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The Rise of Betting Apps in the UK


The Rise of Betting Apps in the UK.

In all parts of the world, the betting industry has faced jurisdictional challenges for years. There are strict regulations in most parts of the world, and betting is still illegal in some countries.

However, the industry is booming despite all the challenges it has been through. In the UK, betting apps are quickly shaping betting habits and preferences. As more industry big-shots come up with apps for mobile devices, the market is becoming even more lucrative. 


The UK’s Mobile Consumer

The increased take-up of smartphones has transformed virtually all industries. In the UK, smartphone penetration has hit an impressive 60 per cent. More than eight 25–34-year-olds now own smartphones, and half of them have tablets. Sixteen per cent have used these devices to place bets online.

Mobile apps give opportunities to existing players and make it easy for new ones to get into the betting world. They encourage existing players to make more spontaneous betting decisions.

Consumers who may not have gone to land-based casinos and betting shops can now bet on mobile devices.

It is more discrete and may fit well with most punters’ lifestyles. People seem to have a better attitude towards betting apps than traditional betting options. This has helped bookies diversify their market. In October 2013, for example, William Hill reported that mobile wagering on their sportsbook had increased by 115 percent. The net revenue from mobile gaming went up 126 percent.

In the same year, Paddy Power announced that almost two-thirds of its revenue was from mobile transactions. Although the shift to the mobile world hasn’t been very quick in this industry, it is undeniable.


The Shift to Mobile Betting

The shift to online betting is one of the most significant contributors of growth for the UK gambling industry. The transition has been happening gradually, and its results are now obvious.

Betting apps UK include Casumo, PariMatch, NetBet, and William Hill. These brands have some of the best-rated apps online. In the past, people had to visit traditional gaming parlours, poker rooms, and casinos to place their wagers.

When online casinos were first introduced, players had to open casino websites to place a bet on their computers. However, things have changed a lot. Even though land-based casinos are still present, most people now prefer to place bets on their mobile devices.

They are faster and more convenient. The growth of the internet and the increasing popularity of smartphones means almost anyone can access their favourite casino on betting apps.


Mobile Betting Revenue Has Increased

Many bookmakers around the world are now dedicated to creating mobile betting apps. Those in the UK aren’t left behind either. In fact, most of the leading bookmakers in the UK now have apps for Android and iOS to match their web versions.

Punters are going mobile because of their unique benefits. Most betting lovers in the UK are young. They are comfortable with technology and want opportunities to use it in all aspects of their lives.

The United States is an excellent example of how mobile betting has taken over the industry. According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association studies, 82.5 per cent of sports betting revenue in New Jersey is from online and mobile sports betting. The state has some of the highest sports betting revenue in the United States. 

Experts predict that mobile betting will be so dominant that it will take over the world of sports betting in the future. It could make up to 72 per cent of the total bets volume.

Modern consumers prioritize comfort and convenience. This is not only true in the United States but in the UK as well. 


Mobile Betting to Keep Gaining Popularity

Mobile betting keeps braving odds like increased regulation, restrictions on FOBT stake sizes, and the pandemic. As UK sportsbooks struggle to recoup lost revenue in land-based casinos, online gambling markets continue to thrive. When most sports leagues had to be shut down because of the pandemic, people turned to online sites.

Most bookies realized that it was essential to diversify their gambling products and betting markets. They started offering eSports, new casino entertainment, and virtual sports. Punters had more reasons to explore the online gambling world. Those looking to take convenience to the next level opted for mobile casinos.

Betting apps can only become more popular as more punters now prefer remote gambling. Mobile betting is doing well even after COVID-related shutdowns have been lifted, and the trend will continue.


The Future of the UK’s Remote Betting

Looking into the future, there is one main question. Will the POC tax influence the cost of betting products for consumers? The UK government implemented a 15 per cent tax on all gross profits from gaming companies with UK customers. The tax applies even to companies that aren’t actually based in the UK.

Will operators leave this extra cost to their consumers, or will they find creative ways to make up for it? Since operators are trying to remain competitive, they are unlikely to pass on the extra cost to their consumers.

The chances are that they’ll maintain their regular prices to keep customers happy and maintain their market share. However, this may only be true for big operators. Smaller operators may have trouble affording it. They may have to adjust their odds and prices. If this happens, remote betting in the UK may suffer a decline.


What to Focus On In The Future 

In the future, UK mobile betting providers would be wise to keep focusing on innovative mobile products, high quality, and marketing on social media platforms.

Although mobile betting apps in the UK are rising now, there will be significant changes in the next five years. Bigger and fewer players may dominate the industry. This may reduce competition and affect player experiences on these apps.

Even though operators must continue to pursue customer acquisition, retention, and profitability, they also need to create solid relationships and focus on marketing. As more mobile betting apps come up, customers expect more. Operators that cannot compete effectively may be pushed out. 





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