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Betting on the Darts Legends

Darts Legends


Sometimes the word legend can be overused in sport; however, there are a few that deserve such a title. Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Phil Taylor, Trina Gulliver and Raymond van Barneveld.  All of these players have taken the sport of darts to new heights. Three of the UK players, Bristow, Gulliver and Lowe have been rewarded with the MBE for services to the sport and their charitable fundraising. Each also has been multiple World Champions and have commanded the sport when at their peak.

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Making the most from the betting odds at Betway

Making the most from the betting odss at Betway


Darts has become one of the biggest success stories in the world of professional sports. The game requires immense skill and the ability to hold your nerve under extreme pressure. For the fans, matches can contain drama, and a single miss can turn the game in favour of one player to another as we recently witnessed in the PDC Champions League when Michael van Gerwen beat Peter Wright in the last leg decider after Wright missed darts earlier in the match to claim victory.

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2020 PDC World Darts Championship Betting Preview

2020 PDC World Darts Championships Beting Preview


The festive season is extra special for fans of darts as the PDC World Championship descends upon Alexandra Palace in North London.

Ally Pally is now in its thirteenth year of hosting the premier event in the oche sport, but the 2020 edition which starts on December 13 is set up to be another watershed in the history of the game.

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Five Greats Who Have Graced The Game of Darts


Some people will argue that darts isn’t a real sport, that it’s not interesting and that it doesn’t require any real skill. Those people are wrong on every point.

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Why playing poker can help your darts skills

Chips and cards could be the key to improving your darts game


Previously we told you how playing eSports could be beneficial to you as a darts player. It encourages good hand to eye coordination and improves focus while fostering that desire to win that is so very important in any competitive sport. But did you know that there’s one game that can give you all of this and so much more? We’re talking poker and the fact that a few hands of Texas Holdem every night could have a hugely positive effect on your darts game.

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The 'Power' to Return?

This Power to Return?


Many people thought that the popularity of Darts would decline after the retirement of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. Taylor was the driving force in the popularity of the sport for more than a decade and left a massive void behind after retiring in January 2018. That has not been the case, and the next generation is taking darts to the next level. Young players such as Nathan Aspinall and Demitri van den Bergh are now challenging for the top-ranked tournaments, it looks like the old guard's reign is coming to an end and a new breed of talented young players are ready to take over.

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Dart Players of the Future

Dart Players of the Future


Since darts was first broadcast across our TV screens there has always been a few who have dominated the sport. In the UK the News of the World Individual Darts Championships (NoW) was one of the first dart tournaments to be screen live. Until only recently the News of the World Individual Darts Champions attached the biggest fan base in the World and it was one of the hardest tournaments to win. With a straight best of three legs from the first round through to the final. The players also throw from 8ft further than today’s 7’ 9 ¼”.

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Darts in the USA

Darts in the USA


Darts has a global appeal and is played in more countries than ever. The English working man’s pub game has transformed into one of TV’s highest grossing sports activities, and the sponsors love it.

The originals of the modern game stem back to the French Game ‘Fléchettes’ meaning small arrow. However, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that the game started as we know it today.

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Darts Tournament History

Darts Tournament History - Leighton Rees - Michael van Gerwen


Few sports have seen an increase in player participation and audience growth like the sport of darts. Although the sport originated in the tap rooms of old English pubs, darts over the last two decades has seen phenomenal growth in the UK and the rest of the World.

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Beginner’s Guide to CS:GO – Game Basics and Tips


Enhance your darts hand-eye co-ordination by play eSport games. This beginner’s guide to Counter-Strike, Globe-Offensive will talk you through how to play study teams, play tournaments and bet on the outcome of this virtual sport. Being aware, focusing can be a challenge in any game and eSports helps you achieve this aim in abundance. Darts relies on exceptional accuracy and eSport games enable you to achieve your goal.

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Health Benefits of Playing Darts

Heath Benefits of Playing Darts


Cathy talks about the health benefits of play darts. The stress relief the sports brings to a player and self-control required has benefits outside the game. Memory number recall can also exercise the brain.

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Current Top 5 PDC Darts Players

Current Top 5 PDC Dart Players


The Professional Darts Corporation, or PDC, was formed in 1992, as a professional darts organisation with a group of top players that split from the British Darts Organisation (BDO). There are several famous championships in PDC that are really popular for fans of the sport and betting fans.  Some of those tournaments include the World Matchplay, the PDC World Championship, UK Open, Premier League, and World Grand Prix.

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The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All


When it comes to darts, the smallest margins can mean success or failure, and throughout history, many matches have demonstrated the slightest differences between winning or losing. Who are the players that come into this category?

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How Online Betting Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game

How Online Betting  Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game


Despite occasionally being derided as a "pub sport", the popularity of darts has continued to rise over the last decade, and it is showing very few signs of abating. It is currently one of the most-watched sports in Europe, and although uptake in other areas has been significantly slower, audiences continue to grow year-on-year. Iconic throwers such as Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor have played a starring role in this exponential rise in popularity but fundamentally,it is betting companies and the popularity of online gambling which have truly helped fund the sport's recent renaissance.

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Comic Relief - Dart Games Ideas

Comic Relief Darts


Why not do something funny and raise some money for Comic Relief? I have a few game ideas and a few records that you may wish to attempt.

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Handicapping the 2018 Premier League (Darts)

Unibet Premier League Darts 2018


While it may not be formally considered one of dart’s major events, the fans and players alike look forward to the Premier League every year. This year’s league includes four participants from the 2017 league, two returning players from the 2016 event and four Premier League rookies. Here’s a quick look at the current odds (odds may vary from one betting site to another) to win the title.

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