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Five Apps to Improve Your Numbers Skills


Five Apps to Improve Your Numbers Skills

When it comes to darts, knowing your numbers is key. You need to know your checkouts and with that requires a lot of practice. It takes hours on the dartboard to get to grips with knowing your checkout numbers, but there are other ways to give you a little helping hand too.

Boosting your numbers skills is always useful for any darts players, and with so many great apps out there, it can even be difficult to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve done a bit of digging and found some of the best apps out there to boost your maths skills and have you checking out in no time…


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a relatively traditional app available for both Apple and Android devices and is almost like a course in that you can take different tests and classes to improve your maths skills. There are over 10,000 different videos in the app to help you, alongside 40,000 questions covering a range of different mathematic equations.

It’s completely free app and is one of the best maths apps out there today. The only downside is that it will make you feel like you were back in school again.



Bingo on the other hand is a rather more fun game that can improve a number of different skills that can help your darts. We’d see this almost like cross-training, with you still able to have fun, yet also improve brain skills.

There are a number of ways in which you can play without spending a penny, like free bingo no deposit win real money offers, which allow you to sign up and get a taste of bingo game for no cost at all. The beauty of bingo is that it tests your concentration and reaction speeds, while you also have to be switched on to work out percentages of winning, possible outcomes and more, which can all be beneficial when it comes to playing 501.


Checkout Mind

You won’t find a better app on the market to improve your checkout learning, as Checkout Mind is specifically designed to improve your checkouts. The app is the world’s first app for learning checkouts and allows you to run through a variety of different checkouts in order to learn.

It’s a fun and intuitive way to learn checkouts and perfect for the current climate with plenty of free time to learn the vast number of checkouts available to you.



This may be designed for students, but it’s the sort of basic maths you need for being a whizz at checkouts in darts. There are 40,000 different quiz questions to test your skills which can then help your mind process checkouts quicker.

Within it there are daily quizzes and courses that you can take your pick from, so it’s perfect for selecting the maths you want to improve on and in turn improve your skills ahead of your next game of 501.






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