10pm Vincent van der Voort (23) v John Henderson
8.15pm Jermaine Wattimena v Robert Marijanovic (P)
9.00pm Mervyn King (10) v Max Hopp
10.00pm Adrian Lewis (3) v David Pallett
11.00pm Stephen Bunting (27) v Jermaine Wattimena/Robert Marijanovic

Second Round
Saturday December 27th
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Thornton/Gilding v Baxter/Mackenzie/Gurney
2.15pm Jenkins/Weber v Pipe/Ryder
3.45pm Wright/Price v A Smith/R Huybrechts

Evening Session
7.10pm Chisnall/De Vreede v Nicholson/van de Pas
8.40pm van Gerwen/Cullen v Kellett/Viljanen/Stein
10.15pm G Anderson/McGrath/Kirchner v Klaasen/Kist

Sunday December 28th
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Hamilton/Richardson v Beaton/K Anderson
2.15pm Newton/Perez/Reyes v Painter/Koltsov/Muramatsu
3.45pm White/Haavisto/Michael v K Huybrechts/Mansell

Evening Session
7.10pm Whitlock/D Webster v Winstanley/Jones
8.40pm Taylor/Artut v M Webster/Meulenkamp
10.15pm A Lewis/Pallett v Part/Brown

Monday December 29th
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Dolan/Arendse/Hon v M Smith/Suljovic
2.15pm King/Hopp v van der Voort /Henderson
3.45pm van Barneveld/Rodriguez v Caven/Hogg

Evening Session
7.10pm Wade/J Lewis v Bunting/Wattimena/Marijanovic
Third Round
8.40pm van Gerwen/Cullen/Kellett/Viljanen/Stein v Jenkins/Weber/Pipe/Ryder
10.15pm Chisnall/De Vreede/Nicholson/van de Pas v Thornton/Gilding/Baxter/MacKenzie/Gurney

Tuesday December 30th
Afternoon Session

12.40pm Wright/Price/A Smith/R Huybrechts v Hamilton/Richardson/Beaton/K Anderson
2.15pm G Anderson/McGrath/Kirchner/Klaasen/Kist v Newton/Perez/Reyes/Painter/Koltsov/Muramatsu
3.45pm Whitlock/D Webster/Winstanley/Jones v King/Hopp/van der Voort/Henderson

Evening Session
7.10pm A Lewis/Pallett/Part/Brown v van Barneveld/Rodriguez/Caven/Hogg
8.40pm Taylor/Artut/M Webster/Meulenkamp v White/Haavisto/Michael/K Huybrechts/Mansell
10.15pm Wade/J Lewis/Bunting/Wattimena/Marijanovic v Dolan/Arendse/Hon/M Smith/ Suljovic

Thursday January 1st


Friday January 2nd

Saturday January 3rd


Sunday January 4th


The schedule of play for the quarter-finals and semi-finals will be confirmed on www.pdc.tv  once finalised. The schedule of play is subject to change at the discretion of the PDC and Sky Sports. Any changes will be shown at www.pdc.tv. Times of matches listed here are approximate and for guidance only.

PDC World Darts Championships 2015 - Format & Prize Fund  open / close

2015 William Hill - PDC World Darts Championship

Preliminary Round - Best of seven legs
First Round - Best of five sets
Second Round - Best of seven sets
Third Round - Best of seven sets
Quarter-Finals - Best of nine sets
Semi-Finals - Best of 11 sets
Final - Best of 13 sets
All sets are the best of five legs. For all matches using the Sets format, there will be a tie-break in the deciding set only, where the final set must be won by two clear legs. Should the score in the final set reach 5-5, a sudden-death leg would be played.

Prize Fund

Winner £250,000
Runner-Up £120,000
Semi-Finalists £60,000
Quarter-Finalists £35,000
Third Round Losers £18,000
Second Round Losers £12,000
First Round Losers £8,000
Preliminary Round Losers £3,500
Total £1,250,000
In addition, a £10,000 bonus is on offer for a nine-dart finish. Should more than one nine-dart finish be hit during the tournament, the bonus would be shared on a pro-rata basis

The price of BDO loyalty!

