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Darts Nickname Quiz


Darts Players Nicknames Quiz (sorry no prizes, just for fun!)

Virtually all professional dart players have a nickname. Some of the nicknames are based upon their surname’s, previous professions, a comment that a commentator may have made or names they give themselves as it may reflect their persona. It is also not uncommon for a player to change their name once or twice during their career, but usually, the ones they use or others may use are the ones they use for life.

This quiz is based on players nicknames. The players have at some point either played on the BDO, WDF and or PDC darts circuit. How many do you know?

In this update, I will now show you the answers that you may get wrong. After completing the quiz, click on ‘Check My Score and Show Results’. Questions you get correct will now be shown in GREEN the ones you get wrong will be shown in RED.

Detail correct at the time of publication 12th June 2020



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