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June 25, 2014 - 01:42 PM

Thought I'd share my thoughts/experience for what it is worth. Been suffering dartitis for the last 12 months. Like others I'm a decent player when I've not got it (no world beater but can often hold my own against the best in our area). It got to the stage where I would lock up completely and be unable to throw at all. As a grown man in a pub full of players, being on the oche almost in tears ain't good for the soul! Anyway, read a snippet on here (can't find it now which is odd) about changing your throw and what worked for me was simply shortening my pull back. So, instead of going all the way back, I only (seem) to come back about half way and the buggers go! Played last night and lost in 28 (not good - was still getting used to it) and 15, but in the 15 leg I was down to 45 and my opponent hit a magnificent 141 finish. So, not convinced I'm "cured" yet but things seem to have taken an upturn. Whoever posted the original tip about shortening your pull back, I owe several pints :)) Good luck everyone.

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