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BETWAY.com Premier League Darts - Updated 17/04/14


The 2014 line consists of the PDC top four by order of merit and six wildcards

Premier League Darts 2014 player line up. From top left Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnel, Adrian Lewis, Raymond van Barneveld, Simon Whitlock, Robert Thornton Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright and Wes Newton

BETWAY | com PREMIER LEAGUE RESULTS - Week 11 17th April (click to open / close)

Betway Premier League Darts, Week 11, April 17, GE Gas & Oil Arena, Aberdeen

Gary Anderson 7-4 Adrian Lewis
Michael van Gerwen 4-7 Phil Taylor
Peter Wright 4-7 Dave Chisnall
Robert Thornton 1-7 Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Adrian Lewis
All games the best of 12 legs

Simon Whitlock and Wes Newton are out of the Betway 2014 Premier league after failing to score enough points to qualify after week nine. Now it is a straight fight to week 15 when only the top four will compete in the play off finals.

Cut Pos Player P W D L +/- Pts Move
FINALS CUT 1 Michael van Gerwen 12 8 2 2 +22 18
2 Raymond van Barneveld 12 6 5 1 +18 17
3 Peter Wright 12 5 3 4 +9 13
4 Phil Taylor 11 6 1 4 +5 13
-------------------------------- Finals Cut ----------------------------
DROP ZONE 5 Gary Anderson 11 6 0 5 +3 12
6 Dave Chisnell 11 3 4 4 -2 10
7 Adrian Lewis 12 3 4 5 -8 10
8 Robert Thornton 11 1 4 6 -12 6
9 Wes Newton  (R) 9 2 2 5 -15 6
10 Simon Whitlock (R) 9 1 3 5 -20 5

Movement from previous week
   Relegation zone. After week nine the bottom two players will be illuminated from the league

BETWAY | com PREMIER LEAGUE DARTS - Order of Play  (click to open / close)

Player Player Details League Place
Phil Taylor 16-time World Champion Order of Merit
Michael van Gerwen Reigning Premier League Darts Champion Order of Merit
Simon Whitlock 2012 European Champion Order of Merit
Adrian Lewis 2011 & 2012 World Champion Order of Merit
Dave Chisnall 2013 World Grand Prix Runner-Up PDC Wildcard
Peter Wright 2014 World Championship Finalist PDC Wildcard
Wes Newton Two-time Major Finalist PDC Wildcard
Robert Thornton 2012 UK Open Champion PDC Wildcard
Raymond van Barneveld Five-Time World Champion SKY Wildcard
Gary Anderson 2011 Premier League Darts Champion SKY Wildcard

Betway | com 2014 Premier League Darts Order of Play

Week One
February 6, Echo Arena, Liverpool

Dave Chisnall v Robert Thornton
Peter Wright v Wes Newton
Raymond van Barneveld v Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor v Michael van Gerwen
Simon Whitlock v Adrian Lewis
Tickets: 0844 8000 400 or www.echoarena.com

Week Two
February 13, BIC, Bournemouth

Wes Newton v Raymond van Barneveld
Dave Chisnall v Peter Wright
Gary Anderson v Simon Whitlock
Adrian Lewis v Phil Taylor
Robert Thornton v Michael van Gerwen
Tickets: 0844 576 3000 or www.bhlivetickets.co.uk

Week Three
February 20, Odyssey Arena, Belfast

Robert Thornton v Gary Anderson
Dave Chisnall v Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright v Phil Taylor
Wes Newton v Adrian Lewis
Raymond van Barneveld v Simon Whitlock
Tickets: 028 9073 9074 or www.odysseyarena.com

Week Four
February 27, The Hydro, Glasgow

Peter Wright v Adrian Lewis
Robert Thornton v Wes Newton
Simon Whitlock v Phil Taylor
Michael van Gerwen v Raymond van Barneveld
Dave Chisnall v Gary Anderson
Tickets: 0844 395 4000 or www.thehydro.com

Week Five
March 6, Westpoint Arena, Exeter

Peter Wright v Robert Thornton
Raymond van Barneveld v Dave Chisnall
Adrian Lewis v Michael van Gerwen
Phil Taylor v Gary Anderson
Wes Newton v Simon Whitlock
Tickets: 08444 99 99 55 or www.ticketzone.co.uk

Week Six

Simon Whitlock v Peter Wright
Adrian Lewis v  Gary Anderson
Michael van Gerwen v Wes Newton
Raymond van Barneveld v Robert Thornton
Phil Taylor v Dave Chisnall
Tickets: 0843 373 3000 or www.capitalfmarena.com

Week Seven
March 20, First Direct Arena, Leeds

Dave Chisnall v Simon Whitlock
Robert Thornton v Adrian Lewis
Gary Anderson v Michael van Gerwen
Wes Newton v Phil Taylor
Peter Wright v Raymond van Barneveld
Tickets: 0844 248 1585 or www.firstdirectarena.com

Week Eight (change to order of play  and Wes Newton play twice due to being away on Week Five due to illness)
March 27, The O2, Dublin

