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June 06, 2011 - 03:19 PM

have tried everything guys and just out of blue an idea came up.think this sounds daft but by throwing 2 darts (1 in each hand)at the same time actualy gets ur arm to throw in line with your weak arm.i did this for days just to get the feeling of relaxing my arm will do as the other arm does.kept at it and then mixed it up with throwing with my good arm then back to 2 when i hesitate with my throw i will lift my weaker arm (left) to the side and as im throwing i will move my left arm out to the side instead of throwing it forward with my dart arm.just moving both arms symiltaniously.1 arm does wat the other arm this may sound daft guys and it may be hard to understand wat im actually trying to explain.its not a cure but when my arm goes into deadlock and just will not go forward i just lift my left arm up and throw out to the side along with my throwing arm.try it lol

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