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Best dart games to play at home


Best Dart Practice Games to Play at Home

With the worldwide lockdown due to covid-19 and stay at home policy for most, darts has become a new past time for thousands of people. Whether it is for homes schooling to learn basic mathematics, taking time to improve your game or indeed learning how to play, darts has had an increase in player participation.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) has introduced live Home Tour streaming tournament during this lockdown period. It proved so popular day one cashed their streaming site. Thankfully, all is well now, and fans can now watch the free live streaming event without disruption.

Like many modern past times, the internet has seen enormous growth in usage. Darts and other games are taking to the internet to entertain us such as online casino games, cards, poker, roulette, slots, plus TV favourites such as ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ are just a few you can play.

With Darts you can live stream via a webcam to play others, but if you are new to the sport, you may just like to know show to start and some of the games that can help improve your game.


Dartboard Setup.

Vital that you first set up your dartboard correctly. It needs to be at the correct height, and you need to throw from a set distance known as the ‘oche’. Lighting the board is equally important, and this can be done using specially designed dartboard lights that help to eliminate shadow and glare, or you can use a spotlight to light the board.

Dartboards need to be attached ideally to a wall, and the throw needs to be unobstructed. For dartboard hight 1.73m with a throwing distance of 2.37m measured from the face of the board. A full illustration of how to set up the dartboard can be seen below.


Darts501 - dartboard setup
Darts501 - dartboard setup


New players

If you are new to the sport, you may first find throwing a dart is not as easy as the professionals make it look. However, with a few basic instructions and a lot of practice, you should be able to improve your game quickly.

If you are right-handed use your right hand to throw the dart. Hold the dart initially as you may hold a pen with youth thumb at the bottom of the dart barrel and your two forefingers at the top.

Place your leading foot (right foot) if right-handed and left if left-handed in the middle of the ‘oche’ (throw line). You need to line yourself, so you are facing the dartboard so when you pull your arm back to throw, you are aiming down the middle of the board. Adjust your rear foot to make slight adjustments; this is known as a darts stance similar to boxing, fencing and shooting. Both feet must remain on the ground during your throw; otherwise, you many pull the dart down.

Darts isn’t about strength; it is about proper technique with the power coming from your arm, not your body.  Some use different stances; however, you will naturally develop your own after following basic instructions.


Games to Play for Beginners.

Although you may see one game and one game only played on the TV ‘501’, there are lots of game you can play on a standard dartboard. However, it is essential you remain focused on your throw and don’t get too disillusioned if you don’t hit what you aim for.  Missing happens to the best players and all have gone through the basics before honing their skill.


Around the Clock.

This is probably the easiest game to play, and it helps you improve your skill. Even the top pro’s still use this game within their warm-up routine.

Around the is played either on your own or again one or more players. The objective is simple. Hit in order the numbers from 1-20. If you miss a number, you stay on that number until you hit it. The first to hit all the numbers 1-20 in order is the winner.

A more advance player may opt to only through for the inner segment of each number or play the game on doubles only!

If you are a seasoned play, a further variation with different rules is 180 around the clock.


English Cricket.

English Cricket! In darts, there is more than one game referred to as ‘Cricket’ the more popular game, sometimes referred to as American Cricket has different rules than English cricket.

English cricket, as most will understand involves wickets, runs wides and can be a fun game to play. Full instructions of this game and many others can be found on the games page.

Also for new player look at games such as hare and hound and noughts and crosses.





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