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Do you know? -  A darts game led to a massacre in the 17th century Alaska!

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Grave violence is caused when groups clash with each other on the questions of ideology, survival, etc. But in seventeenth-century Alaska, a fight was started because a game of darts went awry. Archaeologists have discovered that a group of people were inhumanly murdered in the village of Nunaleq.

Sports has a tendency to unite people not divide them. Therefore it is possible that the game of darts opened the floodgates for a hatred the groups might have had against each other. The game of Darts has grown so big today, and gambling on games availing some top offers provided on one of the best betting sites in Canada is one of the ways in which people enjoy the game.


The love for the game is there, but we are sure it would never lead to a massacre in today’s world. So let’s take a look at what exactly happened in Alaska some 350 years back.


There was a proper war

There is no proper written record of this incident given that Nunaleq, formerly known as Agaligmiut, is a very remote place. A lot of different stories have been passed down over the years. One story says that an outsiders’ group burned down the village when the fighters of Agaligmiut ignored the other party’s warning and went off to raid another village.

The remains of the village found by the archaeologists have evidence that as many as twenty-eight people were killed in this attack and fire. Among the dead were mostly women, children and the old.

The archaeologists have gathered this much information from the remains of a defence complex in the village. There is enough evidence to show that it was burnt, but the precise date of the attack could not be determined, but it happened somewhere after the mid-seventeenth century.


What triggered the incident?

One of the legends says that the fight started because of a game of darts between kids that went awry. A boy hit another with a dart in the eye, and things went sour from thereon. Families of both the boys got involved in the matter, and this led to a series of wars.

Such was the brutality of the said massacre that it left people in shock for years after it happened. The perpetrators buried their victims face down, and there were visible holes in the back of their skulls. Archaeologists believe these holes could be from arrows and spears.


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Other possible reasons

Archaeologists have an interesting theory about why the conflict might have escalated so quickly. According to them, the Yukon wars took place during the period known as the little ice age. The scarcity of food caused due to the cold weather may have brought out the worst in the people.

Whatever the reason it does not justify the massacre. We have seen the game of darts grow leaps and bounds in the past few decades. But the fact remains that the Alaskan massacre has forever tainted the legacy of this game.





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