Gary Anderson v Wes Newton
Adrian Lewis v Dave Chisnall
Simon Whitlock v Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen v Peter Wright
Phil Taylor v Raymond van Barneveld
Tickets: (Ire) 0818 719 377 or (UK) 0844 847 2455 or www.theo2.ie

Week Nine - Judgement Night
April 3, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld
Phil Taylor v Robert Thornton
Wes Newton v Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson v Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock
Tickets: SOLD OUT

Following Week Nine, the bottom two players from the league table are eliminated. Revised fixtures for Weeks Ten-15 will be announced following Week Nine. TBC

Week Ten
April 10, Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

Tickets: 0114 256 5656 or

Week 11
April 17, GE Gas & Oil Arena, Aberdeen

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Week 12
April 24, Phones 4u Arena, Manchester

Tickets: 0844 847 8000 or www.eventim.co.uk

Week 13
May 1, NIA, Birmingham

Tickets: 0844 338 8000 or www.theticketfactory.com

Week 14
May 8, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Tickets: 0844 493 6666 or www.eventim.co.uk

Week 15
May 15, The Brighton Centre

Tickets: 0844 847 1515 or www.brightoncentre.co.uk

May 22, The O2, London

Tickets: 0844 856 0202 or www.axs.com

Tournament Format
The ten players will face each other once during the opening nine weeks. Following Week Nine, the bottom two players from the league table will be eliminated. From Weeks Ten-15, the remaining eight players will play each other once again. Following Week 15, the top four players will progress to the Play-Offs.

All league fixtures will be the best of 12 legs of 501. Once a player reaches seven legs, they have won the game and no further legs will be played.

Two points will be awarded for a win, one point will be awarded for a six-all draw and no points will be awarded for a defeat.

The player named on the left in the fixture will throw first in the opening leg of each game. This will be reversed in the second meeting (where applicable).

Should players be tied on points in the league table, Leg Difference will be the first deciding factor. If this is also a tie, then Legs Won Against Throw will be the next deciding factor, and any further tie would be split by a comparison of the relevant players' three-dart tournament average at that stage.

The semi-finals will be played over the best of 15 legs (first to eight) and the final will be the best of 19 legs (first to ten).

All nights will begin at 7pm and be screened live on Sky Sports HD.

Tickets can be purchased from each venue's Box Office - click here for Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sales.
Tickets can also be purchased from viagogo, the official ticket exchange of the Premier League Darts, at www.viagogo.co.uk.
Packages to include accommodation and tickets can be purchased from Thomas Cook Sport at www.thomascooksport.com.

BETWAY | com PREMIER LEAGUE DARTS - DATES AND VENUES (click to open / close)

Night One
Echo Arena, Liverpool
Night Two
BIC, Bournemouth
Night Three
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Night Four
SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Night Five
Westpoint Arena, Exeter
Night Six
Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
Night Seven
First Direct Arena, Leeds
Night Eight
The O2, Dublin
Night Nine
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Night Ten
Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
Night 11
GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen
Night 12
Phones 4u Arena, Manchester
Night 13
NIA, Birmingham
Night 14
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Night 15
The Brighton Centre
The O2, London

Tickets are available now, with full details available at www.pdc.tv/tickets.

For more information and order of play  please visit the Office PDC website

Trina Gulliver MBE Investiture

Trinaís investiture took place on Friday 24th January 2014 at Buckingham Palace. The original scheduled date, 3rd October 2013, was postponed for Trina because it coincided with the Darts World Cup in Canada, an event that takes place once every two years. Trina captained England to a successful World Cup Victory.

Trina was presented her MBE medal by HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Place accompanied by her civil partner Susan Gulliver nee Biddle. Trina wishes to thank everyone who took the time to nominate her for the award. She joins only one other professional dart player to receive an MBE Eric Bristow who received his honour in 1989.

Trina's website updated. www.tinagulliver.com

David King - Darts501.comWelcome to the Darts501.com website. I hope you like the new layout and the updated pages featured on here.

The game of darts is played and enjoyed by millions of people in UK pubs and clubs and by millions more across the World. The game has come from the humble roots of the tap and public rooms of the traditional English pub to the international stage and is regularly televised to millions across the World.

In 1978 the first World Darts Championship was organised by the British Darts Organisation and sponsored by Embassy tobacco. The winner Leighton Rees from Wales received a trophy and a cheque for the sum of £3,000.

Prize money has since increased considerably in the game of darts, and the winner of a major competition can expect to pick up a very attractive amount of money. Take for example the 2014 Ladbroke PDC World Championship, players picked up anything from £6,000 for a first round knockout, to a massive £250,000 for the competition winner. One of the biggest contributors to the rise in prize money in such competitions has been as a result of increased lucrative sponsorship deals. So if you own a highly desirable live poker odds calculator, a well-known sports brand or any other related product, the darts circuit would be a great place to get you noticed to a huge target audience.

Since 1978 the game has grown into one of the best loved and viewed sports on television. It has made many darters into house hold names here are just a few:

John Lowe three times world champion, John Part three time world champion, Martin Adams three times world champion, Eric Bristow five  times world champion, Raymond van Barneveld five times world champion & Phil Taylor sixteen times world champion.

