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Online Slot Machine Laws & Changes in 2021


Online Slot Machines Laws & Changes in 2021

Online slot games like Fishin Frenzy Megaways are undeniably characterized by excitement and fun. However, in further to that, for moderation and continuity sake, and to ensure that players of slots games online would be protected and exercise control, strict measured was introduced to that effect.


The Laws, Changes, and Why

In line with the above, a forum with different stakeholders took place for establishing new laws and changes, a protection measure intended to make slot games less thorough and to hand over control to players on their gambling and gaming.

Much attention is given to online slots due to the fact that their features create much gameplay intensity and risks to players. However, according to the Gambling Commission, most players have suffered losses in the hands of slot games when it comes to online gambling. Further to that is also the fact that the slot feature has worriedly made players lose control over their play. Hence, the introduction of these new measures is saddled to ensure that the addictive character of the game is being controlled and that the players are given more control over their playing time and spending.

Further to that, protection that covers identification verification, an interaction system, and eradication of credit cards used for gambling is part of the new rules that the Commission designed carefully to ensure a good and harmless gambling experience.


The New Law

The new laws to be introduced will ban some features attached to online slot games.

    1. The law will ban a feature that hurries the play of the game and, as such, deceives players that they have control.
    2. The law will ban 2.5 seconds speeds.
    3. The law will ban Autoplay, which discontinues the player games. Using Autoplay has made players unable to continue their play. Players also find it tough to stop playing, which hinders them from simultaneously exploring other gambling platforms.
    4. The law will ban the deception of a win that sounds and imageries give.


The New Change

  • The operator would exhibit transparency towards the players regarding their losses and wins. Some operators are dishonest and disguise a loss as a win. This will be banned.
  • Reverse withdrawal will also be ban. It is a tricky operation such that it gives players opportunities to re-gamble with money placed on a withdrawal request. According to the Commission, there is a risk presented to players’ ability to exercise control by the reversal withdrawal feature. It trickily tempts the players to continue gambling.


Implementation Date

These laws, protections, and changes announced would take effect or be implemented by online operators by the 31st of October 2021.



Upon the facts and shreds of evidence gathered above, the move for new rules and changes for online slots in 2021 resulted from the growing concerns around slot games and their harmful features on players. Hence, the new rules and changes were well-thought-out and could be appropriate enough to protect players, reduce the harm associated with gambling, and transfer control to players.






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