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Heath Benefits of Playing Darts


Health Benefits of Playing Darts

When it comes to extreme physicality, darts isn’t a sport that people usually think about. Many people see darts as a leisurely game that is best enjoyed with a few pints at your favourite pub. While it’s true that darts is a relaxing way to pass the time with friends, playing darts on the higher level requires focus, accuracy, balance, and many other traits that you find in the most vigorous of sports.

In this article, we will explore five ways that playing darts has a positive impact on health!


1. Stress Relief

Maybe you have had the experience of walking into an office and thinking “cool; they have a dartboard!”. Playing darts can be a great addition to workspaces for a few reasons, but a major one is actually stress relief. Darts require concentration, and the process of focusing on something that is not related to our daily stressors can be almost meditative.


2. Building Physical Self Control

If you want to be good at darts, you need to have a keen sense of your body. Professional darts players pay great attention to posture, hand positioning, and the very delicate process of controlling the speed and angle at which the dart is thrown. Over time, playing darts tends to refine the player’s self-awareness of their body and grants them great control over even the smallest of muscle groupings. 


3. Exercise for the Brain

Aside from the concentration required while playing darts, most variations of the game also involve ongoing mental math. Much like the game of Blackjack, where card counting can help determine the odds of being dealt a low or high card, darts requires players to keep a mental score to help decide which targets to hit. This is a great way to keep the brain active, even on your “downtime”. 


4. Gentle Exercise for Multiple Muscle Groups

Unless you’re under a lot of pressure, such as playing in the World Series of Darts, this isn’t a sport that typically gets you sweating. Nevertheless, it is a good way to get in some extra steps as you are on your feet for much of the game, and walking back-and-forth from the board is a necessity. Additionally, you are utilising your arm muscles to throw the darts, and there are other muscle groups required for posture and positioning.


5. Improved Eye/Hand Coordination

One of the most critical skills in darts is eye/hand coordination. Hitting a precise target from a distance requires some serious skill in this department, and playing darts helps nurture this skill. Eye/Hand coordination is something we rely on in our daily lives, whether it is used to play other sports, or for tasks as simple as safely picking up objects and maintaining our balance in the process.

Darts may not be a replacement for workouts, but it is certainly a good way to stay active both physically and mentally. In addition to the health benefits listed in this article, it’s important to note that perhaps one of the best aspects of darts is maintaining a healthy social life! Playing darts can be an excellent way to get out of the house, develop a sense of teamwork, and engage in some healthy competition.




Guest Post: Cathy Carter


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