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Beginner’s Guide to CS:GO – Game Basics and Tips

You may or may not be surprised how many dart players are now playing eSport games. Like darts, eSports games require hand-eye co-ordination, a good recall, and determination to win.

Regardless of whether you are already into eSports or not, chances are that you have heard about Counter-Strike before. No surprise here, as the title is one of the oldest and most popular ones in existence. The combination of a simple gameplay, featuring two teams confronting each other, and the endless strategic possibilities is what makes it attractive. It also makes the game pretty easy to understand and learn if you are just now diving into the eSports world. Becoming a master at it is another thing, though!

As soon as you witness a few matches, you will surely be impressed by the skills required and displayed by the teams. Rookies would always make the right choice if they decide to get involved in eSports by learning to play Counter-Strike first. The basics need to be studied in detail, and you can check them out below. There are some tricks and useful tips listed as well, so keep reading.


The CS:GO Outlines You Need to Learn

The current edition of Counter-Strike is called Global Offensive. CS:GO is fairly simple to be explained.

Two teams are fighting each other in every match: The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The bad guys need to plant a bomb, and – yes, you guessed it – the good guys need to either stop them from doing that or at least defuse it after it is planted. The interesting part is that the players switch their roles in the half-time, meaning that they switch their mindset as well. There are 30 rounds in total, and the first team to win 16 of them is declared the winner. The timer is on all the time, so the teams need be on the move as every second counts.

Every match is different from the previous one, and this is why the game never gets old, even though its first edition came out nearly a couple of decades ago!

The teams must create strategic advantages in order to win. Everything counts here: the right player positioning and interaction, as well as the careful spending of money on guns and ammo are crucial. Viewers are just as engaged as the players because everything happens in the blink of an eye and the action never ends. The constant excitement, the intense action and its quality are the reasons why people wager on this title.


The CS:GO Betting Tips You Would Need as a Beginner

There are many things to consider if you want to start placing bets on CS:GO and make a profit. You could always use some professional help, but it is not always an option.

Studying the players’ and teams’ behavior, performance and preferences is a good starting point. For example, some teams prefer certain CS:GO maps because they have developed the right strategy and feel more confident playing there. Knowledge of such details will get you far in the world of eSports betting.
Another thing you can do is study rivalries between certain teams. They work just like the ones seen in traditional sports, and knowing more about them would create patterns you could follow while betting on tournaments or championships.

Speaking of tournaments, you need to remember that an upset is possible to happen if the tournament you intend to put your money on is not the prestigious type. Some tournament formats are more worthy of following and betting on than the rest. Thus, you might want to stick with the big events until you get the hang of it.

CS:GO matches are long and exhausting, so you would have an advantage if you know more about the players, for some of them are more mentally prepared than the rest. This goes for separate teams, too, because some of them are able to turn the tables just when it seems they have given up. This is not that hard to learn, and you just need to regularly follow what’s going on in the main events. This is the way you will learn who has a stronger mentality when they are facing a hard time, therefore you will know which team would be worthy of putting your money on in the long run.

Chances are that all of the information above would be enough to guide you towards your first bet! If you feel like doing it, hop on to BUFF.bet, the best CS:GO betting platform, according to allbookmakers.com, which is the most highly trusted online catalog of bookies. And don’t forget to have fun in the meantime!





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