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Are Slots Online Games truly random?


Are Slots Online Games truly random?

Some players question how random a slot machine really is. Though every slot outcome claims to be randomly determined, surely that isn't actually the case. Thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG), that is precisely the case - play Fiddle Dee Dough Slot.


RNG – Random Number Generator

slot coinsThe RNG helps to ensure that the outcome of a slot game is entirely random. The RNG is a clever piece of data that can be found in all slot machines, both on and offline. It essentially guarantees that a slot spin cannot be influenced by outside sources like the player or even the casino itself. RNG stands for a random number generator, and it works very simply. When the player hits the spin button, the RNG will quickly work out complex mathematical equations to determine the most random result. The RNG doesn't remember any previous results, and there is no pattern that can be predicted. The RNG is the main thing that guarantees a random outcome in a slot game. However, two other things help players determine the outcome of an online slots game. These are the RTP and variance.


RTP  - Return To Player

The RTP is a helpful percentage that can indicate to players how much return they can expect to see. It stands for return to player, and it is a percentage that is available alongside every slot game.

The RTP of an online slot game generally sits around 95%, but this can vary depending on the slot game you are using. Some slots have an RTP as high as 99%!

The RTP is available for every slot game, and it is advised that a player checks the RTP of a slot game before playing it. This can help to avoid any potential irritating situations for the player.

Sometimes the RTP can vary in a slot game, with the base game being a certain amount and a bonus feature being another amount. Slots will always tell players when this is the case. The percentage will be displayed like 93-97% RTP.



The variance or volatility of a slot is another thing that influences how random the game is going to be. Players should check the volatility of any slot they plan to use as it can affect the outcome of a spin.


  • Slot games that are highly volatile will payout on a much more infrequent basis, meaning that players with smaller bankrolls should generally avoid these slots. However, when these slots do payout, it will be at a much higher amount than average.

  • Slot games with low volatility will pay out more frequently, which means that they are ideal for players who wish to have more frequent wins. However, usually, the amount that is won is much smaller than a high variance slot win amount.


Final Thoughts

The RNG or random number generator helps to ensure that the outcome of a slot spin is completely random. Players cannot beat the RNG, it follows no pattern, and any player's decision does not influence it.







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