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Dart Players Downtime

Dart Players Downtime

If you ever wondered what dart players do with their free time, you may be surprised. Of course, a lot of their time is taken up with practice. Mervyn King is renowned for turning up to venues very early to put a few hours on the board before a match while others feel just 30-45 mins is enough before the main event.

Each player will have their warm-up routine. Some like Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright travels with a cutdown dartboard which he straps on the back of a door to practice the treble twenties only, while others will take a dartboard stand to use in their hotel room. Each player is different, and each likes to keep to their routine. However, besides the darts, there is a lot of time taken up with travel and time between matches. Many players and fans use this time to look up the live odds and play some of the many online games that are now available. If you are looking for new games to play, have a look at onlinecasinobluebook.com where you can play games, read reviews and find some bonus codes.

One of the most prolific players to play online poker is the former World Champion Semi-finalist and World Matchplay runner-up Wayne Mardle.

Wayne, know is known as a Sky Sports commentator but still plays darts on the legends tour. During Wayne’s ‘Downtime’ he regularly signs in to play big money Poker games. Although he had a short break from the online games, Wayne returned to the tables last year. According to one of Wayne’s tweets, Wayne took a break from the tables because he doesn’t like players who keep talking about hands that maybe two hours old. It seems he might want to play new confident players.

Over the past few years, Wayne has been somewhat successful playing online cards, and some may say he is as good at poker as he is at darts! However, it seems he is at home playing in the online casino leagues.


Betting on players

Glen Durrant


If you follow the sport and understand how the PDC Order of Merit works, you will probably know each year a new influx of players obtain the essential tour card. The tour card allows the players to compete in at the most significant darts events in the world. However, new players have the lowest ranking as the order of merit is based on tournament money won over two years.

In January 2019 the three-time BDO World Champion, Glen Durrant joined the PDC, and although untested against many of the highest-ranked players in the World he is always going to be in the mix. In just over six months Glen has moved to 43 in the PDC Order of merit and is on course to be in the top 20 before the end of the year. These are the players to consider when you look to beat the odds. Their odds can look like they may have no hope of winning because there is little to compare the player to the higher-ranking professionals, however, winning the BDO world Champions three times on the trot should say something to any fan.


Darts Sponsorship

PDC darts tournaments are now sponsored by bookmakers, and the savvy punter now has many ways to bet. The outcome of the match, highest finishes, 180s hit and of course a popular nine-dart bet. Remember odds change during a game and as any dart fan will know the game isn’t over until the last double is hit. Many a match has turned when the odds say there is going to be an odds-on favourite and a sudden-death leg can go either way!

If you enjoy the sport look out for the major TV events. Every month several tournaments will be broadcast across our screens, so check out the darts calendars to obtain the latest information.

Past winners list are also a good source of information for any punter. Winners list for all the PDC Major ranked events shown on the Darts501 website along with BDO tournament information.




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