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Darts World Records

Darts Record Breakers!

When it comes to World Records it seems that any bizarre or a variation on a theme seems acceptable.

Some people grow insanely long fingernails; some think having the heaviest number of live Bees on your body is a record worth having! While others achieve theirs by being the youngest, the oldest, the tallest, the fastest or to be the first to achieve a feat.

When it comes to darts there are lots of recognised records people have achieved, some will remain unbroken because they were the first to achieve the feat while others are likely to be beaten at some point in time.

For any record to be recognised it needs to be correctly recorded, witnessed and verified. So, if you are knowingly looking to attempt a new World record you will need to comply with rules set out by the Guinness World Records in order for the record to be recorded.

Below I have listed some of the recognised and current, (at the date of publication) records that have been achieved in the sport of darts.


The First to Achieve.

In some cases, the first to achieve a record usually cannot be broken. I say usually because there are clearly records that cannot be disputed while others are what could be known at the time of research. An example could be the first person to dive off Niagara Falls and live! A record may be accepted but later another claim could supersede their claim.

Here are some first to achieve records

World Champions

When it comes to Champions this can be considered ambiguous. Does any darts event that has the World in the title mean the winner is a world champion? Well no!
World Masters, World Matchplay the winners are not ‘World Champions’ by winning such an event, however, these tournaments are recognised in their own right.


Darts World Records The First World Champion(s)

Leighton ReesMen’s World Champion

In 1978 Leighton Rees from Wales became the first recognised World Champion in the Sport of darts. Prior to the World Champions being organised by the British Darts Organisation (BDO), other events were considered to have a similar title such as the ‘News of the World Individual Championships’. However, this event started as a local or regional event in the UK and expanded across the Country. Players winning this event could be considered as the best in the World but not ‘World Champion’

Leighton Rees beat John Lowe (MBE) in the final 11 -7 (legs) at the ‘Heart of the Midlands’ Nightclub in Nottingham to claim the title. The event was broadcast via the BBC was played in leg format not set format as per today.

Trina Gulliver (MBE)Women’s World Champion

The Women’s World Championship wasn’t conceived until 2001. Although Women’s international dart events and team matches were being played many years prior to 2001. it took an immense amount of time to convince the BDO to stage a Women’s event. The pressure was on for not only winning the title but also to perform well. The BDO feared if the ladies didn’t play well then, the first World Championship could also be the last.

The ladies, of course, played well and dart averages over the years clearly show they have some of the highest averages regardless of sex:

Trina Gulliver (MBE) because of the first World Champion. Trina beat Mandy Solomons 2-1 (sets) in the final. Trina went on to win the next six World Championships, i.e. seven in a row another record (to date). Trina also holds other records when it comes to the World Championships. To date (2019) Trina has won the title ten times and reached the final a total of twelve times.

PDC World Champion

Dennis Priestly


When the sixteen top dart professionals split from the BDO to form the World Darts Council (WDC), now known as the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) the first World Championship they formed in 1994 was not treated will the respect it now holds due to the lack of the depth of players the new Corporation held. Of the sixteen players that moved from the BDO World Championship, a number were former BDO World Champions This included the current BDO World Champion at the time ‘John Lowe’. However, it wasn’t John that won the first PDC World Championship or Eric Bristow (MBE), the first player to win five world titles and three World titles in a row.  The winner of the first event was Dennis Priestly.

Dennis Priestly, a former BDO World Champion, beat Phil Taylor 6-1 (sets) in the first PDC World Championship. Phil, as most people know, went on to dominate the darts scene during his career winning a total of sixteen World titles.



Darts World Records Nine Dart Legs

John Lowe (MBE)The main game played at dart tournaments is 501. Most events play the leg in the format of straight off, double finish meaning the score of 501 can be reduced from the first scoring dart wherever the dart lands on the dartboard but the leg must be concluded or finished on a double, the outer scoring segment of the dart board. i.e. 32 means a single dart in the double segment of the 16 wins the leg.

The older variation and still used in the PDC World Grand Prix.  The player must also start the leg on any double and finish on a double to achieve 501.

Regardless of format the least amount of darts to finish a leg is nine. The most common way for this feat is 180,180,141 or in the case of a double start 160,180,161.

As regards the first player to achieve this feat we can really only say the first person to achieve this on TV as it is difficult to obtain records that were witnessed in a way to be recognised.

John Lowe (MBE) was the first player to throw the ‘perfect’ leg. He achieved this feat at the MFI World Matchplay on the 13th October 1984, his opponent was Keith Dellar. John earned £102,000 for his achievement.

John threw 7 x treble 20, treble 15 followed by double 18

Believe it or not, there are 3,944 different ways of achieving a nine-dart leg of which 2,296 finish with the bullseye, 672 ends on Double 20, 792 on Double 18, 56 ends on Double 17, 120 ends on Double 15, and 8 ends on Double 12.

Arguably the hardest way is to hit 167 three times, Treble 20, Treble 19, Bullseye.

  • Paul Lim was the first player to hit a nine-dart leg in the 1990 BDO World Championships second round against Jack McKenna.
  • Shaun Greatbatch achieved the first live broadcast of a nine-dart finish in the Dutch Open Final against Steve Coote. Previous nine-dart legs had a delayed broadcast.
  • In 2002 at the PDC World Matchplay Phil Taylor achieved the first nine-dart leg to be broadcast on British TV, his opponent was Chris Mason.
  • Adrian Lewis was the first player to achieve a perfect nine-dart leg in a World Championship final. Adrian achieved this feat in the 2011 PDC World Darts Championship in the third leg against Gary Anderson.

