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July 08, 2008 - 07:45 AM

After thirty years of playing, dartitis struck me overnight as if my 'on' switch had been turned off.

That was in April and since then this thing's amused itself by taking a merry route through several stages

Stage 1: couldn't let go;
Stage 2: could let go only by chucking hard at the wall and hopefully hit the board;
Stage 3: complete arm seizure;
Stage 4: I'm now trying much heavier darts and can let go, but with no hope of hitting anything properly (which is progress I suppose) until I get to the final double which is where I fall apart completely and everybody, including myself, is well advised to wear full-face crash helmets and stab vests.

Even practicing at home under no pressure, the same things happen. I'm amazed at how frustrating and stroke-inducing this can be... after all, it's only a game!

The season begins in September - short of a miracle, I can see myself dropped and sitting at the back quietly getting sloshed and wishing I was somewhere else. But I'm not giving up, somehow I'll beat the Big D.

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