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The Greatest Dart Players Ever!


The Geatest Dart Players

This is an ambiguous topic because there are so many players that could be mentioned for different reasons. However, one player without question must feature in anyone’s list, and that is Phil Taylor.


Phil Taylor

Phil dominated the dart scene for two decades, taking the common game to new heights. An impressive list of records is just a benchmark that other players are unlikely to emulate.

In Phil career, he managed to win a total of sixteen World Dart titles, two via the BDO and a further fourteen within the PDC. Some may say the PDC or the World Darts Council as it was initially called didn’t have the depth of players in the early years. However, it is recognised the top sixteen players moved to form the WDC/PDC and therefore a World Championship title in PDC was indeed hard to achieve.

Phil didn’t win the first PDC World Championship as many may think that privilege went to Dennis Priestly. Dennis beat Phil in the first PDC final. Dennis’s darts throw was slow, hard to watch and probably hard to play against if you are a rhythm thrower like Phil and the pair met many times after this encounter.

Phil also won the World Match Play sixteen-times, the Premier League six times and the World Grand Prix eleven-times and can surely be listed as the best dart player of all time.

Phil is his day become unbackable because he used to win virtually all the competitions he entered. Game players can also win big at https://sbobetasia55.com, and maybe you will become a champion in your own right!


Eric Bristow MBE

Eric Bristow MBE

Before Phil hit the scene, there were a few other multi-World Champion Winners. Like Marmite, love him or hate him, Eric Bristow was the cocky player that could back-up his comments with his darts. Eric won Five World Titles in total and famously called Bobby George the No.2 of the future after he had just beat him in the 1980 BDO World Darts Championship. Bobby was never to fulfil his dream of becoming World Champion losing in two finals, once to Eric Bristow and the other to John Part in 1994.

The 1994 World Championship was noted not for the first Canadian to win the World title but more to the fact that Bobby played with a broken back! During Bobby’s semi-final celebrations Bobby jumped into the air and landed hard breaking vertebra in his lower back. The local hospital placed him in a metal corset so he could play in the final however the pain was obvious to see, and Bobby lost 6-0

Eric went on to Sponsor Phil Taylor after he developed ‘Dartitis’. He showed Phil how to win, and he seemed to do a good job! Eric received an MBE for servers to Darts but sadly died of a heart attack in Liverpool when he attended the Premier League of Darts in 2018.


John Lowe MBE

John Lowe MBE

John, like a few other dart stars, has won the World title three times. He featured in the first World Darts Championship losing to the Welshman Leighton Rees. John hit the first televised 9-dart finish earning him a cool £102,000. The nine-dart finish is now more commonplace, but back in his day, it was the holy grail of darts and still is for most players.

Redesigned dartboards increase the scoring area for players so now a nine-dart finish has become more commonplace although in over 40 years of the BDO World Championship there has still only been one hit!

In 2019 John was also awarded an MBE for his services to darts and his charitable fund-raising work. John still plays today on the Legends Tour and is still a force to be reckoned with.


Raymond van Barneveld / Michael van Gerwen

Raymond still reigns as the best Dutch player ever however his crown is looking a bit doggy. Raymond managed to equal Eric Bristow feat of Five World Titles spanning both the BDO and PDC and is probably one of the best ambassadors for the sports darts has ever seen. It was his achievements that spark a new generation of players to pick-up some darts in the Netherlands. The rest you could say is history as numerous Dutch players, both male and female, have become household names no more so than Michael van Gerwen.

Michael is the current PDC World No.1 and has won the World Championship title on three occasions and looks like he will add to his World Title as the year go one. He line-ups up as the tournament favourite in most of the matches he enters. Michael has won the Premier on five-times, the Masters five times, the UK Open twice, The World Grand Prix four-times and the World Matchplay twice. Michael even won the BDO Winmau Masters at the age of seventeen and there looks like he has much more in his locker.


Trina Gulliver MBE

Trina Gulliver MBE

As I said there are lots of players that could be mentioned, and on the lady’s side there are a few: Deta Headman, Francis Hoenselaar, Lisa Ashton, however, there is only one player that can indeed be called a lady’s darting legend and that is Trina Gulliver MBE.

To date, Trina has made the televised finals of all the lady’s World Darts Championships a total of nineteen times. He has won the title ten-times and been a runner-up on a further two occasions. She is the most capped Lady’s International player and still wins titles today.

Trina was awarded an MBE for her service to the sport of darts and her charitable work. She is the only professional female darts player to receive such an award something she is immensely proud of receiving.




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