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Why You Should Head to the Dartboard on A Night Out


Why You Should Head to the Dartboard on A Night Out

A night down the pub may be a long distant memory, but as we very much seem to be on the road to recovery next year could certainly look to be a time where things start heading in the right direction again, and a night down the pub would be the perfect way to burn off some steam. There’s always a little extra entertainment too, but whilst the local pub slots have been replaced with mobile casinos as this list at Max is great for those out and about, the old pool table can be a bit tricky with a group, but the dartboard is a great place for you and your friends to head to.


Beer and Darts were made for each other

Whilst we no longer see the pro players indulge in a beer or two as water has become the drink of choice, there’s no beating a couple of drinks with friends whilst throwing some darts as if they were made for each other. Obviously, there’s a little to how much you should be drinking whilst playing, but a couple of drinks can certainly step up the enjoyment of the game, particularly if it has been a long  while since you managed to get out.


Hitting a 180 makes you feel like a champ

The elusive 180 for the amateur still gets quite a reaction when the pro manages to hit it but doing it yourself in the pub can certainly make the place erupt into applause, and make you feel like a champ. With isolation being a huge part of the past  year, having groups of strangers and your friends alike rounding huge applause can certainly help pick the mood back up, and hitting a few in a night will make you feel like a hero.


Queen Mum Throwing Darts


Get good enough and go further

Much like some other sporting events, the pros were once just other ordinary guys down the pub, and whilst turning your small darts hobby won’t be the most lucrative change, there are certainly opportunities to make a little extra if you’re able to play a little more and turn this small hobby into something more. There’s likely going to be a little more interest in this space moving forward too following all of the downtime over the past year, so there might be some hidden opportunities that present themselves.

More than anything, hitting the board will certainly help you blow off some steam and give you a good excuse to get back out again, but there’s still a little waiting to be done – uncertainty still swells around when many pubs could open again, and even then, there will still be restrictions which could continue to make some things difficult.








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