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What can you bet on in a darts game besides the overall winner?


What can you bet on in a darts game besides the overall winner?

As the internet has brought astonishing technological advances in the past 20 years, it has given new dimensions to industries that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Shopping has gone from the high street to online stores, creating a seismic shift in the market. Travel agents have almost become extinct due to online options. Television channels have gone from solely available on television sets to many online streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ have taken a lot of viewership from television stations and video rental shops, such as Blockbuster, which went from a multibillion-dollar company in the early 21st century to ceasing operations entirely in 2014.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty more. Most service industries could point to parts of their markets that have become entirely digital or are at least on their way to operating entirely online.

The online boom certainly applies to the gambling industry. It is an industry that has seen an incredible surge in popularity. From the casino floor or the betting shop to 24/7 online gaming, customer numbers and profit margins have exploded. This is undoubtedly the case for sports like darts, which enjoyed a modest revenue stream in previous years. It is now a sport that generates serious profits and viewership. This has translated into more betting market choices, which you can get from BestOdds.com.

Not only can you bet on the overall winner, but there’s also a multitude of markets you can take advantage of if you spot an option that catches your eye. Whether it’s the first player to hit a 180 or a bullseye, there are markets within those markets. For example, you can bet on how many 180’s a player will get in a specific game – or who will have the most or least. You can also place a wager on which player will hit the most bullseyes in the match.

There’s a packed darts calendar all year round, so finding games or tournaments to have a flutter on isn’t going to be that much of a challenge. There are also plenty of handicap markets you can bet on, as well as which player will have the highest checkout.

Handicap betting is a way for bookmakers to make a darts match or darts betting market more balanced in terms of the prices they offer. This type of bet is generally used when one player is of a far higher calibre, which is reflected in short odds to win. This is counteracted by a handicap bet, similar to how it’s used for horses in horse racing.

In horse racing, for example, a better horse will carry heavier weights to slow them down more. This will then reflect in the betting odds as the race becomes more even. A player may start with a +2 handicap in darts, so they need to win the match by at least two clear games for the bet to pay out. This will be reflected in the odds and a handicap betting market.


Darts Televison broadcasters and streaming


Darts also enjoys wide coverage on mainstream international television channels, allowing customers access to the events that will guide them towards gambling in these markets. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a handicapped market or any of the others we have touched on – this is just the start when finding darts markets you can gamble on. You can even bet on markets such as the final leg winning double colour, red or green, or the total legs played in the match.

With the expansion into digital territory, innovation has followed close behind. You can now bet on virtual darts games, which allow the customer to wager on all of the same types of markets but in a virtual realm. Virtual sports gambling isn’t necessarily a new industry, but the internet has transformed it. It is key to note that this is not just limited to darts – you can also gamble on football, horse racing, tennis and basketball.

Suffice to say, as the market for darts gambling expands into fresh territory, it is likely that new markets will follow suit. Darts is a game that has moved with the times and now has a lot of crowd involvement, music and props to turn it into more of a night out – encouraging large groups of people to go and let their hair down. If the gambling markets continue to evolve in the same manner as the game itself, the industry should continue to enjoy its success for many years.





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