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Enjoy the Biggest Darts Tournaments Anywhere

Darts are a very popular game in local pubs and coffee shops all over the globe. Many professional players played their first games with friends over a glass of beer and continued practising their skills until they reached the world’s most elite tournaments.

There are only so many tournaments that offer full online coverage. Only the biggest ones stream their games online for others to see, but not everyone can see them. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all sports events were in search of a way to securely hold matches. In the case of the PDC World Darts Championship, the tickets became available on December 4. However, the pandemic has affected the way the event will take place. Tickets will be sold in tables of four, and everyone sitting at that table must be from the household. The entire event is said to be planned in a highly secure environment, and no fancy dress will be allowed. The PDC has made a recent update to allow a small number two to attend, so you don’t have to be a group of four.

People living in countries with geo-location blocks can’t enjoy watching most darts tournaments, but they can with the right solutions. Stay with us, and we’ll introduce you to the biggest darts tournaments in the world and tell you how you can watch them anywhere and at any time.


The Most Rewarding Tournaments

There are darts tournaments in every part of the world, but only some of them offer substantial prizes. It takes a long time to qualify for one of these events, but once a player manages to get in, they could win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. Here’s a quick overview of the best tournaments to watch.


1. Premier League Darts

Premier League Darts is by far the most exciting darts competition on the planet. Die-hard fans had the chance to watch some super-exciting matchups during the past few years. Premier League Darts is the tournament that gathers the best of the best that the darts world has to offer.

It’s an annual event taking place from February to May, and most games are streamed on TV stations and online portals. The winner of the event takes £250,000 home, making the final game one of the most thrilling events in the world of darts. Michael van Gerwen is the most successful player of the tournament with five wins so far.


2. World Matchplay

World Matchplay is traditionally held in Winter Gardens in Blackpool. The winner takes £150,000 home, which is the third-largest prize money for this sport. The tournament is moving to Milton Keynes from 2020, but the rules stay the same.

This year’s winner Dimitri Van den Bergh took the jackpot and will be defending his trophy next year. The entire prize fund adds up to almost 1 million dollars, making it a lucrative tournament for all players. Naturally, this tournament is also streamed online and has TV broadcasts in most of the countries across the globe.


3. Grand Slam of Darts

The Grand Slam of Darts is the last tournament before the PDC world championship. It’s also a significant tournament because players get a better idea of what to expect from their adversaries in the biggest tournament that takes place just two months after the Grand Slam of Darts.

The winner gets over £125,000 in prize money, and only the best players in the world get a chance of winning it. Gerwyn Price won the previous two tournaments and is undoubtedly going to be one of the most prominent contestants this year.


4. World Grand Prix

If you’re a fan of close games of darts, the World Grand Prix is the tournament to watch. Unlike all previous tournaments on our list, this one forces players to open and close matches with a double.

It’s been home to some of the best darts matches in history. It’s so tense that even professional players have a hard time coping with insanely high levels of stress. The last one standing wins around £110,000, which makes it worth the effort. The World Grand Prix is definitely one of the most nerve-racking darts tournaments you can watch throughout the year.


5. Players Championship

Known as the most televised darts event in the world, the Players Championship is making a push to become one of the biggest tournaments in the world by expanded its player count 64. Today, the total prize pot it offers adds up to over £500,000, following Players Tour of events of events played behind closed doors. The top 64 players by PDC Order of Merit compete in the finals of the Players Championship.

It’s no surprise to know that Van Gerwen won four out of the last five PC tournaments and is known as the most successful player the tournament ever had. The winner receives £100,000, and Van Gerwen will protect his position in this year’s tournament as well.


How to Watch Live Darts Tournament Online Streams

If you love watching darts tournaments, but you can’t seem to find them on your local TV stations, you can always go online and watch your favourite players in action. However, some services have geo-restrictions that block you from accessing online streams from certain countries. That can be very frustrating, but where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Atlas VPN is one of the effective tools, allowing you to access more content. It will mask your original location and give you a chance to bypass geo-restrictions. Watch any darts tournament from any location on the map! It is also an effective shield from various IP-based tracking. So, you can enjoy all the streams without compromising your safety.


Darts as a Way of Life


The world of darts is full of twists and turns, just like any other sport out there. It might seem like an easy to master, but playing darts takes a lot of patience and practice. It’s a challenging sport where the smallest of mistakes can cost you everything.






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