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How Darts Has Become an International Favourite

How Darts Has Become an International Favourite


Darts has risen from the ashes like a phoenix in recent years to become one of the UK’s most popular niche sports. While the field is dominated by football, rugby and cricket, darts has carved out its own lane as many people’s second or third sport. One of the reasons for this is the excitement of the spectacle, which makes darts perfect for fans who enjoy sports betting. Sites like Bet365, which offer free bets, bonus codes and sign up offers through oddschecker, provide extensive darts markets from single match winners to tournament predictions. These sites also feature analysis, previews and statistics for the biggest darts events, which has helped attract fans who may have already been using these sites for other sports.

There are many other factors that have increased the popularity of darts in recent years, both in terms of live event attendance and TV viewership. Darts events are now commonly used as the setting for stag/hen parties, birthdays and nights out amongst groups of friends. Here are some more of the factors that have boosted darts’ profile.




Dart’s scheduling has been an important part of the sport’s recent rise. The fact that it is commonly played in pubs and bars has led to darts competitions being staged in the late afternoons and evenings, which makes it perfect for fans who wish to watch in their free time. The evening schedule means that weeknight fixtures can still be enjoyed by the masses, in contrast with snooker, a comparable sport that often holds major events during the daytime. Additionally, weekend evening fixtures slot in perfectly after Premier League and EFL football matches, perfect for sports fans who plan on staying in after watching their teams in the Saturday 3 pm kickoffs. TV channels like Sky Sports, which shows both football and darts, use their visibility among football fans to advertise darts and increase its viewership.


The internet


The internet has also played a huge role in the sudden increase in darts fans, particularly among younger adults. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have helped popularise darts expressions like “180!” and “bullseye”, which has helped attract more viewers to the sport. Official pages for the PDC and other darts organisations have helped encourage conversation about the sport outside of live events through facts, interviews and “throwback” historical content, keeping the sport fresh in people’s minds.

The increased visibility that the internet has brought to darts has also led to the emergence of more eccentric stars who aren’t afraid to showcase their personalities. South African player Devon Petersen is a great example, with footage of his pop-locking dance entrances often going viral on social media. These characters have helped transcend the sport and taken it to a broader audience.


How Darts Has Become an International Favourite - Devon Peterson




The resurgence of darts is not only down to the strides made on the professional scene. Amateur player totals have been steadily rising thanks to the increasing number of pubs offering the chance to polish their skills. While darts has always been popular in pubs, amateur players noted a period around 10 years ago when it wasn’t as common to see people playing at their local. A combination of factors led to this, but thankfully for the many fans, professional darts’ resurrection has gone hand in hand with the increasing number of players in the pubs.

The fact it is such a simple sport to understand has also helped attract more fans. Even popular British sports like football and rugby can often struggle to entice some people who find the rules too complicated. Most who watch darts for the first time don’t have this problem as the concept of getting the number of points the dart hits (or double or triple that number) is easy to understand.


British culture


The internet has also helped darts thanks to the additional attention it has brought to different aspects of British culture. For a long time, the only facets of British culture that were acknowledged internationally were traditional institutions and concepts like the royal family, tea, biscuits and scones. However, social media pages celebrating other aspects have helped shed light on more niche topics like darts and horse racing, attracting viewers from around the world.






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