A nine-dart leg is a holy grail for most dart players. I only came close once with a perfect eight darts 180,180, 60, 57 but missed the double 12. A nine-dart leg is hard to achieve and usually comes when a player is under pressure to perform at their best. Although I have had many back-to-back 180 starts the 141 has always been my nemesis, I have of course checked out 141 many times but not as part of a nine-dart leg.



Keith Dellar

Darts World Records Highest Dart Averages.

The highest average that can be scored playing 501 games is 167. This is the average for a perfect nine-dart leg. However, this is for a single leg. There are records for all tournaments as regards the who ‘currently’ holds the highest 3-dart average. Some also look at the first nine-darts thrown (known as the main scoring darts) as a separate average as well as double percentages (the number of darts thrown at a double vs the amount achieved).

For records, Keith Deller features in a few. Keith was the first player to achieve 100 average in a recognised tournament. Keith achieved this feat in the 1985 World Champions quarter-final. Keith also holds the record for the fastest 3 legs of 301 just 97 seconds. He also holds the record for the fastest single leg of 301, 36 seconds!

(I believe records cannot be inter linked. i.e. a runner runs 1500m he records the World fasted time. On his third lap he also records the fasted 400m! This is not taken as a separate 400m record but only as part of the 1500m total.)


Darts World Records Youth Highest Dart Average.

Leighton Bennett


Leighton Bennett ‘Boom Boom’

Highest Youth International Average ‘British Internationals 2019’

Following his Lakeside World Youth Championship success, Leighton recorded the highest average seen in International Darts for a Youth player. Aged just 13 and on his debut playing for England, Leighton achieved an average of 35.79 per dart (3 dart average 107.37) in a best of 5 leg match against Welsh youth player Sion Russell. Leighton won 3-0


View on YouTube


Darts World Records Oldest Player to Play for their Country

Paul Lim has a string of dart titles to his name in both soft-tip and steel-tip darts. He was also noted for his nine-dart leg in the BDO World Championship in 1990. Over the years Paul has played for more than one Country, the USA and Singapore. In June 2019 at the age of 65, Paul again played in the PDC World Cup of Darts for Singapore making him the oldest player to play for his Country in a darts competition at this time.


Darts World Records World Records

There are a lot of World Records relating to darts that are not related to professional darts. Some of these relate to dart marathons, most bullseyes in a given time; most scored within a set time, least darts used for marathon legs, 1,000,001 and 100,001 and some even more bizarre.

These are correct at the time of posting and if you want to try and better the records, I suggest you check with the Guinness World Records first to make sure your attempt will be recorded and to make sure the detail I have below is current and correct.


Darts World Records Bullseye's hit in one minute

James Wade holds the Official World record of hitting inner and outer Bullseyes in one minute. He hit 15 at the Motorpoint Arena on the 23rd September 2016


Darts World Records Bullseye hit from the furthest distance

The furthest distance a dart was thrown at and hit the bullseye on a standard dartboard is 6 m (19 ft 8.2 inches). This was achieved by Matthew Prouse (UK) in Reading, UK, on 30 April 2017.

This attempt took place to raise funds and awareness for child and adolescence mental health issues.


Darts World Records 1,000,001 in the least darts!

The least darts to score 1,000,001 by a team of eight men was 35,698

The team of eight included Mickey Mansell, Mickey Taggart, Felix McBrearty, Daryl Gurney, Campbell Jackson, Ronan McMahon, Eamonn McGovern and Thomas Stoga. They achieved the recognised feat at The Weigh Inn Bar in Omagh, UK, from 21 to 23 August 2010.

Included with claim were scoresheets for all darts thrown and video of the entire attempt.

The team averaged 28 per dart or 84 per throw


Darts World Records 100,001 in the least darts!

Chris Gray holds the current record for the least darts used to achieve this feat. Chris achieved 100,001 in 3,579 darts. Chris set the record at the Dolphin, Cromer, Norfolk on 27th April 1993.

For some extra guidance, Chris averaged 29.94 per dart or 83.82. A very good average over a long period of play, however, I am sure some of you may think you could better this!


Darts World Records The highest score in one hour

The highest darts score in one hour by a men's team (eight players) is 35,087

This was achieved by the Cork Darts Organisation (Ireland) at the St. Vincent's GAA Club in Cork, Ireland, on 20 March 2010. The team members who participated were Martin Cotter, Damian O'Driscoll, Steven Coveney, John O'Shea, Craig Sproat, Jason Kavanaugh, Kevin McDonnell, and James Corcoran.


Darts World Records Highest total score within 24 hours by a team of two

Why not apply to achieve this record?

  • This record is for the highest total score playing darts within 24 hours by a pair.
  • This record is to be attempted by a team of two.
  • The record is measured by the number of points scored.
  • For points to register the dart must enter and remain on the board in the scoring zone.
Sign-up Guinness World Records


There are lots of other dart records that I haven’t published. However, if you want to know more about Official Dart World Records please consult the Guinness World Records. Please do not send me your own darting achievements. If you have bettered any of the records listed above again please contact the Guinness World Records. If you can prove the record and it was conducted under the correct conditions for the record to stand then they will publish/record the record and issue you with a certificate to prove your record is a World beater.




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