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Darts Players Nicknames Quiz (sorry no prizes, just for fun!)

Virtually all professional dart players have a nickname. Some of the nicknames are based upon their surname’s, previous professions, a comment that a commentator may have made or names they give themselves as it may reflect their persona. It is also not uncommon for a player to change their name once or twice during their career, but usually, the ones they use or others may use are the ones they use for life.

This quiz is based on players nicknames. The players have at some point either played on the BDO, WDF and or PDC darts circuit. How many do you know?


Darts Quiz

Test Your Dart Players Nickname Knowledge

1) What is Adrian Lewis’s nickname? Hint players lost a small fortune, but gained a nickname in the proceeds!

Loads of Money   Jackpot   Casino Royal   The Bandit


2) Martin Adams nickname? This bearded BDO/WDF player has a massive following of fans you cord call them a pack!

The Dog   The Wolf   The Hound   Wolfie


3) Peter Wright has his nickname painted on his head! But some drink it! But what is it?

Vodka Shot   Martini   Snake Bite   Red Stripe


4) Trina Gulliver MBE. The blonde ten-time ladies World Champion indeed as a nickname fitting to her world title status.

Golden Girl   Midas Touch   Blonde Bombshell   Sexy Thing


5) Andy Fordham. This guy looks like he is about to invade and has a genuinely fitting nickname!

The Alien  The Viking   The Spcaeman   The Conquer


6) Simon Whitlock? The guy is just magic!

Merlin   The Wizard of Oz  Catweazle   The Sorcerer


7) Bredon Dolan. Famed for his nine-dart leg double start double finish!

009   Irish Stout  The History Maker  Follow That!


8) Ronny Baxter. Guy Fawkes, he isn’t, but some celebrate with these!

Banger   Gunpowder   The Rocket  The Fire Maker


9) Bill Lennard! Who you might say, well this one may test your knowledge famed for beating Leighton Rees in the 1975-76 News of the World Championships Final?

Billy Bunter  Len   Mr Consistency  William Tell


10) Joe Cullen. This man likes the stage!

Rock Star  Limelight   Final Curtain  Encore


11) Scot Mitchell. I think this guy may need a walk!

Thunderbird  Farmer  Scotty Dog  The Big Guy


12) Larry Butler. The USA champ takes his name from something that flies!

The Raven  The Bald Eagle  Robin   Albatross


13) Eric Bristow. This Former World Champion who is sadly missed gained his name from a pub

The Gravy Boat  Robin Hood  The Black Bull  The Crafty Cockney


14) Mensur Soljovic. Mensur also took his nickname from a pub he owned. He later sold it to another player!

Last Orders   The Arrow   The Gentle  The Pirate


15) Phil Taylor. Phil is one of those players that changed his nickname. Sid Waddle might have gained the credit for this one!

Eye of the Tigar  The Power  Electric  The Flash


16) Les Wallace. This famed Scotsman could hardly miss when he won the 1997 BDO World Championship.

McScotty  Les Ness  Black Watch  Mc Danger


17) Benito van de Pas. This players nickname may ring a bell with you and being very tall he towers over the proceedings!

The Light House  Big Ben  The Shard  Mont Blanc


18) Lisa Ashton. The four-time BDO Ladies World Champion as per 2020 is sometimes referred to as Rose?

The English Rose  The Yorkshire Rose  The Lancashire Rose  The Tudor Rose


19) Steve Hine. His bakes always past the test!

The Cake Man   The Muffin Man  The Gingerbread Man The Baker


20) Ryan Searle. Tungsten it isn’t, but this guy likes his music!

Drummer Boy   Soul Man  Rocker  Heavy Metal


21) Wesley Harms. This guy could be handy around the house, and he can undoubtedly plug a double or two!

The Cleaner   Sparky   The Decorator  The Chef


22) Ricky Evans. This fast player needs slow motion to watch him play!

Rapid   Shooter   Lighting   Blink!


23) Peter Manley. The man in pink, doubles were his speciality!

The Flamingo   Pink Panther   One Dart  Peter Pan Double


24) Ted Hanky. His bite might make your sleep all day!

The Poisen Apple  Mickey Finn  Dracula   The Count


25) Rob Cross. You just might get a shock if you touch this one

Electric   Voltage   180 Watts  DC Current


26) Nathen Aspinall. Cleopatra kept these but one bite, and you will be history!

The Scorpion  The Viper  The Asp  Redback


27) Mark Frost. This guy seems a bit cold!

Frosty the Throw Man  'Jack'   Iceman   Mr Frosty


28) Michael Smith. You could say he is not the type of person you would like to see at school!

Brains   Straight 'A'rrows  Tucker  Bully Boy


29) Martin Schindler. He could have got his nickname straight from a Pink Floyd Album!

Meddle   Dark Side  The Wall  Prism


30) Mark McGeeney. This guy is set for the Arena

The Lion  The Clown  Gladiator  High Wire


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