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Which Darts Players are the Best Bet on Current Form?

Which Darts Players are the Best Bet on Current Form?


Anyone who is reading this article already understands the magic of watching a professional darts match. You have to admire the skill and precision needed to play at the top of the game. The game's big names perform to a high standard on a consistent basis, and they attract backing from darts enthusiasts the world over.

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Could home darts tournaments be a big part of the sport's future?

PDC Home Tour Darts


Darts fans have been treated to a tungsten feast throughout the spring, with various competitions being set up to provide entertainment for viewers while there is little other sport on.

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Best Dart Practice Games to Play at Home

Best dart games to play at home


With the worldwide lockdown due to covid-19 and stay at home policy for most, darts has become a new past time for thousands of people. Whether it is for homes schooling to learn basic mathematics, taking time to improve your game or indeed learning how to play, darts has had an increase in player participation.

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Why thinking creatively has given darts the advantage over other sports

JDC Steve Brown


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the sporting world is on hold. But one sport that continues to expand regardless of the current situation is darts. At every level, darts has been put on hold by the virus with tournaments being postponed and academies temporarily closed, yet that hasn’t stopped the sport breaking down the barriers.

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The Fastest Growing Sport in the World

The Fastest Growing Sport in the World - Darts


Darts to many may not seem like a sport as many still refer it to a game played in a bar, pub or club. The reality, however, is a lot different. The popular pub game was transformed into one of the most watch TV sports this century.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Darts and Games

Virtual Reality Darts and Games


When it comes to darts, nothing like a good competitive match can help you improve your game. Until recently the only way to gain such experience was to visits the many pubs and clubs that have good teams and compete against them. If you are any good, then you may be lucky enough to be picked for a town or even a county team. However, such rewards require a lot of hard practice and the ability to perform under extreme pressure.

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How Bookmakers deal with Coronavirus?

How Bookmakers Deal with Coronavirus


Got a persistent itch to bet but all major sports have been cancelled? No need to worry, at least if you are willing to wager on outcomes other than sports: politics, the weather, awards, and TV shows to name a few.

Sure, betting the maximum temperature in New York City seems like something too random to get it right. But predicting unconventional events is the new normal on betting websites.

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How can you Practice Darts from Home

Home Darts Practice


Many amature players are finding darts practice at home is improving the game rather than just playing in their local pub or club. Having a dartboard to yourself will allow you to hone your skill. Many players take the opportunity to focus on some of the weaker elements of their game during practise time.

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How will people be entertained in this year 2020?

Sports and online casion betting


Enjoying leisure time is one of the most important pleasures for people all over the world. Over time, the activities that people do for entertainment change, and they rely heavily on what is fashionable and what technology services they can count on. Here are some things you can do to entertain yourself in 2020.

What are the leisure activities that are going to be done the most this year?

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2020 PDC World Darts Championship Betting Preview

2020 PDC World Darts Championships Beting Preview


The festive season is extra special for fans of darts as the PDC World Championship descends upon Alexandra Palace in North London.

Ally Pally is now in its thirteenth year of hosting the premier event in the oche sport, but the 2020 edition which starts on December 13 is set up to be another watershed in the history of the game.

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Beginner’s Guide to CS:GO – Game Basics and Tips


Enhance your darts hand-eye co-ordination by play eSport games. This beginner’s guide to Counter-Strike, Globe-Offensive will talk you through how to play study teams, play tournaments and bet on the outcome of this virtual sport. Being aware, focusing can be a challenge in any game and eSports helps you achieve this aim in abundance. Darts relies on exceptional accuracy and eSport games enable you to achieve your goal.

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How Online Betting Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game

How Online Betting  Has Helped Professional Darts Become a Truly Global Game


Despite occasionally being derided as a "pub sport", the popularity of darts has continued to rise over the last decade, and it is showing very few signs of abating. It is currently one of the most-watched sports in Europe, and although uptake in other areas has been significantly slower, audiences continue to grow year-on-year. Iconic throwers such as Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor have played a starring role in this exponential rise in popularity but fundamentally,it is betting companies and the popularity of online gambling which have truly helped fund the sport's recent renaissance.

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