I am not a person who relishes controversial arguments I am a darts fan regardless where the player play’s their darts. However  a question often asked is what is the prize fund difference between the BDO & PDC World Championship? Below you can see a direct comparison of the two bodies 2015 prize funds

Prize Fund Comparison BDO Men's v PDC

World Champions Comparison



Winner £100,000 £250,000
Runner-Up £35,000 £120,000
Semi-Finalist £15,000 £60,000
Quarter Finalist £6,000 £35,000
Third round Losers - £18,000
Second Round Losers £4,500 £12,000
First Round Losers £3,250 £8,000
Preliminary Round Losers £2,000 £3,500
Highest Checkout £5,000 -
Total £300,00 £1,250.00

PDC: In addition, a £10,000 bonus is on offer for a nine-dart finish. Should more than one nine-dart finish be hit during the tournament, the bonus would be shared on a pro-rata basis

If you add up the prize fund available throughout the calendar year the difference between the BDO and the PDC just gets bigger so why do some of the top BDO players stay with the BDO? Will we see another bunch of player jump ship to the PDC? I think this is a good possibility.

Good luck to all who are playing in either the BDO or PDC 2015 World Championship events.

Updated Pages - Players Nicknames & Walk-on Music

Dart Players Nicknames    

An increased amount of visitors have contacted me about players walk-on music and nicknames. Some of you have kindly supplied me with more information therefore I have updated both the players  nicknames and walk-on pages on this site. I hope to add a few more in the near future but in the meantime if you know anymore or if any player has since changed either their Nickname or walk-on please let me know via my contact page.

January 2015

January 3rd - 11th, The Lakeside World Darts Championship

In its 30th year of Lakeside hosting the world championships, the elite of BDO darts will be stepping onto the iconic Lakeside Stage between Saturday 3rd January to Sunday 11th January 2015.

This year again sees 40 men and 16 women from across the World compete for the most prestigious titles in BDO titles, the Lakeside World Darts Championship.

Trina Gulliver MBE will again feature in the women's line up and is hoping to hit double figures as she attempts to grain her 10th World Darts. Trina was awarded the MBE in recognition of ‘Services to Darts and Charitable Fundraising’ Her MBE was presented to her by HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in January 2014.

The annual championships attract a live audience of millions of television viewers in Britain, Europe and around the globe who watched it via BBC TV Sport, BT Sport  and other international TV channels .

For more ticket information and other information visit Lakeside World Darts. For the latest BDO news click here

For the latest odds click here and use the Bonus Code 'GET80" to bet £20 and get £80!

Lakeside World Darts Championships Schedule January 3rd - 11th 2015  open / close

Updated 19th December 2014
Saturday 3rd January Afternoon 1pm
Peter Sajwani V Sam Head (P)
Martin Adams V Jan Dekker
Deta Hedman V Lisa Ashton
Martin Phillips V Madars Razmar

Sunday 4th January Afternoon 1pm
Darryl Fitton V Paul Jennings
Anastasia Dobromyslova V Irina Armstrong
Ross Montgomery V Pip Blackwell
Seigo Asada V Brian Dawson (P)

Monday 5th January Afternoon 1pm
Jim Widmayer V Rhys Hayden (P)
James Wilson V Sajwani / Head
Willem Mandigers V Daniel Larsson (P)

Tuesday 6th January Afternoon 1pm
Robbie Green V Darius Labanauskas
Alan Norris V Mandigers / Larsson
Trina Gulliver V Anneke Kuijten
Gary Robson V Sims / Waegemans

Wednesday 7th January Afternoon 1pm
Aileen De Graaf V Paula Jacklin
Men's 2nd Round 
Men's 2nd Round

Thursday 8th January Afternoon 1pm
World Youth Final 
Harry Ward (Eng) V Colin Roelofs (Neth)

1 x Men's 2nd Round Matches
2 x Ladies Quarter Final Matches

Friday 9th January Afternoon 1pm
2 x Men's Quarter Finals

Saturday 10th January Afternoon 2.30pm
Men's Semi-Final Match
Ladies Final
Men's Semi-Final Match

Saturday 3rd January Evening 6.30pm
David Cameron V Michel Van Der Horst (P)
Zoe Jones V Sarah Brent
Eddy Sims V Cedric Waegemans (P)
Scott Mitchell V Tony O'Shea

