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Is playing Darts online really a thing or just another fad?

When we talk about darts, what often comes to the mind of many is the idea of playing the game with friends or colleagues at a pub while enjoying some beer. However, in today's world, dart games are no longer restricted to physical locations. You can play darts anywhere and anytime online.

In recent years, online gaming has become increasingly popular. And like many other popular sports and games, darts have also transitioned into the online scene. There are many formats available for you to play, and you will find plenty of gaming sites offering different dart games too. But that's not all; you also have a chance to place bets on darts. There are numerous betting sites offering darts betting on a variety of Darts tournaments such as the PDC World Darts Championship, World Series of Darts, and Grand Slam of Darts. All you need is to find a site with great darts odds, and you're good to go.

While the PDC was not able to host this year's Darts Championship in the usual format, they are not leaving their fans hanging. Instead, they decided to organize the Unibet Home Tour, a special event that transforms your living room into a darting arena and brings professional dart live action to you. The third tournament started on 26 October 2020 and will end on 11 December 2020.

The number of online dart players has seen an increase in recent years. Apps like Darts of Fury by Yakuto, released initially in October 2017, has gotten over 5 million downloads on Google PlayStore.Darts King by Mobirix, released in 2016, also has more than 10 million downloads. But you might still be wondering if online darts will continue to exist or if it's just something to enjoy for the moment. With the numerous options available online, it is most likely that online darts will only continue to grow in popularity.


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Different types of dart games available

Another thing that could make online darts increase in popularity is the availability of different variants and forms of the game. The numerous variants make it more exciting to play. Examples of dart game types available are Darts Heroes, Darts Championship, Darts Roulette, etc. You can also win money from these games with luck on your side.

But if you really love darts betting, you should go for virtual sports like Rush Darts Live. These forms of games give you a completely different experience. In Rush Darts Live, there are a total of 10 players. Based on darts odds, you can bet on things like the overall winner or the total number of points.


Available on different devices

Many gaming developers today create games using several languages including Java, JavaScript, Flash and web-based HTML5 technology. This makes the games compatible with different devices and operating systems. It also helps to ensure that the quality of the game remains the same regardless of the type of device used in playing.

Dart games have not been left out. They are also developed with this technology, and it enables you to enjoy the game on the go. You can decide to play it whether you're at home, in a taxi, or anywhere you are. JavaScript and HTML based games allow you to play games on mobile devices without requiring you to download any device before it works. All you need is a good mobile browser and a good internet connection.

In addition, there are also downloadable apps for lovers of darts. Many of these apps are available on Google Play Store and the App Store.


Many Online Dart formats

Another reason why online darts will grow in popularity is the availability of many formats. While you have to play against the computer in most online dart games, there are also multiplayer formats that you can play with friends. Apps like and Darts King allow you to host online darts and invite your friends to join.

There are also communities like the that allow you to play the real game of darts against different players of the world. You will need to have a webcam, microphone, dartboard, and darts available. You get to see the other players in real-time.

Darts and Esports

According to BusinessInsider, Esports' total viewership will most likely grow up to 646 million in 2023. As of 2019, there were only 454 million viewers from around the world.

Although there are only a few esports darts games at the moment, it has the potential of increasing players of online darts. It also increases the excitement for many darts lovers around the world.

VR has also been integrated into online gaming, and it will make online darts more interesting and entertaining. One of the popular esports games available for darts lovers is VR Darts. With VR Darts, you can enjoy different game types such as 501 and 301. You can also choose to either play against AI or play online with your friends or other darters from different locations. It is evident that VR takes you to a new level of darts betting and gaming.







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