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How to Bet on Darts?


How to Bet on Darts?

The Beauty of Darts

Darts popularity has grown in recent years and is the second-highest sport watched on Sky Sports TV and is one of the top sports enjoyed worldwide. Placing bets on individual games, high checkouts, and overall tournament winners can add to the excitement, especially when betting on the best players in the world that participate on the PDC tournament circuit. The jewel in the crown is the PDC  World Darts Championships played over Christmas and New Year at the Alexandra Palace, London, where approximately 100 players all dream of becoming the next world champion

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The Basic Game Rules of Darts

Competition darts usually take the form of legs or sets. A set can be a best of 3 or five legs. The world Darts Championships uses the set format, while most other professional tournaments use a best or X legs increasing after each round. This format is known as match play.

A leg of darts starts at 501 points and is reduced by the player's score. A throw consists of three darts. The object of the game is to score 501 points exactly before your opponent. The player, however, must finish the leg on a double or centre bullseye that also counts as a double, in this case, double outer-bull, 50 points. The winner is the player with the most legs/sets won.

The dartboard is made from sisal, fibrous plant material that is also used to make rope. The dartboard consists of eighty-two individual scoring segments ranging from 1-20, plus double, treble, the outer bullseye and the inner bullseye. The highest scoring area is the treble twenty, which is the main focus for most players trying to achieve high scores.  A score of 180! Three darts in the treble twenty are also sometimes referred to as a maximum. Some fans also like to bet on the most 180s hit in a match.


Betting on Darts

Punters love betting on darts as the game can change mid-game. Unlike football, rugby, tennis or golf, darts can turn in an instant. A slow starter my lose the first few legs only to come thundering back to win. A large checkout or a missed double can change the fortunes and outcome of a game.

Different types of bets can be made according to the bettor's knowledge and how well they understand betting techniques and the players. The most popular types of bets are detailed below.


Match Betting:

Match betting is the simplest type of bet. The most typical betting on a winner, the difference in match legs, and the overall tournament winner. In some cases, bets are made on the number of 180s hit within a match. The highest checkout or indeed a nine-dart finish.


Over/Under Betting:

There are different options for over/under betting, including the minimum number of sets played. A good example is betting on Over 4.5 sets. If the match reaches five sets, the bettor is a winner. If the match is over in four sets, the bet is lost.


King of the Oche:

This is one of the more exciting bets. Bets are placed according to who the winner of the match is believed to be, the most 180s, and the top checkout. This is generally a favourite bet due to the big odds attached.


Outright Betting:

The most straightforward type of bet is called outright betting. The bet is placed on which person wins the final tournament.


Handicap Betting:

Handicap betting is offered in several sports, including darts. The better selects a specific player and handicap for the match. If the player wins with the right score, the bet is successful.


The number of 180s:

The most points any player can earn using three darts is 180. This bet is placed according to how many 180s or maximums are thrown by the player.


Most Popular Large-Scale Dart Tournaments

The two main dart tournaments are the PDC World Darts Championship and the Unibet Premier League of Darts. The PDC World Darts Championship is a major international darts tournament. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is responsible for organising the tournament. Every year, this tournament is played in December and again in January and is currently held in London at the Alexandra Palace. The best dart players from across the globe qualify to participate.

Darts fans worldwide make a pilgrimage to the Place to watch the live World Darts championships and typically support their local heroes. Upsets in this tournament always tend to happen, and the seeded players are not always the ones that come out on top.

The Premier League of Darts is also very popular, and some of the biggest venues are filled with dart fans. 10,000 plus is not uncommon, and one German event had over 20,0000 fans attend. The Premier League competition begins in February and concludes in May, played weekly in venues usually over the UK and several European stadiums.

Here are some of the other popular PDC  events that can also be viewed on TV:

  •  UK Open
  •  Champions League of Darts
  •  World Grand Prix
  •  Players Championship
  •  Masters
  •  World Matchplay
  •  European Championship
  •  Grand Slam of Darts
  •  World Cup of Darts

All of these tournaments are individual player competitions, with the only exception the World Cup of Darts. The majority are straight knockouts, but some, including the Grand Slam, have a round-robin element.


Dart Betting Tips

Respecting the Short Format

When the format is longer in nearly any sport, the chance of upset decreases. In most cases, the player or team with the most skill will win the match or tournament. When placing bets on darts, the shortest format available for bets is the best of nine. Due to the much shorter format, smart betters are watching for potential upsets. This is especially true for matches offering short-odds favourites.

What is unique is there is very little difference between the odds for a longer format game featuring the same two players as a short format darts match. Although the better player generally wins a contest with a longer format, this is not necessarily true for the best of nine matches.


The Value of Most 180s Markets

Experienced betters with a good understanding of darts often avoid the most 180s favourite. Even if the favourite has the most 180s, they may not be the winner of the match. One of the best methods to make profits regularly is to bet on the underdog. Before deciding which player is the better bet, the number of legs in the match should be considered.


Following Every Event

In addition to major competitions, there are a lot of small free dart events. In the PDC, these are known as the player's Championships and are not televised except for the finals. Darts fans can, however,  watch these events via PDCTV live broadcast via subscription.

The Players Championship rounds have an impact on the tour ranking points for the players. The best way to keep up is by following a darts analysis site or the official PDC website. The last major tournament televised is not nearly as good as the most current darts event. Although there is no way to guarantee any bet will be the winner, the odds improve significantly when well-informed.






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