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Grand Slam of Darts 2020


Grand Slam of Darts 2020 Sees Whitlock and Chisnall In The Tournament Selections

We all are eagerly anticipating the Grand Slam of Darts this commencing Monday 16th November, there is no doubt about that. The players who will be participating within this year's dates 16-24th November series, have been very much announced, so that fans and the dart community are fully aware of who is up against each other in the next series to come. Many will recognise many of the participants through last year's line-up and their successful performances across other season championships.

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Upon the mentioned line-up comes the first confirmed participant's Dave Chisnall, Krzysztof Ratajski, Simon Whitlock, Ryan Joyce and Adam Hunt. Sky has recently announced the final line up that is to go forward, just five days ahead of the famous winter season matches that often conclude the entire year's tours. Often as suspected, the players that were not able to qualify via the previous tour events, needed to attend the Coventry event to ensure qualification. The long hard progression of this day is tiring and nerve-wracking, but it is the only way for the final places to be secured, meaning many players often put their heart and soul into it, to ensure that they have secured a place.

Some of the commencing qualifiers events to occur that caused headlines, was the Whitlock and Edgar match recently. Whitlock managed to win Edgars by 5-3, to ensure that he will be securing a position within the World Grand Prix. Damon Heta is another of the Aussie beasts to be taking it through to the next final season games of the year, meaning the double combination of Aussies will definitely be very interesting to watch, this commencing Monday.

Ratajski had managed to make it to the Grand Slam for a second time in a row over two consecutive years. He managed to surpass well-known individuals like Mickey Mansell and Gabriel Clemens, which is definitely a cause for conversation and discussion if anything. Other surprising qualifiers include Evans and Pipe (Ricky and Justin) who have managed to land a place for the first time since the year 2013. Definitely a reason to celebrate for these two especially. On the other hand, debutant players that have never actually attended the Grand Winter Slam before, include Joyce and Hunt, who will be making their first-ever monumental appearance-one that will go as a career highlight to date, that is for sure. This succession was allowed to happen, due to the pair managing to take the spots and defeat Peter Jacques and Ryan Lowe.

Many were shocked not to see the usual attendants Gurney, Lewis, Dobey and Hopp not to attend, due to not managing to get past the series of qualifiers previously, meaning, unfortunately, this will be their first winter series that they have missed out on for quite some time.


PDC Pro Tour Order of Merit - Rayan Searle


Prior to the Pro Tour qualifiers for the final places, there will also be an Order of Merit to allow another player to join all 32 participants in the Grand Slam. All the decisions will be made by the Saturday of this week, so the entire line will be confirmed two days before the Grand Slam begins. Two players Ryan Searle and White, are the expected ones to join the tightly filled line up, yet one never knows who will emerge and take us all for a surprise. 

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