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Live Stream Darts

Darts sees a massive surge during the lockdown.


The BBC recently reported that darts had seen one of the biggest growths in years. Sales of dartboard and darts equipment top a twenty-year high and more sales than the usual Christmas period rush.

It seems, being in isolation as given the opportunity to millions to try a new sport in the comfort of their own homes, and it is proving a roaring success. Online darts retailers like Pure Darts have had to make changes to their ordering systems and to the way they process the enormous amount of orders pouring in each day, and this is encouraging for the industry as a whole.

Although live stadium sports have been off our screens for several weeks, Darts is one of the sports that have looked at innovative ways to overcome restrictions and provide some live entertainment.


Internet Live Darts


PDC Home Tour, the Remote darts League and the Red Dragon Modus online dart league are just two of the main tournaments to watch free online. Betting firms are also cashing with new online sponsorship deals while lottó online is also seeing an increase in online play.

The internet has seen more traffic during the last two months, prompting the pop-up of new online stores. People that have struggled to get to their local stores can now play eurojackpot nyerõszámok easily online.  People that have been resistant to place online orders in the past are finding that the systems in place are easy to use and are searching for the best offers.

The internet has also allowed for social games to be played at a long-distance via live streaming. Internet streaming sources such as YouTube have helped during this lockdown. Professional footballers have got involved with the new phenomenon and raised money for charity in the process.

It doesn't seem to matter if you are a world champion or just picking up darts for the first time, the fun game has helped tremendously during the lockdown. More people playing the games could also prove good news for the many pub and club leagues as new talent may be joining a social league after restrictions are lifted.


Maths and Darts


It is true to say that darts has helped when it comes to learning mental arithmetic, and many dartboards would have been sold to parents to socially interact with their children to help them with some basic maths.
Although thirty years ago darts was considered a beer-bellied man's pub game, things have changed dramatically. The modern game is enormous with millions of pounds available in prize money, big Tv contracts and venues filled throughout the world.  Darts is a cheap game to get involved with, and if you are good enough the rewards high. If the sudden massive increase in sales is anything to go by darts tournaments will see yet another increase in professional players.


Games to Play


If you are new to the game, then you will find the basic rules about the sport on this website along with dartboard setup details and ways to improve your game. Beside the stand 501 game we see on TV, there are many other games you can play on a dartboard, and a lot are based on other sports such as football, cricket, tennis, baseball, and if you are into horse racing, then there is a great horse racing game too. However, if you want to play the pro's game of 501 and need a little help with the vital checkout combinations, then you can also download a FREE checkout chart that is now available in 35 languages. So try your luck and have a go, you may just be a winner in the making.

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