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February 23, 2008 - 11:54 PM
Steve Cretney

I also had this happen to me. I was playing superb darts and had just came 3rd equal in our area playoffs. Then the following week i was in our local club singles and it just happened. One minute i was throwing treble 20's, next minute i couldnt let it go. People kept saying just throw it just throw it but you cant. I tried and tried and released a couple but they were hardly on the board. I had to shake my opponents hand before finishing the game and went home. Just about cried i couldnt believe what was happening. I have not given up darts over the years of having this condition but have tried to work my way through it. I have had it since 2001. I went to a Hypnotist and i think this may have helped me subconsciously as i can release them now. I still stop every now and again but am happy to be playing a lot better. I tried many different ideas people had but i agree with most people on here that it is definitely in your mind and any problems in your life etc will not help. Good luck to anyone who has this problem. I dont wish it on anyone as i believe it is with you for life once you have had it.

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