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Have fun betting on darts


Have fun betting on darts games

The game of darts has recently enjoyed a meteoric rise in the United States and the United Kingdom. The classic 501 version features opponents trying to bring their score back to 0 in as few throws as possible using all three darts. It is the most widely used format for all major competitions, including dart betting, and is an excellent alternative to other more prestigious sports.


Basic Rules

There are now only two main competing bodies that run international tournaments. These include the World Darts Federation and the Professional Darts Corporation. The highest prizes are awarded by the Professional Darts Corporation. Several major tournaments are held throughout the year, and the most prestige events are the PDC Open in the UK, the PDC Desert Classic in Las Vegas, the PDC World Matchplay, the PDC Premier League, the PDC World Championships. The World Darts Federation will be launching a New World Masters and possibly a World Championships that was in the past managed by the British Darts Organisation.

Several versions of the 01 games exist. The most common darts games are 301 and 501. There are also 701 and 1001. These numbers represent the players' starting points. If you are new to the game, your score is deducted from the value down to zero. The winner is the first to reach 0 points. However, the game must be won by hitting a double. Most official darts tournaments are played on the 501. It is also the most played game in bars and pubs, and double sometimes starting at 701 and group games 1,001.

The game starts by defining which player will be the first to start throwing. This can be done by tossing a coin between 2 players, or by throwing a dart at the Bullseye. The nearest can choose to throw first or second. Professional matches use nearest the bull method also know as bulling-off. The WDF and PDC have a slight variant to their rules. The WDF is the nearest to the Bullseye,  whereas the PDC a Bullseye or Outer-Bullseye must be hit by one of the two players. The player who starts already has a clear advantage to reach zero first.

Each player or team throws three darts in one turn. He or she can aim at the area of their choice. After each throw the score obtained is subtracted from the total score.

A player is said to be at the "finish" when he has the possibility to reach 0 and therefore to win, with a single or a throw of three darts. For example: If the player has a score of 48, he can finish with a by hitting a single 16 followed by double 16. They can alternatively hit a single 20 and then double 12 to finish.

If the player scores more than required, the entire throw of darts is cancelled. This is called "busting". Still in our example of a score to make of 48: If the player scores 50 points, then their throw is cancelled, and they will return again at 48 in the next round if their opponent hasn't checkout.



Darts betting has been popular for well over a hundred years in the UK and is becoming popular in other parts of the world. There are several bookmakers operating in the UK, like Betway, William Hill or Betiton who have opened up their betting markets for some of the most prestigious dart tournaments. This offers the bettors more excitement in that they can see these games live and place a free bet while they watch them play out.

Full betting is the most popular way to place a bet on this sport. It merely means that you choose who will win the game. Many people tend to bet this way, which is why sports betting will usually offer good payouts. Betting on this sport is done in the same way as in any other sport. There are odds that are provided, and you have to choose the player you think will win. Handicap markets are also available in some of these game.

Residents of the United States and the United Kingdom have a particular interest in some of the most important events taking place. Gaming enthusiasts can often benefit from a large amount of money that they can get by merely choosing the winner of each of the matches that take place during the tournament. This can make the watching game much more enjoyable to follow.






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