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The Fastest Growing Sport in the World - Darts


The Fastest Growing Sport in the World

Darts to many may not seem like a sport as many still refer it to a game played in a bar, pub or club. The reality, however, is a lot different. The popular pub game was transformed into one of the most watch TV sports this century.

Darts has been part of the British DNA for over a century, and darts tournament has been played in local pubs for the same amount of time. The popularity of the game due the attention to breweries, newspapers and a wider public. As early as 1927 massive competitions were being organised and the biggest of them all was the ‘News of the World Individual Darts Championships’. Initially, the event was confined to the London area before expanding into London and home counties. In 1936 the event was drawing more players from further afield, so the event was broadened across England and Wales. The war years prevented the continuation of the games. However, it was to return but this time as a National Championship.

The News of the World is considered still to be the longest-running annual dart event although it had more than one period when the championships took a sabbatical. Newer the less, the tournament attracted the best players in the world and fans world have money wages on the outcome. Today, however, betting on darts and other sports is a lot easier, www.betting.co.uk offers some great information about the game and fantastic betting opportunities.

The last News of the World event was won in 1997 by the player considered the best play to have picked up a dart Phil Taylor.

On the 24th March, 2005 darts became a recognised sporting activity by Sports England. Later the same year, on the 3rd June, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some say it should feature in the Olympics; however, I think this is still a long way off.


Darts as a Sport

With the recognition, the games deserve the popularly of the sport has grown across the world. Sky Sports says darts is the second most-watched sport on their sports channels, second only to UK Soccer and it is increasing in its popularity.

With the significant prize money now available, it is easy to see why so many people pick up a set of arrows and have a go. Ladies are also making their presents felt on the lucrative PDC darts circuit. With an annual prize fund exceeding £14m, it is easy to see why, and the best can become millionaires in just a couple of years.

The PDC World darts Championships that is staged at the Alexandra Palace late December and concluding on New Year’s Day attracts millions on TV views and thousands of pay spectators, most of whom come in fancy dress and enjoy the party atmosphere. Winning such an event can be life-changing. With £500,000 going to the winner this event competes alongside some of the other big sports in the world.

You to could become the next Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Trina Gulliver if you are good enough and practice hard. As many will tell you, darts is a cheap and easy game to play, but no so easy to master. But one thing is for sure; you still need nerves of steel and a steady hand to play well.





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