In March 2005 the 'game' of darts was recently been recognized by 'Sport England' as a sporting activity which could pave the way to the sport featuring in future Olympic Games, however I still feel we are a long way from that day.

Darts is one of the fastest growing sports in Holland, China and Asia. Over a third of the Dutch population watched Raymond Van Barneveld become the first Dutch player to take the world darts title in 1998; he has since won the title a further four times 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 (Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship). Raymond beat the reigning champion Phil Taylor 7 sets to 6 and a sudden death leg in the final set. The famous Bull up for the right to throw first will long be remembered as Phil hit a outer Bull Ramond asked for the dart to be left in the board as he used it to push his dart into the centre Bull. Sinece then the Bulling up procedure in the PDC events has changed. All darts are removed before the opponents throw. Raymond now equals Eric Bristow's achievement but still trails Phil Taylor's staggering sixteen world title victories.

The prize fund for the 2010 Ladbrokes.com 'World Darts Champions' has also increased with a staggering £1,000,000, £200,000 going to the winner. A far cry from the first 'World Championships' of £3,000. The sports prize money continues to grow making a few of the current players millionaires. This prise fund as remained the same for the past three years. However is 2014 the Ladbrokes PDC World Champion Winner will be set to receive £250,000 making darts truly a sport to be reckoned with. 

The Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship moved to the Alexandra Palace in December 2007. The Alexandra Palace is affectionately know as the 'Ally Pally' and was the stage setting for the world renowned 'News of the World Darts tournaments' many years ago. This event even was probably one of the hardest to win with with a best of three legs format throughout the competition including the final.

In 2001 the BDO introduced a Ladies World Darts Championship which was won by Englandís Trina Gulliver. Trina has won this event for seven consecutive years and made the final yet again in 2008 and 2009 but only to lose to a new up and coming star Anastasia Dobromyslava from Russia in 2008 and Francis Hoenselaar from Holland in 2009. In 2010 Trina again regained the title beating Rhian Edwards from Wales 2-0 she then repeated this feat in 2011 again beating Rhain Edwards by the same margin 2-0 Making her the most successful ladies darts player in the World, a record breaking nine World Titles. Trina was awarded the MBE to services to darts and charitable fund rasing.

Anastasia moved to the PDC late 2008 and played in a preliminary qualifying round for the Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship 2009. She lost to Dutchman Remco van Eijden 5 legs to 3. She also tried to qualify for the 2010 championship but failed. Anastasia moved back to the BDO late 2010 / early 2011 and in 2012 she won  BDO / WDF Ladies Worlds Darts Championship for a second time and then again title again in 2013.

On this site you will find a brief history of this intriguing sport along with all the information you will need to set up the dart board and organise darting events. You can also learn how boards are made using sisal (a material used in rope making) and how dart weights, lengths, shafts and flights can alter the flight of the dart.

The site also features traditional games played on todayís standard dartboards and UK city boards; Yorkshire, Manchester etc. You can download rules and many games from here as well as those all important checkouts. Calculate your dart average using the tables and above all learn how to improve your game. You will also find practise routines to improve your accuracy and scoring consistency as well as information about maintaining your dartboard and darts. There are also many dart related links to professional dart organisations, manufacturers, suppliers, professional dart players and other UK local dart leagues. My thanks go to them for their help and support in building this site.

I hope you enjoy the site your feedback is always welcome and if you like the site please in form others.

David King

Updated Pages - Players Nicknames & Walk-on Music

Dart Players Nicknames    

An increased amount of visitors have contacted me about players walk-on music and nicknames. Some of you have kindly supplied me with more information therefore I have updated both the players  nicknames and walk-on pages on this site. I hope to add a few more in the near future but in the meantime if you know anymore or if any player has since changed either their Nickname or walk-on please let me know via my contact page.

New To Darts501.mobi

Darts501.mobi - Dart Leg ScorerNew to Darts501.mobi - Darts Leg Scorer. I have now added a a leg scorer with prompted checkouts to the mobile version of this site. The .mobi version is a condensed version of Darts501.com. It lists many of the features of this site such as Games, Setup Up, Checkouts, Recourse information, World Champions Listings. Players nick names and Walk-on and now a useful scorer that many will find useful while playing darts in clubs and pubs that don't have a provide electronic score boards.

The new scorer lists previous scores and allows you to undo an impute you can select various games: 1,001, 701, 501 or 301 to play.

Darts501.mobi requires a smart phone with internet connection. Please remember you maybe charged data charges by your phone provider when browsing the internet mobile site.  I hope you will  find this addition useful.

Darts501.mobi - Mobile Darts Website

If you have a smart phone give it a try. For more information about the new mobile site click on the above banner.

Darts501.mobi will work on any iPhone, iPod touch or Android OS touch screen phone. Other smart phones with internet access can also view this new site. For iPhone users that chose to add to home screen there is also a Darts501 iPhone icon making it easier still to link straight back to the site as and when required.

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