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The Apps Every Darts Player Will Love

In the age of mobile technology, it is little surprise that there are a plethora of fantastic darts apps currently on the market. Whether you enjoy playing with friends and need a reliable scoring app, or even if you want to keep up to date with the latest scores and match action; as the old saying goes, there’s an app for that.

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the best apps every darts lover must have:


Score Darts

If you regularly play darts with friends or need a reliable scoring tool, so you don’t have to do the arithmetic, then look no further than ‘Score Darts’, the free darts scoring app that’s available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

Uniquely, the app boasts some great features including the built-in voice for match commentary that calls your name and scores as you play, and you can also select all sorts of different game types, whether you’re starting from score games of 101, 201, 301, 501, 701.

As a bonus to help you hone your skills, you can also challenge the ‘SmartBot’, an intelligent opponent who adjusts to compete with your new performance levels.


Darts501 Leg Scoring For PC, iOS, Android

Available for Free on the Darts501.com website is a mobile scoring program. It is not an app because an internet connection is required for the program to function. The leg scorer will allow you to select a game from 301, 501, 701, or 1,0001. You can even change the Player 1 and 2 names to reflect your own. The app will also prompt three-darts and two-dart out shots.

The Darts501 Leg Scorer is expandable in the form of a pop-up that is best suited for PC, iPad and other tablet use. However,  if you are using a mobile phone, you can always find the same app on the Darts501.mobi website, the ‘Dart Scorer


Darts Betting and Casino Games

Having a little wager on the action is synonymous with darts for most fans, and the good news is that as mobile betting and Casino games such as Baccarat have evolved. There are now more tables, casinos and games to choose from and ever before.

Over recent years many fans have turned to play online casino card games in the hope of beating the dealers’ odds. Learn the rules and play at the online table.

Learn how to count the Barracat points and when to play for additional cards, and when you should stick, and you could also be a winner!.


Baccarat - UFA 747


Darts Connect

Used by the PDC and others, the Darts Connect app allows you to follow live scoring. Fantastic to use when Q-School is in live play or any other behind closed doors event. The app also allows you to follow your favourite player and can be used for your own darts events.

The app also has a dedicated website and will also display stats that some dart fans love. You can switch between live boards or watch several matches that are in progress simultaneously. Works on PC, Tablet and Smartphones. It is worth a checkout!


King of Darts / Darts King

If you’re looking for a darts-related fix to keep you occupied when you’re bored then head to the Apple app store or Google Play store and download ‘King of Darts’ iOS / ‘Darts King’ Android, it is the fun darts gameplay app that promises endless hours of entertainment.

The app features many different gameplay modes, including classic darts, stage mode and practise-mode. What’s more, ‘King of Darts / Darts King ’ enables you to challenge your friends or other people around the world via multiplayer mode.

The app is available in 16 different languages, but if you do want to take on opponents from around the globe then ensure you have a reliable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


Darts501 Excel Scorers

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, then you can download several FREE excel inspired dart scoring programs. Each slightly different and some will give you the stats you may players look for in a dart scoring program.

The Excel Scorers are easy to download, install and use. It means you will always have a FREE darts scoring program with you to use. Head over to the Darts501.com Darts Scorer page to read more about the downloads and enjoy some darts fun.


Madhouse Darts Scorer

Originally designed for IOS iPhone 3,4,5,5S iPod and iPad the Madhouse Darts Score is a simple to use app for scoring darts games ranging from 301 – 901. It also has features to other games such as Cricket, Bermuda Triangle and Gotcha. It is an ideal app to have on your mobile and use while playing darts in a Pub or Club.
There are multiplayer options, or if you have no friends you can play against the Madhouse Darts Bot! The Bot is modelled on real-world players play.





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