Sunday 4th January Evening 6.30pm
Karel Sedlacek V Paul Coughlin (P)
Lorraine Winstanley V Sharon Prins
Mike Day V Jeff Smith (P)
Scott Waites V Sam Hewson

Monday 5th January Evening 6pm
Jeffrey De Graaf V Asada / Dawson
Rachel Brooks V Casey Gallagher
Remco Van Eijden V Geert De Vos
Jamie Hughes V Cameron / Van Der Horst

Tuesday 6th January Evening 6pm
Rick Hofstra V Widmayer / Hayden
Fallon Sherrock V Maria Mason
Glen Durrant V Sedlacek / Coughlin
Wesley Harms V Day / Smith

Wednesday 7th January Evening 6pm
3 x 2nd Round Men's Matches

Thursday 8th January Evening 6pm
2 x Ladies Quarter Final Matches
2 x Men's 2nd Round Matches

Friday 9th January Evening 5.30pm
2 x Ladies Semi-Finals Matches
2 x Men's Quarter Final Matches

Sunday 11th January 5.45pm
Men's Final

(P) Preliminary Round

Download the (Amended Schedule of Play)

Lakeside World Darts Championships  2015 - Prize Fund  open / close

Lakeside BDO Prize Prize Money for 2015

Men's Champion: £100,000
Runner-Up: £35,000
Semi Finalist £15,000 x 2
Quarter Finalists: £6,500 x 4
2nd Round Loser: £4,500 x 8
1st Round Loser: £3,250 x 16
Preliminary Round Losers x 8 £2,000
Highest Checkout: £5,000

Ladies Champion:  £12,000
Runner-Up £5,000
Semi Finalist x 2  £2,000
Quarter Finalist x 4  £1,000
Last 16 x 8 £500

Youth Champion: £5,000
Runner-Up: £2,000
Semi-Finalist x 2  £1,000
Quarter Finalist x 4 £250.00

BT Sport schedule for the BDO World Darts Championships:
Sat Jan 3rd
Sun Jan 4th
Mon Jan 5th
Tue Jan 6th
Wed Jan 7th
Thur Jan 8th
Fri Jan
Sat Jan 10th
Sun Jan 11th

18:30 - 22:00

18:00 - 22:00

18:00 - 22:00

18:00 - 22:00

18:00 - 22:00

18:00 - 22:00

17:30 - 22:00

18:30 - 21:30

16:30 - 20:30

David King - Darts501.comWelcome to the Darts501.com website. I hope you like the new layout and the updated pages featured on here.

The game of darts is played and enjoyed by millions of people in UK pubs and clubs and by millions more across the World. The game has come from the humble roots of the tap and public rooms of the traditional English pub to the international stage and is regularly televised to millions across the World.

In 1978 the first World Darts Championship was organised by the British Darts Organisation and sponsored by Embassy tobacco. The winner Leighton Rees from Wales received a trophy and a cheque for the sum of £3,000.

Prize money has since increased considerably in the game of darts, and the winner of a major competition can expect to pick up a very attractive amount of money. Take for example the 2014 Ladbroke PDC World Championship, players picked up anything from £6,000 for a first round knockout, to a massive £250,000 for the competition winner. One of the biggest contributors to the rise in prize money in such competitions has been as a result of increased lucrative sponsorship deals. So if you own a highly desirable live poker odds calculator, a well-known sports brand or any other related product, the darts circuit would be a great place to get you noticed to a huge target audience.

Since 1978 the game has grown into one of the best loved and viewed sports on television. It has made many darters into house hold names here are just a few:

John Lowe three times world champion, John Part three time world champion, Martin Adams three times world champion, Eric Bristow five  times world champion, Raymond van Barneveld five times world champion & Phil Taylor sixteen times world champion.

In March 2005 the 'game' of darts was recently been recognized by 'Sport England' as a sporting activity which could pave the way to the sport featuring in future Olympic Games, however I still feel we are a long way from that day.

