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Could Remote Events Be The Future For The Sport?

When the pandemic first started and really took hold in March, many of us were left asking what would happen to many of our favourite sporting events – how long until they’d return and what would they be like when they do? Well, we had started to get some answers – some of the bigger sports had restrictions in place but more or less went ahead as normal with a change for having no fans in attendance and others had been a little more dramatic as we had seen in darts as players moved to a remote league – but could this spell a new future for the sport?

There is still a long time to go until things get back to what could be considered normal as it’s beginning to look as if current measures will remain in place for quite some time yet – especially as we begin to see a possible second outbreak beginning across Europe and warnings that the winter months could be particularly bad which could lead to a remote league being necessary for quite some time – but this isn’t entirely a bad thing. One of the first big benefits could be the increasing viewership that comes through live-streamed events – although previous events would have been broadcast on television. Through some other sites, they still may not have found huge viewership outside of the typical audience, but as many of us have spent more time at home recently than we have liked, seeking out new forms of entertainment have led to more niche interests growing in popularity recently.



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This also provides an opportunity for another big part of sporting events – gambling. Online betting and gambling has very much been on the rise in recent months particularly as many different sporting events are returning primarily with live-streamed content, many newer players are looking to feel more directly involved with what is being watched, and that is where betting has typically shined – although there had been some measures put in place through different initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing possibilities for new and experienced players, there are still plenty of places for players to turn to as some are here at casinos not on gamstop, where fans can also find remote darts being played.

Whilst the Remote Darts League has since played its final game, and it looks as if regular events may be getting started as early as November, it may appear as if the sport is moving away from its recently developed online presence, but as mentioned there are still many moving parts to consider, and things could change just as quickly to see the return for digital alternatives – this may become increasingly important for international competitors who may remain unable to travel to certain locations moving forward, with a solution already being found this may not be the last we’ve seen of Remote Darts and may just be early signs that at least in the short term, the future of the sport may rely on a virtual environment for success rather than the typical physical one.











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