New page and page updates 12/4/2019

Darts Quiz
Test your Darts Knowledge with this New Quiz

Darts Leg Scorer
New versions for Mobile and new bigger version for PC / iPad / Tablet

New page added to the Website Dartchery

Dartball (Baseball Darts)
New page added to the Website Dartball

Darts World Records
New page added to the Website Darts World Records

PDC Premier League 2019
PDC Premier League Results and League Table updated

WDDA & BBDA Disability Darts
BDDA Events added to BDO Calendar and Disability Darts Page 31/1/2019

PDC & BDO 2019 Calendar update
PDC 2019 Calendar Update now includes Word Darts Series Events 17/1/2019
BDO 2019 Calendar Update Events date changes, new events and some removed
Please Note. Disability Events still need to be confirmed. Listed evnts are based on 2018 so therefore may or may not be on. If I can't get these confirmed then I will remove all reference to these events to avoid any disappointment

World Champions
World Champions 2019 updates, BDO Titles updated 13/1/2019

Dart Terms
Added additional dart terms used in the past

New Games
I have added: Baseball, Football, Scam and Sudden Death added to the list of games. Plus updates to existing popular games.

Checkout Charts
You can now dowload the Darts501 Checkout Chart in English, Dutch, German, Russian, French and Spainish

‘01 Game Rules and Game Variations
Variations of the popular and current game ’01 including the NO bust rule!

Historic Regional Dartboards updated Jan 2019
Additional regional dartboards added, the Grimsby and the Kent Doubles board. Also look at the true sizes of the Lincoln and Irish Black

History of Dartboards
A look into the history of dartboards, were they really made from clay?

Royals at the Oche
Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly, the royal household has a long history with the famous pub sport of darts. Many have attended competitions and are avid supporters of darts. I bet you didn’t know William and Kate received a set of Martin Adam’s and Trina Gulliver MBE Darts as a belated Wedding present!

Separate PDC, BDO and BICC calendars
The Tournament calendar section is now in three parts. I hope this makes the calendars easier to view and print.

Myths and Facts about darts
More facts and myths about the sport of darts, some are just basic rules that you may have never thought about. Did you know you can use a dart 12 inches long (30cm)!

Players Nicknames and Walk-on
The ever-increasing list has made it a little harder to find. So now you can sort the lists by name, nickname tune. Every little helps! Futher additions and updates made 20th January 2019


Your Feedback is always welcome. I hope you like the new website.

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