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How to Succeed in Darts Betting?


How to Succeed in Darts Betting?

Darts betting has grown in popularity over the previous decade and is now recognized as an interesting sport to wager on, with tournaments taking place all year. So, how does a darts match work, what darts markets and contests are accessible, and how can you find value in darts odds? Everything is covered in our darts betting guide.


How is a Professional Darts Match Played?

Two players take turns throwing three darts at a dartboard to score points in most professional darts matches.

The dartboard is divided into 20 radial portions that signify points ranging from one to twenty, as well as two 'rings' that double or triple the points scored if the dart lands in them. The bullseye is in the centre of the dartboard, with the inner bullseye worth 50 points and the outer bullseye earning 25.

The 501 scoring system is used in the great majority of professional darts tournaments. Players battle against one another to reduce their score from 501 to zero, typically finishing on the double.



Darts tournaments are usually played in one of two formats: legs-based, Matchplay, or sets-based, as in the World Championships.

Tournament matches played in legs-based formats are to the best of a predetermined number of legs. For example, the first player to win three legs is victorious if a match is over the best of five legs.

In set-based competitions, players must win a particular number of legs (usually three) to win the set. They then need to win the majority of the remaining sets to win the match.

Some tournaments also have an additional rule for winning a match, such as winning by two clear legs or two clear legs in a final decider.


Basic Dart Betting

Now that you understand the format of how a dart match and tournament are played, you can venture into sports betting. If you are completely new to the topic, it might be advised to check out a sports betting guide to learn the basics. You can read this guide to learn more about betting and find the best sports betting sites.

As in other sports, you can typically find all the betting markets for dart formats. Live betting, where you bet on live happenings during a match, is available at the biggest bookmakers, while more long-term options are available at most betting sites. Some popular markets are:


  • Money line - Who will win the match?
  • Outright bets - Who will win a tournament or other competitions?
  • Leg or set handicap - A player will have a leg or set handicap, evening out the odds when a strong player plays against a weaker one.
  • Over/Under leg or set - Will a player reach more or less than a certain amount of legs or sets in a match?


How to Succeed with Dart Bets?

Naturally, determining the likelihood of a player winning a match, and thus whether the betting market has over or undervalued them, is an important aspect of darts betting.

Below we have picked three top tips that will help you succeed with your dart bets and identify the best value of the odds.


Do Your Research

One of the best betting tips valid for all types of bets is research. Spending a few minutes learning about the players can give you valuable information that the bookmaker might have missed.

Besides checking recent dart news, a keen eye on the rankings can be crucial. Most darts tournaments have players ranked and/or seeded based on their current position in the PDC Order of Merit. This is the darts equivalent of world rankings, and it ranks players based on prize money won in the previous two years.

As a result, it can provide an immediate indication of who the strongest players are among the field entering a tournament and thus likely to reach the later stages, especially given that those higher up the rankings are frequently rewarded with easier draws in the early rounds.


Check the Player's Checkout Percentage

Keep in mind that someone who consistently achieves big checkouts and three-dart finishes. It is also critical to examine a player's checkout percentage or how frequently they achieve the required score to win a leg when given the opportunity.

While a player's checkout percentages may fluctuate from match to match, consistently low figures suggest that they are prone to miss pressure shots and allowing their opponents to catch up within a leg when they should be capitalizing on their lead.

On the other hand, a player with consistently high checkout percentages could be someone capable of piling on the pressure on opponents, especially one who is expected to win but then underperforms on the night.


Take the match format into consideration

The match or tournament format might impact the outcome of the game. Especially the length of a darts match can influence the outcome. Longer matches benefit the favourite because more legs or sets are available to catch up if they fall behind. Shorter matches tend to favour the underdog and produce more upsets.

To win a best-of-seven leg match, a player must win four out of the seven legs.
If a player is throwing second in a match, this will also mean that with have to break/win against their opponent's throw.






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