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Best Female Darts Players in the World

Best Female Dart Players in the World


With variations like the Football Darts game, Cricket and "Round the Clock", the game of darts could be considered a children's pastime. However, December 1937 two British royals, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, mother of the present monarch, visited a Slough Social Club, near Windsor Castle. The royals were invited to play a game of darts, three darts each. The King scored 19 and the Queen 21. Queen Elizabeth claimed herself the winner!  When a photograph of this feat appeared in the national, the British Darts Council was soon inundated with enquiries from women about darts coaching.

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Premier League Standings ahead of the upcoming return

PDC Premier League Return August 2020


The lengthy wait has continued for when we would finally see the return of the Premier League darts season. The 2020 Premier League season was ground to a halt, with six rounds of fixtures having already taken place. This week now sees its return, with Milton Keynes hosting the next six rounds of fixtures on consecutive nights. That is fantastic news for darts fans before the season will then switch back to the normal change of venue each week from September 17th.

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Premier League returns later this month as Van Gerwen heads in as favourite


It truly has been a difficult year for sport, with endless events being either postponed or even cancelled. This all down to the coronavirus pandemic. Improvements were finally made, and we slowly saw a return of sport across different areas of the globe. This covered the likes of football and the UFC, which were at the forefront of a return from the off. The wait has continued to go on, as to when we would finally see the PDC Premier league return, and finally, this will kick off later this month.

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Soft cyber threat: how technology fights fakes on the web

How Technology fights fakes on the web. 3D tech on online casinios


Fake news is discussed today on various platforms and levels — from comments on Instagram to the ministry. The seriousness of the fakes' impact on the development of events is debatable, but the request for their detection and neutralization is quite real. But the old-school graphics can be quite tedious, so the developers decided to switch to 3D technologies in online casinos.

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How to Chose the Best Flights for Your Darts

How to Choose the Best Dart Flights


The beauty of the sport allows players to choose from a wide variety of darts, stems and flights. If you have found a comfortable dart weight and stem to suit your throw the last piece of the jigsaw is to find a flight that make your darts fly perfectly for you.

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Darts World Grand Prix Set to Begin in October

PDC World Grand Prix 2020 - Citywest Covention Centre, Dublin


Despite many sporting events being cancelled over the COVID-19 pandemic, the famous double-start Darts World Grand Prix is still scheduled to take place this year. With a date of October 4-10 pencilled in, tickets are now set to go on sale at the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin. Who is favourite to progress, and can you get a slice of the action for yourself if you like to bet online? It is time to have a look.

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Patrick Chaplin Darts

Dr Patrick Chaplin Darts Historian 70th Birthday


A Tribute to Dr Patrick Chaplin, Dr Darts turns 70!

Patrick Chaplin (Dr Darts) has turned 70 a milestone in his life and celebrated by his main sponsor Winmau with a unique, one-off dartboard. I guess few darts will be thrown into this board as it looks too precious to damage.

Patrick, known to all true dart fans, has been researching the history of darts for several decades. He is the first person many turn to when they have a query relating to the sport. Although he may confess not to know all the answers, he does his best to provide a helpful answer to all genuine enquiries.

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Dave Clark Sky Sports Darts Presenter

Dave Clark - Sky Sports TV Presenter


Dave Clark has announced he is stepping down from his role as Sky Sports Darts presenter after almost 20 years in the role.

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Top Three Reasons to Play Casino Online

Top three reasons to play casino online


Millions of modern people use the services of online casinos. Many, though, may have a question: “Why choose an online casino today?”. The answer is very simple. The virtual excitement clubs are so attractive that it is simply impossible not to participate in them. So, here are the three main reasons to try out online casinos:

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The Apps Every Darts Player Will Love



In the age of mobile technology, it is little surprise that there are a plethora of fantastic darts apps currently on the market. Whether you enjoy playing with friends and need a reliable scoring app, or even if you want to keep up to date with the latest scores and match action; as the old saying goes, there’s an app for that.

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What Events and Tournaments Are Happening in 2021 for Darts?

What Events and Tournaments Are Happening in 2021 for Darts?


In 2021, the world of darts is set to host some exciting competitions. Find out more about the upcoming darts events and tournaments here in this article.

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Darts has an upsurge during the lockdown

Darts Play Upsurge - Home Darts


Business around the world have suffered during the lockdown period, and sports venues have been closed. However, the PDC and other dart organisations have provided online live darts entertainment for the millions of fans the sport attaches.

