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From the Bar  to the World Class Sport. Darts has taken the World by Storm


From the Bar to the World Class Sport. Darts has taken the World by Storm

Darts has been a social pub and bar game for over one hundred years. It has been played by the gentry and the common working man, usually by the working man at his local public house.

Mainly a match contained a small wager, and this nearly had the game banned from the Bars, Taverns, and Pubs across England at one point for being a game of luck! It was soon proved in court that the game was indeed a game of pure skill and allowed to remain a firm fixture in taprooms of most of England’s bars at the time.

Like other games played in the pub, Darts has always attracted some form of betting. Whether a match warranted the loser buying the next round or paying a few shillings, it has always been a popular game to play and watch by all. Like other popular games of today, darts was and still is a popular betting game like online casinos and slots from https://bonusfinder.com/uk/ players can win real money based on their skill their ability to know the game.

The popularity of darts got bigger with the introduction of the National Darts League and later the introduction of the British Dart Organisations (BDO). The BDO held the first World Darts Championships in 1978, won by Welshman Leighton Rees. However, long before the BDO was formed, the News of the World Individual Championships that spanned over the war years to the late 1990s was the darts event to win.


Professional Darts

However, it wasn’t until a small breakaway group of semi-professional players formed the World Darts Council, later becoming the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the darts scene changed.

In March 2005, Sports England recognised ‘Darts’ as a sport. Other countries followed suit, so now the humble bar game is, in fact, a recognised sport! However, it was the PDC that took the sport to a new level. Bigger arenas and large stadiums were filled with cheering fans, and the TV producers love it!

Dart players who used to earn just several thousand pounds per year were suddenly playing for big bucks! The best of them all were becoming millionaires, and the increase of players grew.


Phil Taylor. The greatest of the all


Phil Taylor is probably one of the most recognisable dart players of the modern era. Taylor dominated the darts scene from the late 1980s to 2010, winning sixteen World and Matchplay titles plus hundreds more during his career. It is said, Taylor single-handily raised the skill level of the sport and hundred plus dart averages became the norm.

Players today have to qualify to play the lucrative PDC darts circuit via ‘Qualifying School or, as some refer it, 'Q-School’. However, should a player qualify and earn themselves a PDC tour card, they have just given themselves the operativity to change their lives for the better.


Prize Fund

The PDC prize fund has steadily increased. Players now play for over £14m in prize money alone, and that doesn’t include the sponsorship deals that can potentially obtain from dart manufactures or businesses around them.

Darts is one of the sports with simple rules and can be easy to play, but as any professional player will say, it is hard to master. The thickness of a dartboard wire can be the difference between winning or losing, as all who players will tell you.

With prize funds as high as £500,000 for winning the PDC World Darts Championships, it is easy to see why so many young new players are hitting the scene. The sport brings drama in bucket loads, and the opportunity to bet on winners, leg difference, highest checkout and most 180s scored in a match is also to see why the sport is popular with betting firms and punters alike.

The sport has also seen its way into the junior classroom as a means of helping with basic arithmetic. Pupils learn how to add, subtract and multiply while enjoying a fun sport. However, Darts today is all about fun and the big screen. With millions of players and thousands attending live events, it is truly a sport that is growing year on year.






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