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World Series of Darts - New York

World Series of Darts - New York

It has been a very long time coming. However, New York should finally get to host the PDC’s World Series of Darts tournament after a long two-year wait due to unforeseen world issues and beyond the control of anybody involved.


New York is set to host the World Series of Darts… Finally

Indeed, New York was initially supposed to host the two-day tournament back on June 5-6, 2020, at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. However, it had to be rescheduled for a year later in which it was initially set to be played on June 4-5, 2021. As we know, that was not possible, so now we are all hoping that we will be able to see the competition finally take place in the ‘Big Apple’ on Friday, June 3, 2022, and Saturday, June 4, 2022.

The PDC competition will come to New York for the first time in its history when it finally gets played, though, as the destination took over from Las Vegas, Nevada. It is not the only new location on the list, with Australian cities Wollongong and Townsville replacing Melbourne and Brisbane respectively.

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World Series Darts New York


What makes the PDC World Series so interesting?

The World Series of Darts is a series of dart competitions promoted by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The Darts Series takes place in several countries to promote the sport and increase its appeal with fans around the globe.

The competition is traditionally played annually. It features several local qualifiers and a selection of the PDC elite in a straight knockout competition. It allows the local players the chance to play the world best, thus giving them the chance to test themselves and perhaps see if they have what it takes to become a leading player in the world game in the future.

The PDC World Series of Darts initially launched in 2013 and saw the organization send eight of its top players to Dubai and Sydney to help spread awareness of the sport to a more global audience. Since then, the competition has continued to grow, and more destinations have been added, with places like New York has become a new addition to the calendar.


What does the current schedule look like?

The current schedule of this edition of the competition looks like the following:

June 3-4 - U.S. Darts Masters - New York
August 12-13 - Queensland Darts Masters - Townsville
August 19-20 - New South Wales Darts Masters - Wollongong
August 26-27 - New Zealand Darts Masters - Hamilton
September 16 -18 - World Series of Darts Finals - Amsterdam

For the competition that will take place in New York, the event is scheduled to take place over a two-day period, with June 3 / 4 the dates to have been pencilled in at the world-famous Madison Square Gardens venue, providing there are no more unforeseeable setbacks to be experienced.

The order of play looks like this:

Friday, June 3, 2022
7:00 pm – U.S. Darts Masters (First Round)

Saturday, June 4, 2022
7:30 pm – U.S. Darts Masters (Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Finals)

The First Round on Friday will see 16 players compete against each other, with eight of the best from the PDC’s world rankings going up against eight local talents, which will be Americans. The Americans that will be involved will have a great opportunity of making a name for themselves, including building a reputation that could help propel their darts careers in a way that they may not find is possible within the United States.


Who will be competing at the World Series of Darts - New York?

The line-up for each of the World Series of Darts competitions will be different from each other due to the local players involved via the PDC's invitation. However, we can expect to see some or all of the following eight professionals who are ranked amongst the highest by the PDC Order of Merit. Fallon Sherrock may also take the oche as the first and only lady to beat her male counterpart in the PDC World Darts Championships. The New York World Series is set to be one of the highlights of the series tour.

Gary Anderson
Nathan Aspinall
Rob Cross
Daryl Gurney
Gerwyn Price
Fallon Sherrock
Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen


Indeed, these names are amongst the biggest to currently be competing in the PDC and will be players that darts fans across the Atlantic will only be too excited to watch up close and personal in New York this summer.

Peter Wright is the current 2022 PDC World Champion after winning the flagship competition at the Alexandra Palace in January 2022. He will be a huge attraction, as will Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson.

Dart fans who like entertainers will also enjoy seeing Gerwyn Price take to the oche. Whilst Fallon Sherrock will be a positive addition that many will be looking forward to seeing. Fallon continues to positively impact the sport as a female competitor that has been able to challenge some of the best males on the circuit in recent memory.







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