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March 20, 2012 - 03:20 AM

I have had dartitis for about 8 years. During this time I had a couple of patches of about 6 months where it seemed to go and I played to a fair level. When it struck for the 3rd time last year I went to see a Sport Pschologist and he basically told me a lot of what I knew already but gave me relaxation and focus techniques. These did not work so ended up being an expensive exercise. Currently I have slowed the throw down in practice and throw with a 25g dart compared to the 18g I used to throw. I need 30 mins to get to the right pace before a match. This has worked to a degree and the stutters have all but gone however I am left with a few snatchy and pulled darts especially on doubles but then due to this condition I have not really thrown at doubles alot! Never give up just try to do something completely different to how you were throwing when you got the dreaded "D".

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