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What Events and Tournaments Are Happening in 2021 for Darts?


What Events and Tournaments Are Happening in 2021 for Darts?

Darts was first played in the United Kingdom during the 1860s. Since then, it has become a hugely popular sport across the world, but most particularly in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. While traditionally the game is played in Public Houses, darts is also considered a professional sport. Darts is played by throwing small, sharp missiles at a target known as the dartboard. You should aim and fire for the double ring, treble ring, bull and bullseye (or in laymen’s terms, anything that’s green or red) on the dartboard if you want to score the most points. The sport is surprisingly addictive to watch, so there are plenty of televised events or tournaments you can attend as a spectator. If you fancy watching live darts, then read on and find out more about the upcoming events in 2021 and beyond.


William Hill World Darts Championship

PDC William Hill World Darts Championships 2021


The William Hill, World Darts Championship, will be hosted at the Alexandra Palace from December 2020 to January 2021 (though this might be subject to change due to current circumstances). This is a massive event, attracting 96 of the top darts players in the world. What’s more, the William Hill World Darts Championship has been nominated for two awards regarding sports business, one being the ‘Best Sports Event of the Year’ award. If you’d like to watch the William Hill World Darts Championship, then it’s available in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports as a live broadcast, or on the Professional Darts Corporation’s channel called PDCTV.


The Youth Festival of Darts

If you’re a young person with an affinity for darts, then the British Darts Organisation hosts the perfect tournament for you. The Youth Festival of Darts is a brilliant annual event held at the Blues Club North St Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. There is prize money available for competing in this tournament, and there are events for the under 12s, under 16s and under the 20s, alongside an Open Youth pairs event. While the date is currently being confirmed, the Youth Festival of Darts should occur in the summertime of 2021. This is the perfect platform for aspiring darts players to launch their careers off.


New South Wales Darts Masters

In 2021, the World Series of Darts will be hosted by the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong in New South Wales, a state on the east coast of Australia. The event will run on Friday the 14th of August from 19:00, then Saturday the 15th of August at 14:00 in local time. This will include the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, all of which you can find broadcasted on PDCTV or ITV 4 in the UK. This is a hugely exciting event for darts fans, so make sure to write down the date and tune in when August 2021 finally comes around.


Ongoing Online Games

If you can’t get enough of darts and want more beyond the televised tournaments or real-life events, then you could have a look at playing darts online. There is plenty of software which simulates the actual game perfectly, so this is a lot of fun to play in your downtime. Search the web yourself and play darts online or play other online games for real money. Darts is an incredibly popular sport in the gambling industry. Just make sure you’re using websites which encourage you to play responsibly and safely before engaging in any gambling behaviour.


US Darts Masters

US Masters 2021, Hulu Theatre, Madison Square Gardens


Moving from June 2020 to June 2021 is the US Darts Masters tournament, which will be hosted in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden. This event will take place between June 4-5 and invites darts players from across North America, Canada, the UK and other regions. The last US Darts Masters was in July 2019 with a prize fund of $60,000. Of this amount, $20,000 went to the champion Nathan Aspinall. This heart-pounding event is set to be broadcast on ITV 4 in the United Kingdom or on PDCTV. Tickets are also still available on Ticketmaster for $50.00 currently, so buy yours today before they sell out.


The Olympic Games 2024

Despite being a hugely popular sport, darts has never been included in the Olympic Games. Until now, that is. Whilst the game won’t appear in the Tokyo 2020/2021 games, after much campaigning from darts organisations across the world, the Olympic Committee has said it may be included in the 2024 games. This is amazing news for darts fans who want to watch their favourite game being played in the biggest sporting event in the entire world. Fingers crossed this isn’t just prospective news, and that we’ll see darts being confirmed for Paris 2024. This might be a while off 2021, but it’ll be well worth the wait – hence its inclusion in this list.


Queensland Darts Masters

This World Series of Darts event will take place in the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre in Queensland. The Queensland Darts Masters tournament is a World Series event which takes place in Australia annually. The 2019 Brisbane Darts Masters was the most recent Oceanic tournament and attracted 16 of the best Darts players in the world, including Michael van Gerwen. The Queensland event promises to be just as exciting and tickets are already on sale. It will be hosted from August 28th to August 29th in 2021, so write these dates down on your calendar if you fancy tuning in or attending.


New Zealand Darts Masters

Another addition to the World Series of Darts, this tournament will be hosted in the Claudeland Arena in Hamilton, New Zealand. Once again, the event will be televised on ITV 4 and PDCTV. It will take place during late summer 2021, from August 21st to August 22nd and tickets are currently live. Pick up yours today and don’t miss a moment of the action.

These are the key events running for darts in 2021. Keep checking the Professional Darts Corporation and World Series of Darts websites for all the latest updates on your favourite sport. Until then, entertain yourself by playing darts online or in the pub.




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