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Darts hitting the target with lockdown performances

PDC Home Tour WInner Nathan Aspinal


As the rest of the sporting world continues to make plans to get back to some kind of normality, one sport has been carrying on as normal as possible - and did so during the most intense weeks of the pandemic. That sport is darts.

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World War II Dartboards and Darts Propaganda

World War II Dartboards & Propaganda. MI9, Gilboard and the Blitzkrieg Dartboard


During the Second World War Darts was huge in UK pubs. Various regional boards were at this time familiar across the country and solders from the USA Canada, and Australia took to the game quickly. They helped spread the sports as we know now it far and wide. However, dartboards were used by MI9 (Military Intelligence) and propaganda from both sides featured in everything from board games to target games.

Read more about this period of history and how dart boosted morale and helped PoWs escape their capturers. The Blitzkrieg Dartboard which we know little about and this mysterious ‘Gilboard’ manufacture that may have never been! .

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Live Stream Darts

Live Stream Darts - PDC Home Tour


Darts sees a massive surge during the lockdown.

The BBC recently reported that darts had seen one of the biggest growths in years. Sales of dartboard and darts equipment top a twenty-year high and more sales than the usual Christmas period rush.

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Three Value Betting Selections for the PDC World Championship


It might seem like a long time away as you look out your window to (hopefully) see sunny blue skies, but it’s just 200 days until we see the cold winter nights made brighter by the PDC World Championship. Darts fans will make theannual pilgrimage to the “Ally Pally”, and, as is tradition, there will be no end of Santa Claus costumes, adult Teletubbies and whatever else is in vogue for the panto-like fancy dress season of darts.

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It All Started with Feathers and Cane: The Evolution of Darts Since the 1920s

The Evolution of Darts Since the 1920s


Since the 1920s, when it all began, the evolution of darts has come a long way and shaped the playing field as we know it today. From feathers and all the way to titanium and tungsten their modern iterations are comprised of, we are constantly brushing up on the technology that's used to produce them. But how far have we come, exactly? Let's take a look!

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Mighty Mike Needs to Stay Sharp for Long Term Targets

Michael van Gerwen - Needs to Stay Sharp for Long Term Targets


While the PDC Home Tour continues to occupy the darting schedules, one key man is missing from the new tournament. Three-time World Champion Michael Van Gerwen has elected to stay away from the new competition with a clear aim to target more conventional events later in the year.

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How did darts become a truly global sport?

How Did Darts Become a Global Sport


The evolution of professional darts has been nothing short of remarkable. After the infamous split in the mid 1990s and the emergence of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the sport has captivated millions around the world, generated huge television interest, turned players into genuine superstars, and entered new global markets.

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How to Throw Like a Pro

How to Throw Like a Pro


For many darts is just a game you might play down your local pub or club but for others, it is a serious sport.

It is true to say darts has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings and from the very start players and onlookers have placed wagers on the outcome of a game. In 1908 the game was nearly banned in English pubs because games of ‘luck/games of chance’ were illegal. However, a pub landlord, Jim Garside proved in a court of law that darts was a skilled game.

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2020 PDC World Darts Championship Betting Preview

2020 PDC World Darts Championships Beting Preview


The festive season is extra special for fans of darts as the PDC World Championship descends upon Alexandra Palace in North London.

Ally Pally is now in its thirteenth year of hosting the premier event in the oche sport, but the 2020 edition which starts on December 13 is set up to be another watershed in the history of the game.

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Beginner’s Guide to CS:GO – Game Basics and Tips


Enhance your darts hand-eye co-ordination by play eSport games. This beginner’s guide to Counter-Strike, Globe-Offensive will talk you through how to play study teams, play tournaments and bet on the outcome of this virtual sport. Being aware, focusing can be a challenge in any game and eSports helps you achieve this aim in abundance. Darts relies on exceptional accuracy and eSport games enable you to achieve your goal.

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How Online Betting Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game

How Online Betting  Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game


Despite occasionally being derided as a "pub sport", the popularity of darts has continued to rise over the last decade, and it is showing very few signs of abating. It is currently one of the most-watched sports in Europe, and although uptake in other areas has been significantly slower, audiences continue to grow year-on-year. Iconic throwers such as Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor have played a starring role in this exponential rise in popularity but fundamentally,it is betting companies and the popularity of online gambling which have truly helped fund the sport's recent renaissance.

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