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PDC World Series of Darts


PDC World Series of Darts

The PDC World Series of Darts is one of the PDC's non-raking darts events and is designed to showcase top-quality darts in countries where the sport is just gaining a foothold.

First started in 2015, the World Series consisted of just two events. Its immediate success meant more events quickly followed, stretching the Series over more countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and the USA. The Series has visited Las Vegas and the Madison Square Gardens in New York.

The Series consists of a mixture of the top-ranked PDC players playing against local qualifiers in a straight knockout contest. Since 2015, annual finals have been held in different global locations, from Glasgow, Vienna, and in 2022, Amsterdam. Live TV and live streaming of the Series can be viewed on free-to-air TV channels such as ITV Sport / ITV4 in the UK, various other global channels, and the PDCTV's streaming channel.

Although not a ranking event, there is still a lot of prize money to compete for and, of course, the pride of the local nation's competitors. It isn't the case that the elite PDC players have it all their own way, as many upsets have occurred. The odds can also be misleading as the home-grown players will be unseeded and expected to lose. Hence the more favourable odds tend to lie with the qualifiers. If you like to bet on sport, particularly on darts, look at Betting Sites UK to see new opportunities and different sites with bonus offers for new players.

In recent years, the PDC has also showcased Fallon Sherrock, the 'Queen of the Palace', in several World Series events. Fallon became the first lady to win two rounds at the PDC World Darts Championships, making global headlines and placing women's darts firmly on the map. Her achievement has helped expand the sport to a new demographic and attracting more women and sponsors to the sport. Fallon has yet to win a PDC tour card, unlike Lisa Ashton, who gained the first ladies tour card in 2020 but couldn't retain it due to other tour card holders' higher standard of play.

Following Fallon's success in the World Champions and reaching a semi-final in one of the World Series events, the PDC expanded their reach into women's darts. Now a Women's Series features twenty yearly events and is now part of the PDC darts features. The top two women, by order of merit, qualify for the PDC World Champions and the Top eight to the newly formed PDC World Matchplay.

The World Series has showcased darts and given the qualifiers a taste of the heights they may need to reach to perform successfully on the World Stage. Qualifying players found these mini-tournaments beneficial as they have gained, in some cases, their first taste of playing darts on TV in front of millions of viewers and thousands that turn up to watch. Some players have also used the world series as a platform and have gone on to become one of the top players on the PDC circuit. Damon Heta is a prime example as he recently teamed up with Simon Whitlock to win the 2022 World Cup of Darts for Australia. However, the draw of the World Series will always be the big names and seeded players.

Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, James Wade, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson and in the past, the former sixteen-time World Darts Champion Phil Taylor have showcased the World Series events. Although the World Series is a non-ranking, that doesn't stop any of the players from wanting to win. Their performance also matters as the best are invited to a World Series final with a chance for them to earn more money and become a World Series champion.


Former World Series Champions








2021 Jonny Clayton 11 - 6 Dimitri van den Bergh
2020 Gerwyn Price 11 - 9 Rob Cross
2019 Michael van Gerwen 11 - 2 Danny Noppert
2018 James Wade 11 - 10 Michael Smith
2017 Michael van Gerwen 11 - 6 Gary Anderson
2016 Michael van Gerwen 11 - 9 Peter Wright
2015 Michael van Gerwen 11 - 10 Peter Wright





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