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Tips to Make Money Betting on Darts


Tips to Make Money Betting on Darts

Darts has quickly evolved from a pub entertainment activity to a functioning sport worth betting on. Now the sport has professional players from all over the world competing for top titles. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is responsible for some of the biggest tournaments like the Grand Slam Darts, where the best players fight for bragging rights. With darts growing in popularity, more betting websites are offering it as a gambling market. As with any other sports betting market, making money betting off darts is not guaranteed. Punters must know how to find value in darts betting, and the tips in this article can help a great deal.


Learn About Betting Markets

Punters must choose darts markets carefully if they are to bet successfully. The sport has a nice selection of markets, with the options varying from one bookmaker to the next. Match betting is the most popular where bettors wager on the player that is going to win. Draw markets are available as well in darts leagues. Sportsbooks also offer correct scores for set and leg tournaments. You can also bet on the player to hit the most 180s. Outright markets for big events like the PDC World Championship are usually offered months in advance. As events get closer, bettors can wager on individual matches. With a guide to darts betting, you can learn about the markets that offer good value so that you can pick the most suitable one.


Choose the Right Events

Similar to other sports, darts has some events that are more lucrative than others. For that reason, these options are readily available at online betting sites. The more prestigious an event is, the more competitive it is, meaning that it will have high calibre players competing. Sportsbooks consider the popularity of events when providing odds. So, if you want to make good money gambling on darts, you have to choose competitions wisely. Held during the Christmas season, the PDC World Championship is the biggest annual events in darts. Premier League Darts, which has events all over the UK and usually Europe from February to May, is the most suitable for outright bets. Punters also have a host of other top tournaments like the German, US and Shanghai Darts Masters, World Matchplay and UK Open. Don't just focus on big-name competitions, though. Although it might be hard to find odds for smaller tournaments, they can be worthwhile.


Consider the Short Format

In darts, a majority of competitions take place in match play format, a series of legs. In such tournaments, you will find that the format crowns a winner on a best-of basis. For example, in the best of 19, the player that wins 10 legs first takes the prize money. This long-form format usually works better for favourites and, so is common with bettors. In such a competition, seasoned players have an opportunity to settle into their game. Therefore, even if they don't do well in the early stages, they can catch up. The short-form format has its advantages too. You can get good profits for betting on underdogs at attractive prices. With the short format, upsets are common because favourites have fewer chances to recover if they lose in the early stages.


Do Your Due Diligence

Before betting on any market, do the homework. Learning about darts can seem daunting, especially for a complete beginner. Nonetheless, you still need to familiarise yourself with the game. First of all, understand how player form affects performance. Darts is a mental game, and the performance of a player can change over time. When analysing your markets, take the time to look at the participants. Tips and predictions are just as crucial in darts as in any other sport. Find sites with expert tipsters for the best darts tips and leverage statistics. Although they might not be everything, numbers help a great deal. They will help you to find value in different markets. Data shows you how different players function at various competitions. You can tell if a player struggles in specific tournaments.

Betting on darts can be profitable if you do it right. The sport has become a popular offering on online bookmakers, and punters can get good value from their investments. With the tips above and other smart betting techniques, you can maximise profits from darts betting. Ensure that you find suitable regulated gambling sites that offer betting markets legally.






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