Darts is one of the fastest growing sports in Holland, China and Asia. Over a third of the Dutch population watched Raymond Van Barneveld become the first Dutch player to take the world darts title in 1998; he has since won the title a further four times 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 (Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship). Raymond beat the reigning champion Phil Taylor 7 sets to 6 and a sudden death leg in the final set. The famous Bull up for the right to throw first will long be remembered as Phil hit a outer Bull Ramond asked for the dart to be left in the board as he used it to push his dart into the centre Bull. Sinece then the Bulling up procedure in the PDC events has changed. All darts are removed before the opponents throw. Raymond now equals Eric Bristow's achievement but still trails Phil Taylor's staggering sixteen world title victories.

The prize fund for the 2010 Ladbrokes.com 'World Darts Champions' has also increased with a staggering £1,000,000, £200,000 going to the winner. A far cry from the first 'World Championships' of £3,000. The sports prize money continues to grow making a few of the current players millionaires. This prise fund as remained the same for the past three years. However is 2014 the Ladbrokes PDC World Champion Winner will be set to receive £250,000 making darts truly a sport to be reckoned with. 

The Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship moved to the Alexandra Palace in December 2007. The Alexandra Palace is affectionately know as the 'Ally Pally' and was the stage setting for the world renowned 'News of the World Darts tournaments' many years ago. This event even was probably one of the hardest to win with with a best of three legs format throughout the competition including the final.

In 2001 the BDO introduced a Ladies World Darts Championship which was won by England’s Trina Gulliver. Trina has won this event for seven consecutive years and made the final yet again in 2008 and 2009 but only to lose to a new up and coming star Anastasia Dobromyslava from Russia in 2008 and Francis Hoenselaar from Holland in 2009. In 2010 Trina again regained the title beating Rhian Edwards from Wales 2-0 she then repeated this feat in 2011 again beating Rhain Edwards by the same margin 2-0 Making her the most successful ladies darts player in the World, a record breaking nine World Titles. Trina was awarded the MBE to services to darts and charitable fund rasing.

Anastasia moved to the PDC late 2008 and played in a preliminary qualifying round for the Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship 2009. She lost to Dutchman Remco van Eijden 5 legs to 3. She also tried to qualify for the 2010 championship but failed. Anastasia moved back to the BDO late 2010 / early 2011 and in 2012 she won  BDO / WDF Ladies Worlds Darts Championship for a second time and then again title again in 2013.

On this site you will find a brief history of this intriguing sport along with all the information you will need to set up the dart board and organise darting events. You can also learn how boards are made using sisal (a material used in rope making) and how dart weights, lengths, shafts and flights can alter the flight of the dart.

The site also features traditional games played on today’s standard dartboards and UK city boards; Yorkshire, Manchester etc. You can download rules and many games from here as well as those all important checkouts. Calculate your dart average using the tables and above all learn how to improve your game. You will also find practise routines to improve your accuracy and scoring consistency as well as information about maintaining your dartboard and darts. There are also many dart related links to professional dart organisations, manufacturers, suppliers, professional dart players and other UK local dart leagues. My thanks go to them for their help and support in building this site.

I hope you enjoy the site your feedback is always welcome and if you like the site please in form others.

David King

New To Darts501.mobi

Darts501.mobi - Dart Leg ScorerNew to Darts501.mobi - Darts Leg Scorer. I have now added a a leg scorer with prompted checkouts to the mobile version of this site. The .mobi version is a condensed version of Darts501.com. It lists many of the features of this site such as Games, Setup Up, Checkouts, Recourse information, World Champions Listings. Players nick names and Walk-on and now a useful scorer that many will find useful while playing darts in clubs and pubs that don't have a provide electronic score boards.

The new scorer lists previous scores and allows you to undo an impute you can select various games: 1,001, 701, 501 or 301 to play.

Darts501.mobi requires a smart phone with internet connection. Please remember you maybe charged data charges by your phone provider when browsing the internet mobile site.  I hope you will  find this addition useful.

Darts501.mobi - Mobile Darts Website

If you have a smart phone give it a try. For more information about the new mobile site click on the above banner.

Darts501.mobi will work on any iPhone, iPod touch or Android OS touch screen phone. Other smart phones with internet access can also view this new site. For iPhone users that chose to add to home screen there is also a Darts501 iPhone icon making it easier still to link straight back to the site as and when required.

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