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Raymond van Barnelveld

Will Barney have another darts title before he retires?

Raymond van Barneveld is probably the best-known sportsman in the Netherlands. He is responsible for the growth of darts in the Netherlands over the past two decades and is without question one of the top players ever to throw a dart.

In 1998 Raymond claimed his first BDO World Title in 1998 he successfully defended the title in 199 and went on to win the BDO World Title a further two times in 2003 and 2005.

The pull to the PDC was too great. Barney was a multi-world darts champion, but many said he couldn’t beat Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor.  In 2006 Barney decided to move to the more lucrative PDC darts circuit like online pokies real money Raymond said he had two aims to beat Phil Taylor in the World Championships and it hit a 9-dart televised leg. Barney achieved both within two years.

The 2007 PDC World Darts Championship will go down in history for one of the best final’s fans will ever witness. Defending Champion Phil Taylor had won the World the PDC World Title 11 times from the previous twelve at this point and was believed virtually unplayable. Phil had raised the bar far further than most players could achieve. A hundred plus averages were the normal states for Phil, and he was the firm favourite entering the final. Barney, however, had other ideas!

At six sets all and five legs, all the match came down to a single leg decider. Both players threw for the bull to determine who would throw first in the last leg of the competition.

Phil threw first for the bull, hitting the outer-bullseye at this point the player throwing second could ask for his opponent’s dart to be removed so he had a clear view at the bull or request the dart remained in the board. Barney opted for the dart to remain and use Phil’s Dart as an anchor. Hitting Phil’s dart with his own Barny hit the inner-bullseye and claimed the right to throw first, with both players hitting 180s in a very tense leg it was Barney who prevailed as the 2007 PDC World Champion. From this point on the procedure of throwing for the bull to determine throw has changed in the PDC. Now the first player's dart is removed after the throw. An inner or outer-bullseye is required to determine the order of play. Nearest to the bullseye now doesn’t exist in the PDC although it does in the BDO rules.


In 2009 Raymond faced Phil Taylor again in the final however this time the match was not as even as the previous encounter. Phil demolished Raymond 7-1, and Raymond hasn’t made the final since.

The five-time World Darts Champion has suffered from type two diabetes since 2009, and this has affected his throw. Fatigue and sometimes blurred vision have cost Barney over the last decade; however, on his day, he is still capable of beating any player on the planet.

Barneys newest relive is his fellow Dutchmen, Michael van Gerwen and Current PDC No.1. The pair have played in the World Cup of Darts on several occasions. They are the current holders of the title. However, Barny’s form has cost him a place in the 2019 finals and his current order of merit standing of no.31 means he has to qualify for the remaining darts events for 2019.

Barney announced his retirement at the 2018 and is due to throw his last competitive arrows at the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship, that is if he qualifies. But before then, Barney will be competition in some of the PDC World Series of Darts events, and hopefully, he will be eligible for the other major events such as the World Matchplay before the year is out. His best chance of another title, however, lies in the World Series and you can be sure Barney will be doing his best to achieve one more title.




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