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The Complete Guide on Darts Betting

Darts is a good development of sport for hand, eye coordination and developing a strong mental ability. You can practice the game in a pub, a club with friends or at home with family. The advantages of playing darts are various, including concentration under pressure, self-control, mathematical ability to name just a few.

Darts has been one of the fastest expanding sports since the turn of the millennium. There has been a vast increase in players participation, fan tournament attendances and TV viewing.

Darts was officially recognized as a sport in the UK in March 2005 and although the sport is still played in pubs and bars around the world the main development has come from the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The worldwide appeal of darts has taken the sport to new heights with Germany accounting for a third of the world darts championship ticket sales

The Evolution of Darts

Why have darts become a mainstream viewing over the last several years?

Well, one of the main reasons is due to the increase in television coverage and prize money available.  Barry Hearn, chairman of the PDC, has taken a common person’s sport and made it into the second most viewed sport on Sky TV, second only to football. The sport continues to develop and there is now an increasing number of dart players that have become millionaires from the sport. Players such as Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, and Michal van Gerwen are now home names.

A major turning point for darts is when Barry Hearn persuaded Sky Sports to cover darts. Barry who also managers Boxing promotions used his influence with Sky based upon the success they had with his boxing promotion. Initially, Sky was reluctant to cover the sport however now that is a totally different story.

Sky Sports cover live darts, the whole match unlike most of the previous coverage that was recorded, edited and broadcasted after the event had taken place. Where some TV channels had covered the less flamboyant BDO side of darts the PDC should the world how darts should be shown. Sky invested heavily and the fans grew. AT a recent event in Germany 2018 over 20,000 fans attended to watch their dart heroes.


So, what about the other channels?

Due the success of the PDC, free to air channels like the BBC dropped BDO coverage and embraced the PDC. The BBC and ITV Sports, ITV4 now cover more darts than ever before.


Professional Darts

Professional darts have two main organizations to speak of, the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) and BDO (British Darts Corporation). The BDO was the originated in 1973 however, in later years it lost TV coverage and sponsorship causing a number of players to voice their concerns. The results were for a number of players who left the BDO to form the World Darts Council (WDC). This led to major disputes and lawsuits from the BDO which resulted in a change of name for the WDC later to be known as the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The top players that broke away from the BDO included Eric Bristow MBE, John Lowe and the Phil Taylor coincided the best dart player ever to throw a dart.

The PDC is now universally considered as the crème de la crème of the darts world with many matches boasting hundreds of thousands of pounds in prize money. The winner of the 2019 PDC World Darts Championships will pocket £500,000.

Barry Hearn

For several years, darts has only been superseded by football coverage viewing figures on the Sky Sports with over 1 million watching the PDC World Championship in 2007. Internationally darts pulls in crowds well over the million marks in Holland, with Germany not far behind with a reported 700,000. This vast increase in popularity in the sport has seen many bookmakers sponsor darts matches and tournaments, while also including live in play odds and betting opportunities.


Psychological of the Sport

There is a reason why darts betting has become so successful. This is because the dart player only has himself or herself to rely on. The psychological of the sport and mental strength of the player can be one of the variables that can affect the outcome of the match. This is the important point about darts betting odds; they are as dependent on the different psychological mindsets of various players in addition to their recognized darting skill. In other terms, understand and study the players you will probably beat the darts betting odds. For instance, Phil Taylor seems to have a psychological advantage over competitive Raymond van Barneveld, who, despite insisting he wasn’t afraid of the 16-time World Champion before their match at the 2013 World Championship, surrendered early on before losing easily.

One-on-one sports are always battles of mind as well as the skill, but in darts, where the physical battle is limited, the psychological fight becomes more important. This means it well deserves looking out for these kinds of head-to-head battles when betting on darts.



With the sport growing so dramatically over the last decade or so, there are now many darts tournaments throughout the year, including; the World Championships, the Premier League, the UK Open, and the Grand Slam of Darts, with bookmakers giving loads of betting options to select from.


Betting Markets

If you think predicting match results might be too tricky or not rewarding enough for you when there are strong favourites, predicting the ‘Most 180s' (in a tournament) might be a better option if you know who the big scorers are.

The Dutch sensation Michael van Gerwen is a maximum-machine when in he is on form, and even though he may be favourite to record the most ‘180s’ in a match, his odds are still plentiful enough to make a nice return on your investment.

You can also bet on the ‘Total Match 180s', where you’re presented an over/under marker - this again about choosing the sport’s great scorers, or low scorers, depending on how you play it. While with several bookmakers offer up a 'Highest One-Match Average' market during live match play, you can get some good returns if you study the consistently of the high-scoring players.

With so many darts competitions and matches to bet on, there are lots of opportunities to make good money if you understand what to look out for.


Which Betting Opportunities Should you Lookout for?

Darts betting opportunities known as ‘betting markets’ are usually made up of picking the obvious winner of a match or darts tournament. Looking further afield, live in play betting is one of the fastest growing betting markets currently open to online punters.

