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Casino Facts

Interesting facts about the casino you didn't know

It is highly likely that on the Internet you have come across the articles such as "The most interesting facts about the casino," "Starling observations about slot machines" or "Amazing stories about roulette."

This publication is alike in terms of theme, but not stories. Most likely, you may hear most of them for the first time, even if gambling is your province. These stories will impress the most demanding readers.

This article won't speak of the sum of numbers on the roulette, which is 666, or the absence of clock in the gambling halls 918kiss-malaysia.net so as to make customers lose track of time. The article contains much less well-known facts, both directly and indirectly related to the gambling world.


Poker lasting eight years

You've been to the casino for a couple of days, and you think you've done impressive work? This is nothing compared to the poker game, which has not stopped for almost eight and a half years.


The theatre

In 1881, Billy and Lottie Hankinson opened a place called The Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona. There was a high-stake poker room in the basement, which was the place of the incessant game. As it turned out, it did not stop for eight years, five months, and three days.

It was a legendary place of the best poker players. During that time, dozens of millions of dollars have passed through the table. The amount of income of the owners was not specified, but it is known that they took ten per cent of the Bank.


Video poker without cash payments

The old video poker machines were mechanical. They appeared in the nineteenth century. Most often, they were installed in bars and other drinking establishments.

The device of automatic machines was most simple:

  • Five rotating reels depicted cards.
  • There was no paytable.
  • If a car hand was done, the lucky man went to the bartender for a reward. Most often, it implied cigarettes or alcohol.

The modern system of calculation and accrual of payments was invented a little later and soon turned into a standard for this gambling genre.



Dice for a snack

Legal gambling with an official licensing system originated in the United States in the first half of the twentieth century, but Americans had been playing for money long before that. Many of them preferred to try their luck in early versions of craps and other six-sided dice games.

f the police meddled, violators hid evidence. Small bones were easy to hide in the stomach, so they were immediately swallowed. It's hard to say whether it caused digestive problems, but it certainly helped to avoid trouble with the police.

It is said that, in the nineteenth century, the owners of British underground casinos hired people who swallowed cubes during raids.


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Napoleon and blackjack

Several sources confirm that Napoleon Bonaparte loved gambling. The Emperor was especially hot on blackjack. Actually, this name was not yet in use. In France, one of its first versions was called Vingt-et-Un. It took Napoleon's fancy. When the legendary warlord was exiled to the island of Elba, he had plenty of free time, so enjoyed the game for long.




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