As each game is in play, you can bet on things such as; the player to win the next leg, highest checkout, three dart average, will player hold their throw and overall time of leg. Darts can be a ferociously fast sport, so these live odds can often fluctuate. This makes it an excellent betting opportunity for a punter looking for some serious returns.


What to Consider?

For many bookmakers and punters, darts is one of the classic sports around. While this may seem odd to some, consider the following factors;

  • A competition always takes place between two players
  • Those players never have to fight with external variables (dodgy pitch, unusual weather, home advantage, etc.)
  • The result for both players will always be a win, lose or draw
  • Injuries in the Match are rarely – if ever – a factor

The uniformity created through the mixture of these four points means that darts is about as streamlined as sports betting can have. Add to them the fact that there are a select number of players who seem always compete against each other, then you have a chance like no other to come to know the best betting opportunities offered by most bookmakers.

Darts Games & Online Gambling

There are various methods to gamble on darts. The most famous being, a win or lose chance based on a particular opponent. Though, darts betting allows many betting options such as overall ranking point result. i.e. which player will end in the top-ranked spot as well as so much more. Gamblers can bet on global matches and competitions that take place year-round, making the opportunities unlimited.


The Main Darts Tournaments

Michael van Gerwen


The World Championship

The PDC World Championship final is usually played on New Year’s Day.

Each round is played using the ‘set’ format; first to three legs wins the set. The first match is best of five sets; the second and third rounds are best of seven sets, the quarter-finals best of nine sets, semi-finals best of eleven and the final best of thirteen sets.

The BDO World Championship takes the commences approximately a week after the PDC World Championship has concluded. The BDO World Darts Championship has fewer competitors in the final televised stage. Again, the tournament is played in a set format. Players play best of five sets in round one, progressively going up to best of thirteen sets in the final.


The Premier League

The Premier League is currently a ten-player tournament operated by the PDC. The format has changed a little over the years, but now, the ten players play each other weekly in a round robin format, with the bottom two eliminated at the end of the ten weeks. Then the remaining eight players continue in the same round-robin format and at the end of this the top four qualify for the Premier League finals night (two semi-finals and a final). The standard league matches are played over best of twelve legs (meaning a draw is possible) with the semi-finals being best of fifteen legs and the final best of nineteen legs.


Popular Darts Betting Strategies

Many people consider darts a pub game and not a sport at all. However, it has gone under a huge change in the last decade or so. The sport was commonly only seen by a few people at local venues, however, this has changed due to television coverage. As a result, more people have now put bets on the game using the best darts betting tactics they know. The bookmakers now give various of betting opportunities that give great number choices for any darts punter.

Now there are a complete host of darts betting strategies to assist you to make the most of your bets. Whether you want to bet on a match winner or bet on a handicap in a game. If you understand your darts, then there’ll be a strategy to set your skills and experience to the test. Here is our top of the very best darts betting strategies around.


Outright Darts Betting

Ante-post betting on Darts is very attractive, particularly once the draw has been made so you can see what sort of route your choice would take if he was going to win the tournament. In the PDC format of the game, Michael van Gerwen is always going to be a short-priced ideal in the outright betting, while the BDO is a much more open.


Darts Match Odds

All the bookmakers will offer match betting on every game of a televised darts competition. You will also be able to have an accumulator bet so you can choose multiple players to win their matches as one single bet. There's more risk included, but the odds will be higher. It's also a popular bet in the beginning rounds of competitions when there are plenty of short-priced favourites.


Darts Handicap Betting

If there's a darts match where the odds are very short on one of the players, some bookmakers will allow a handicap to try and even out the match odds and give you a more meaningful return for your bet. This works especially well in the early round of competitions where on paper it's a bit of a miss-match. The favourite to win will give the other player a head start.


Bet Live In-Play

There'll be loads of other types of bet accessible during darts tournaments, multiple of them available live in play, so you can place a bet during a match depending on how you believe it is going. Of course, the odds will reduce as one player gets further ahead, but the see-saw nature of a great darts match means there'll be plenty of chances to beat the bookies.


Betting Sites

Several top online bookmakers and online gambling sites have seen dart as a fantastic sport in which people usually like to have a flutter on. Companies such as Sky Bet, Stan James Unibet, Ladbrokes and William Hill are all significant supporters for competitions held around the world.

There is a large number of online gambling or betting sites available to all punters worldwide and choosing a trusted and reliable bookmaker can be a bit of a chore. These websites will emphasize general betting markets in which, as a punter, an array of different bets and odds can be found.

When it comes to darts betting, you have to enjoy all of the opportunities and support that is on the proposal, and that is why it is necessary to choose an online betting website that provides you with all of the bells and whistles.

You can find the best darts betting sites with the help of Google, and you can bet on darts and a load of other exciting and rewarding sports at your convenience.






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